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Dear brethren and dear friends, we wish to inform you that in the same way that God has made available to us free and unconditional salvation, for those who want to be saved, in the same way He has made health available to us, free of charge and without obligation, for those who want to live in good health. It is therefore because of ignorance that we perish, for the most part, and it is also because of ignorance that we are weighed down by the burden of diseases.

Ignorance makes us fall prey to those mentally ill people who rule this world. Ignorance makes us suffer the atrocious torture imposed on us by demons in human forms that govern us. Yes, ignorance makes us mere slaves to the gods of this world who are convinced of being the only ones that have the right to live on this earth. Ignorance makes us accept as fate the many diseases made for us by those luciferians who claim to be the owners of the world, and estimate their number at just about 500 million. This is the number of people who, according to these madmen, should occupy the earth.

In order to reduce the demography of the earth to the exact number according to them, these serpents manufacture diseases and inflict them on us daily, and then impose on us medicines, which are designed so that none of us will be healed. So do not be surprised that there are so many diseases in the world today, including diseases that have never existed in the past. And with the evolution of science and the advancement of technology, no medicine that actually heals is found. Don't you find that strange? The great leaders of this world are able to send men into space; they are currently planning to move to other planets; but they are unable to cure a small cancer, they are unable to cure simple diseases. So, stop being victims of the lies of these hypocrites.

It's not the "great" intelligence of these idiots that keeps us captive, it's rather our ignorance that kills us, and obliges us to enrich these monsters who, through their pharmaceutical companies, make billions at our expense. Fortunately, there is no need to despair. The good news is that if you choose to go out of ignorance, you'll be freed. God did not create us to be sick; and in reality there's no incurable disease on this earth, for every disease can find a solution, either spiritual or natural. And the best news is that your health is totally free of charge, as is salvation, and that you can even live without getting sick. Your health does not depend on hospitals or doctors, but on you.

The story that I submit to you is the testimony of a doctor who had cancer, and who, in order to cure herself, fled from the hospital and the drugs which they normally prescribe to patients. Convinced that these drugs are not made to heal the sick, but rather to kill them, she turned to natural and free medicine, which God made available to men. This text is therefore an excerpt from the transcript of a video of Dr. Lorraine Day entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen!" in which she gives the testimony of her cure from a cancer that was supposed to kill her more than twenty years ago. Dr. Day is a former physician and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. This testimony is in five parts. Please read it fully, and take seriously the different teachings therein. May God bless you!

Beginning of the testimony

You have a medical problem, you go to your doctor, you tell the doctor your symptoms, the doctor would probably examine you and do some laboratories tests, and maybe diagnose something serious like multiple sclerosis, or lupus or even cancer. And you are shocked. You tell the doctor, how did I get this? And the doctor will more than likely respond: we don't know, these things just happen. The diseases don't just happen. Every disease actually has a cause. Even though we are taught in our medical training that virtually 80% of all diseases have no known cause.

Let me give you a simple illustration. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin. Are headaches caused by deficiency of aspirin? Of course not! Headaches are caused by too much tension, and too much stress, and not drinking enough water, eating the wrong food, or some other cause. So why do we take an aspirin? Because we want a quick fix. We don't want to deal with the underline cause of the problem. We just want to take a pill and get on with our life. But if we don't deal with the underline cause, that underline cause can end up causing a worst disease much later on.

I'm Dr. Lorraine Day, I'm a MD, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon. I was on the faculty of the University of California San Francisco Medical School for 15 years as an associate professor and vice chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics Surgery. I was also Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital where I trained hundred of young doctors. Doctors are never really taught to address the underline cause of the disease. We're only taught to treat the symptoms by picking out a particular drug. But you see, this never really gets the person well. When we do not understand and address the underline cause of a disease, then we never get a person really well.

But we're going to talk today about all the different categories of diseases and show that there is a cause for every disease. But in order to do that I'm going to have to take off this white coat and get rid of the medical mindset, and we're going to seat down and talk common sense. We're also going to put together a plan, where you can get well from your disease naturally and without drugs.

Diseases Don't Just Happen

Our body are made of skin, muscles, bones and organs. The organs are made of tissues. Organs are just the brain, and the liver, and the pancreas, and the spleen, and those tissues are made of cells. So in essence we are just millions of cells, but those cells die out and have to be replaced. So how do we replace them? How do we build new cells? The raw materials come from only one place: what we put in our mouth. If we put healthy, nutritious food in our mouth, we can make healthy cells. But if we put bad food in our bodies, then we have raw materials that will make inferior cells that will be sick cells, and that can make us sick. ... We rarely think about what is it that we are doing during the day when we are eating. And so we put anything in our mouth to fill our stomachs. Let's take a look at what the average American may eat for meal every day:

First of all, with breakfast. A lot of people in a hurry got start out with a doughnut and a cup of coffee. Of course, neither one of these contains any nutrition. The doughnut is totally empty calorie, it contains fat and refine sugar, and absolutely no vitamins and minerals. The coffee is a stimulant, a false stimulant. It causes your adrenal gland to pour out a lot of hormones that hype you up and it gives you false energy. Well, people say: I don't eat that for breakfast, I eat a good breakfast. And you see here I have egg and beacon and sausage, and hash brown and toast. Well, let's take a look at that. First of all, yes you have some potatoes here, that’s a vegetable but they all fried in grease. All that does is stick to the arteries of your body, including your coronary arteries, the arteries in your heart, and cause arterial sclerosis. And here we have egg. An egg is really the embryo to form a chicken, it's the amniotic fluid in the placenta of a baby chicken, and that's what you are eating. It's all fat, and it's all protein, and it's extremely high in cholesterol, it's meant to take a little tiny egg into a chicken in just a matter of days, and you are eating it.

Her we have the bacon which is all fat, and it comes from an animal that is a scavenger that will actually eat sewage. And then we have sausage. This is made from anything they choose to put into it. If you went to a farm and watch them make this sausage, you will be sick. And then we have toast. Of course the toast has butter on it, which is pure fat, and contains all the hormone and the pesticides, and the antibiotic that they give to the cow. And white bread has virtually all the nutrition taken out of it and it does nothing but turns into sugar in your stomach. So you said well I don't do that, I eat the cereal. This cereal that you get from your grocery store has all the nutrition taken out of it, and it's cooked which destroyed all the enzymes that are in the original grain. So also frequently it's covered with sugar. You can put milk on it, and the milk comes from an animal, and contains all the pesticides, the hormones, and the antibiotic that they give to that animal; plus all the diseases that the animal may have will come through either in the meat or in the milk. And here the orange juice, well that's pretty good; except, the orange juice is out of a box or out of a can, and then it has preservatives in it, and it has very little of the nutrition, because the nutrition gets oxidised out of it when it is exposed to the air and when it is processed. Well that's breakfast.

You see, there is nothing that has any enzyme in it. The enzymes are needed for health. Enzymes are only present in raw food. As soon as you process food or you cook it, all the enzymes are gone. You need those to help digest your food. If you have to produce all the enzymes yourself to digest that food, then your body has to cause an enormous workload on it, and drain your energy for the day. In fact, it's being said that the energy required to digest three meals a day, is more than it is required to do an eight hour day of heavy labour.

So we have lunch time now. Here we have a cheese burger, there is a little bit of pickle on here, and some tomatoes, and some lettuce. The bun of course has virtually no nutrition on it. In the meat you have a lot of fat and a lot of protein, and a lot of potential diseases. You can get e-coli or many other diseases from eating this meat. You've got a little bit of smattering of potatoes and lettuce which is not enough to really give you any nutrition. And then of course the cheese. Cheese is just concentrated milk. A lot of cheeses are made from milk that aren't pasteurised; and the thiamine in cheese actually upsets the balance in your brain because it upsets the neurotransmitter which is the chemical that transmits nerve impulses from on nerve to another. And then you got French fries. You got the potatoes again, but it is absolutely wallowing in grease. And you've got a lot of salt on it. You have virtually no nutrition here, except high fat and high protein.

Or you may go to another fast food place, and get some tacos. Well the tacos again have the same components. You have a little bit of lettuce and little bit of tomato. You got cheese there again; that is the same problem, and then you got the meat. Hamburger, I am told by the meat inspectors, all hamburger is made from 4-D meat, that's meat from animals that are either dead, dying, diseased or disabled. Think about that every time you pick up a hamburger to eat. Well you might say I eat a better lunch than that. I'll have a tomato sandwich with a little ham on it, and maybe some cheese. Here's a ham and cheese sandwich. Well the same thing. You are eating the meat from animal that is a scavenger, that will eat anything whether it's dead or alive. When you eat something that is dead, your body has to get rid of the putrefaction from the dying and dead thing.

If you have a piece of toast from commercial bread, it's again has almost all the nutrition taken out of it. When you use whole grains, it might have 25 nutrients in it, but they strip that out to make it prettier and to make it taste sweeter. So this turns actually almost to sugar in your mouth. So you've got the cheese, we've already talked about that; you've got the ham and then you've got French fries onion rings. Absolutely fill with fat. The onions are of almost no nutrition value to you when they're covered with fat. To go with the hamburger, you can have a nice milkshake. In this milkshake you have ice-cream, and many of the flavourings in the ice-creams actually come from things, chemical that are used in rubber cement, paint thinners, and various other nocuous substances, not only that the milkshake is full of high protein and high fat. With your tacos you have a soda, a caffeinated beverage. Here we have the caffeine again which is an abnormal stimulant, and you have sugar in it. And you say: "oh well, I don't use sugar, I use NutraSweet or some other chemical substitute." I will show you that those are actually worse.

Then for dinner you have a steak. Notice one thing about the steak. You see the fat around the edges, that fat is solid at room temperature. When you eat that fat, it's solid in your body, at your body temperature, which means it just coats the inside of your blood vessels. And it narrows them down to give you coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Won't you rather eat vegetables oils, such as olive oil because you know that in the bottle the olive oil is liquid at room temperature. That will remain liquid in your body too, and your body can handle it much better. So you have the steak which can contain e-coli, it can also contain all the diseases that are in the animal. When the animal is slaughtered, if it has cancer or some other disease, the meat packers will just cut that out in the slaughter house, and then put the rest of the animal through for you to eat. But the blood that goes through that cancerous tumour goes through the rest of the animal as well. So you're going to eat cancerous blood and cancerous other tissues in that animal plus any other disease that animal may have.

Then you have French fries again, which seems to be the staple; even if you have the baked potatoes, that will certainly be better, it wouldn't have all the fat in it. But that's the small amount of nutrition for your total daily needs. Here we have some green beans. This isn't too bad, except they're cooked. When you cook food and you don't eat it in its raw state, you destroy all the enzymes and you also loose a number of vitamins. With that you can have a glass of milk; of course we have the same problem with milk. Cow's milk is meant for baby cows. We are the only animal, human being, that drinks the milk of another animal. And we certainly are the only animal that would drink milk after we’re weaned. So animals really have more sense than we do.

Well you'll say: "I don't eat red meat. I eat chicken." Well, chicken is even worse according to the meat-inspectors. Do you realise that chickens pass by the meat-inspector at a 120 birds per minute. By the time they could see a sick one or a disease one, the chicken will already be in the package. But when the chickens go by the meat inspector so rapidly, they are goaded by an instrument, they take out their intestines, and their inside. When that happens of course, the faeces from inside the intestine get all over the bird and all over the next bird. And so by the time they get to the end of the conveyable they are covered with faeces. So they have to dump them in a very big tank of water to get rid of this contamination.

The people who work in the packing plant call this tank faecal soup, and the government allows the chicken producers to leave the bird in that tank long enough in order to suck up 10% of their body weight without water, so you'll pay more for it when you go to the grocery store. Just think what it's sucking up faecal soup, not only its own faeces, but faeces from all of these other birds. No wonder so many chickens contain salmonella and other very dangerous organisms. In fact, recently, they did a survey, where they went to grocery stores and actually took samples from on top of the chicken, from chickens that were already package, waiting to be sold. And they find something like two third of those chickens actually had salmonella in the package.

Well, we've got the same green beans again cooked; green beans are our specialty today I guess. And we got some potatoes. When you mashed your potatoes, there is nothing wrong with mashed potatoes, but when you mash them, you loose more of the food value because more surface area is allowed to oxidise before you eat it. The most nutrition you will get from baked potatoes, next from boiled potatoes, and then the least from mashed potatoes. And of course it got the gravy on it which is thick with fat. Again, no raw food here. Now we frequently throw in a little salad like this for little raw food. When you use this iceberg lettuce, this lettuce that has virtually no food value in it, it is only water, you get no nutrition; a little spot of onion and a tiny little bit of tomatoes and then of course you got the croutons that have fat all over them. This is all the nutrition that you are getting for the day, except fat and protein.

Well, you say: "I don't eat chicken, and I don't eat steak or red meat, I eat fish." Now here we got the fish. Of course this has been fried with butter, so it's full of fat. But even if you have fish that is broiled, it's been found that anytime you broil any kind of fresh food, whether it's chicken or red meat, or fish, it will produce carcinogen. Any kind of cooking will produce carcinogen, which means cancer forming chemical in the meat. Not only that, fish are generally caught within 200 miles off shore, and those fish are all contaminated with the sewage and industrial waste that's poured into the water. Here we have again the mashed potatoes, and we've got more thick gravy on top of them, and then we've got a cooked vegetable. So if you're trying to have some nutrition into your body to build some new healthy cells to replace the ones that are automatically dying, whatever you've eaten here today has given you almost no nutrition. In fact, it's put a terrible burden on your body, because your body has to digest all this, make all the enzymes for it and then get rid of the putrefaction waste that you form by using this.

The dangers of sugar

Of all the food that we eat sugar is probably one of the most harmful. In fact, people worldwide eat about 31 billion pounds of sugar. Actually, that's the number for Americans. Americans are the biggest eater of sugar in the world; that breaks down to about 125 pounds a year for every men, women and child. That means that you will eat a pound of sugar every two and a half days. Now what does sugar do? Sugar takes out of your body Vitamins C, Vitamins B complex, which you need to calm down your nerves and Vitamins C helps you resist infection. Sugar will also takes out of your body Zinc and Chromium. These two are very necessary for healing; they are also necessary for keeping you from waning to overheat, and they're necessary for the enzymatic reactions that take place in your body.

When you eat too much sugar, particularly refined sugar, it shoots your sugar level up so high that your body has to produce huge amount of insulin rapidly to assimilate that sugar. When your insulin shoots up high it overshoots. It takes care of the sugar that you have, but then it overshoots and you become hypoglycemic, because now you don’t have enough sugar. So you're on a cycle of yo-yo and back and forth. Now because you're hypoglycemic, your body wants more sugar, so you consume more sugar. And your insulin goes up again, this wears out the pantry, that helps cause diabetes, and of course that also gives you all of the symptoms of hypoglycemia which are very very similar to anxiety and hyperactivity: you will get shaky, you will get tremulous, you will want to sometimes hide because you have phobias. All of these things are caused by hypoglycemia.

For years, people have known that sugar could be very damaging, and of course it’s addictive. It’s actually almost as addictive as cocaine, heroin and some of these other things. So, sugar is in almost everything you eat that is processed. You look at the ingredients on cans and frequently sugar will be the number one or two or third ingredient. You say: "well I eat brown sugar." Brown sugar is nothing more than refined sugar with the molasses fragments put back in, which has been removed for white sugar. It’s still bad for you. And honey, even though it is much more natural, if you take in large quantities, it does have the same effect on your body as sugar does. So, sugar paralyses the immune system, for four hours after you eat sugar your immune system cannot resist disease. So you could see if you eat in the morning, you will eat a donut or some other sweet thing, and then at lunch you might have a milkshake, and then for dinner you might have desert. The whole day, your immune system is completely paralysed.

May God bless you!


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