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The dangers of sugar (Contd.)

Sugar is anti-calories, it robs the body of Vitamin C, B complex, Zinc and Chromium; it also upsets the calcium phosphorus level of your body, causes hypoglycemia. It also leads to diseases such as arthritis and heart disease and it destroys the nervous system because it hypes you up and makes you jittery; and it depletes the enzymes and increases the level of fat in your bloodstream. So we have a lot of things that we already know about that can cause disease. You say: "well, I don’t eat sugar, I eat artificial sweeteners. I don't want that sugar in my body." Well, you have NutraSweet or Sacran. NutraSweet is aspartame. These things are nothing more than chemicals.

In these artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet, there is a chemical called methanol. Methanol is what was in the wood alcohol that was in the bathtub gin back during prohibition and caused blindness. There have been a number of recorded cases of transia and some permanent blindness with the use of these artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame which is marketed as NutraSweet. Not only that thousands of cases of grand mal seizure or convulsion or fit have been recorded from the use of this. Aspartame is been put in over sixteen hundred food products that you put into your body. And in one series of over five hundred persons with adverse reactions to these aspartame products, almost 15% suffered from typical generalised grand mal seizures.

When you reprocess food, you also eat a lot of MSG; that is Monosodium glutamate. Glutamate is an amino-acid. You say: "well my body needs glutamate." But not in these strong concentrated dosages. You realize that Americans eat MSG in almost everything that is produced. If you eat in a restaurant or if you eat something from a box or a can, the chances are that it will have MSG in it. Well even if it says no MSG on the label, look for something called natural flavourings or hydrolysed vegetable proteins. Both of those frequently contain MSG. MSG in high doses and in any dose at all, is a toxin. You say: "well, I don't want to take that into my body. How do I eliminate that?" Well you eliminate it by eating your food in its natural state. If you go to the produce section of your grocery store, you will be able to buy things that don’t have MSG and aspartame in them. That’s why I am suggesting that you eat as close to nature as possible. When you eat in restaurants, when you eat packaged food, when you eat TV dinners and things like that, the chances are extremely high, almost 99%, that you will have MSG and aspartame in all of those things.

When you drink caffeine, caffeine is also a toxin. It causes hyperactivity of the nervous system, it is an unnatural stimulant, it speeds up body reactions abnormally and increases the heart rate. It increases the secretion of stomach acids which can increase your chances of getting an ulcer. It can cause insomnia. Coffee, caffeine causes anxiety, irritability, withdrawal, headaches, and it will abnormally increase your blood sugar, that’s one reason you get a lift from it. It causes osteoporosis and increasing hip fractures, and there is an increase in benign breast tumours; and if you have an increase in benign breast tumours, there is also an increase in malignant breast tumours, and caffeine has been shown to cause an increase in cancer of the bladder.

If you have a little glass of wine or other alcohol with your meal, you will also cause severe dehydration of your body. You know that if you put alcohol on your hands your hands dry out. The same things happen if you put alcohol in your body, it dries out your body and your body needs water in order for every cell to function. Also alcohol kills liver cells and it kills brain cells.

Milk causes allergies, eczema, and increasing your cholesterol. Milk is one of the main causes of osteoporosis. ... But manly osteoporosis is caused by a lack of activity - people aren’t getting out and exercising regularly - and too much protein in the diet. Protein, particularly animal protein, is very acid; it causes acid in your body. In order for your body to neutralize that acid, it has to take calcium out of your bones. So really, the more milk you drink, the more osteoporotic you become. Milk has been shown to be a major factor in the onset of diabetes type one, that’s called juvenile onset diabetes. In the milk protein, it’s whey that has a protein in it, which is very much like a protein that’s in your cells in your pancreas called islets of Langerhans cells, that form the insulin. So when you take this protein and milk in to your body, your body will produce antibiotics against that formed protein. But since the protein in your pancreas cells is much like that other protein, your body will start destroying those cells, so you can't produce insulin. And that seems to be one of the major causes of juvenile onset diabetes, and this is well documented in the medical literature, the diabetes that is so serious that it requires insulin for all the rest of your life.

Milk has shown to be a factor in an increase in breast cancer; certainly is a factor in heart disease because it contains mainly fat and proteins. There’s an increase incidence on Leukaemia in milk drinkers and that’s probably because something like 80% of the dairy herds in America are infected with the bovine Leukaemia virus. Did you know that? So when you drink the milk, the Leukaemia from the cow may be transmitted to the human. There is a connection of milk with multiples sclerosis, with Lou Gehrig's Disease which is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, with Crohn's Disease of the colon, this is a Colitis type disease, and of course it causes Mad Cow Disease which in human beings is called Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease and it’s virtually the same thing as Alzheimer’s. Milk is associated with all sorts of colitis and female infertility as well as learning difficulties.

You got sodas; they’ve all got caffeine in them. Then you have white bread where they take all the nutrition out of the wheat bread, and then they put in a few vitamins and minerals and then they call it enriched. Well, this does not build healthy cells. They do the same thing with rice; they take organic brown rice, take all of the outer coating off of the rice and you have white rice instead. The MSG and the aspartame are called excitotoxins. In fact there is a book out called Excitotoxins: The Taste That kills written by Dr. Russell Blaylock, you can actually get it at your bookstore. These excitotoxins cause headaches, grand mal seizures, brain tumours, Alzheimer’s; they contribute to Lou Gehrig’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Huntington Disease and they actually have an effect on the endocrine system. So, if you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism you have to actually consider whether these things are part of that problem. Also these excitotoxins, MSG and aspartame, which is the NutraSweet brand cause difficulties in embryological and neurological developments. So if you’re pregnant you better start eating natural.

You may say, it is not bad enough that we have all of these problems with our food, we take medications. And medications of course, all have side effects. The antihypertensive drugs such as Reserpine, Aldomet, and Catapres would cause depression and delirium. Anticonvulsants like Dilantin and Tegretol and Chloroquine cause depression, disorientation, delirium, hallucination, plus many other problems as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Indoxen and Naproxen can cause depression and confusion, paranoia, delirium, hallucinations. And many of these have liver toxic effects; some of them are toxic to the kidneys. And the steroids of course like Prednisone; they cause depression, anxiety, osteoporosis and many other symptoms as well.

Even antibiotics have lots of side effects, and antibiotics don’t really cure disease, because when we use antibiotics, antibiotics only kill, they will kill some bacteria. Antibiotics are not really effective. If you take antibiotics, they would be wiping out the good bacteria in your colon and so then you’re susceptible to things like Candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and things like that because you need those good bacteria in your colon to help digest and assimilate your food. So when we take medications they all have side effects, they all are harmful in some way. So when you take a drug, you may relieve the symptoms of the disease that you’re attacking; but drugs never cure disease, they only change the form or location of the disease. In fact, even with antibiotics, every doctor or nurse has seen patients die who have been given doses of the appropriate antibiotic.

When you get well it is not the antibiotic or any other drug that gets you well; there’s only one system in your body that can get you well and keep you well from every disease, and that is your immune system. When you take drugs into your body, every single drug has an adverse effect on your immune system. What we really need to do is get rid of our bad habit, eat right and get rid of medications in our lives so our bodies can learn to heal itself. Now, if you're on medications, don't stop them abruptly. When you get off your medication, you want to do it slowly, and under the care of a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. But indeed you do want to get out of your drugs, and after reading this message, you would see that you can be well without drugs.

Hidden Danger

There are a number of other things we do every day without even thinking about it; things that are so routine and never even cross our mind. If we drink water out of the tap, it contains Chlorine. Chlorine is a poisonous gas. The government tells us we have to have Chlorine in the water for our safety; however many cities around the world are actually purifying the water with Ozone treatment which is a harmless substance, it’s a form of Oxygen, and yet they add Chlorine to it after the Oxygen has done its work. Fluoride is also in the water. The government is mass-medicating the public. We’re told that it’s necessary for preventing tooth decay but there’s a big controversy about whether Fluoride actually does prevent tooth decay.

In fact Fluoride is a poison; it is a by-product of aluminium production and it’s used in rat poison. It also causes riddle bones, it causes premature ageing of the skin, and again, it is very controversial as to whether it really prevents tooth decay. Not only that, Congress has recently made a law that they have to have a warning on toothpaste that contains Fluoride, because some young children have actually died because they swallowed the toothpaste after watching their teeth, and some have died or gotten very sick in dental offices after they swallowed the Fluoride that was put in their mouth in a special treatment there.

It also has an impact on the brain. In fact there is an articles in the journal "Brain Research" (1998), that shows that one part per million of Fluoride can cause Alzheimer’s disease, and that is the amount that is generally in our water supply. Then of course there are things that are good for our health that we don't do regularly; we don't exercise, we don't get enough oxygen out of the fresh air, we don't go out in the sun daily. Doctors are telling us to stay out of the sun, but sun is beneficial for your health if you do it in the right way. We don't sleep enough, at the right time. We don't drink enough water, and we're totally stressed up and therefore our elimination of waste is not good.

Exercise has a number of benefits; it increases circulation; it increases oxygen to the total body; it improves your intestinal peristalsis so it helps you eliminate waste; it increases your body muscles, so your muscles can burn fat; it increases the body's ability to withstand stress, it helps eliminate toxins, it lowers your cholesterol, it decreases your weight, it lowers your blood pressure, it decreases your resting heart rate and the list goes on and on. And yet people are couch-potatoes, they sit in front of their television day after day instead of getting out in the fresh air and exercising.

Water is another component. Everybody is drinking caffeinated beverages; it's either the coffee or soda. And water is the second nutrient in the body after Oxygen. We can only live a few minutes without Oxygen and we can only live a few days without water. Water decreases blood pressure, decreases anxiety, it decreases allergies and asthma, and we'd discuss exactly how it does that. It decreases arthritic pain by re-hydrating the cartilage in the joint. It decreases back and neck pain by re-hydrating the little disc that's in between your vertebra. It can cure ulcers, yes water can actually cure ulcers; because if you have enough water in your body you can produce enough mucus to protect the linings of your stomach so the acid, the hydrochloric acid in your stomach will not work through that mucus into the lining of your stomach. Water can decrease cholesterol and water decreases headaches and other pains including migraine headaches.

Sunlight is extremely important. Sunlight lowers your blood pressure; it can lower the cholesterol because it turns your cholesterol into vitamin D when the sun hits it in your skin. Sunlight enhances the immune system, it kills bacteria, it calms down the nervous system, you know you fall asleep in the sun when you lay out there, it lowers blood sugar by enhancing the body’s ability to put the glucose into the cell and absorb it; it's actually like a natural insulin. And sunlight increases the oxygen in the blood and it’s used by the tissues of the body, it decreases resting heart rate, and increases tolerance to stress.

Oxygen is so terribly important because cancer cannot thrive in a higher oxygen environment. And when you take more oxygen into your body, you displace the carbon dioxide which is a waste product that you want to get rid of. And of course oxygen kills bacteria and viruses. So fresh air plus sunlight are very important, together they help decrease the growth rate of cancer; together they also lower blood pressure as we mentioned. All of these things people are not doing including sleeping. They sleep sometimes in the day time instead of sleeping in the night. We were actually designed to go to sleep shortly after the sun goes down and to wake up when the sun comes up. The only time the body can heal is when you're sleeping; because when you’re up and around you’re spending energy, so when you're sleeping the healing hormones are produced by your body and your body can repair and regenerate itself.

Both the body and the mind become sick without adequate sleep: In fact, it’s been shown that if you sleep before midnight, the hours that you sleep before midnight are twice as important and is effective as the hours after midnight. So if you stay up till 12 or 1 o'clock in the morning, you have lost double that time of sleep. The closer you can go to bed to the sun going down the better off you’re because then your rhythm of your body, your biorhythms of the body are in sync with nature, and you want to stand at a regular schedule; you want to go to bed at the same time and you want to get up at the same time, you want to eat your meals at the same time…because that sort of regular schedule will enhance your body’s ability to heal. Your hormones that come down that help you digest your food that help in all of the reactions in the body would come down at regular times if you're on a regular schedule. Otherwise, it's all helter-skelter and your body gets so confused that you do end up with a chemical imbalance; and then the doctor would give you drugs to try to straighten that chemical imbalance, but drugs are just more chemicals going into your body and gets you further out of balance.

Stress is a great factor in causing depression of the immune system: When you’re stressed your body puts out all sorts of hormones, they call them fight or flight hormones. It’s the kind of reaction you have when you’ve been chased by a lion or chased by a bear. You have this great rush of energy where you can run from whoever is after you. But when you’re in the office or at home you have this great outpouring of these same hormones, and yet you’re just sitting. So it has a tremendously destructive effect on your body; you’re not working them off by going out doing hard labour outside or exercising; and so you constantly have this chronic stress reaction in your body. This stops the peristalsis in your intestine so you can't eliminate your wastes, it causes your stomach to secrete more acid leading to a higher chance of ulcer, and it dehydrates the body; stress is very dehydrating. And of course dehydration, not drinking enough water is stressful to the body as well. So, you get into this circle of dehydration and more stress and more stress and dehydration.

One of the things that you can do, which not many people do too regularly when they become an adult is laugh. Children laugh 400 times a day. Adults only laugh on the average 25 times a day. What happens to those other 375 laughs? Laughter decreases the blood pressure, it boosts the immune system, it calms the nervous system, it relaxes the stomach and intestine, and in fact, it is one of the greatest builders of your immune system. The Bible even says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22. One of the most important things that’s going on in your body that you don’t even think about is the elimination of waste. Most disease, in fact, virtually all disease is caused by a combination of 3 factors: Malnutrition, dehydration and stress.

Malnutrition: it’s not caused by the fact that you’re not eating enough calories, but by the fact that you’re not eating enough vitamins and minerals and enzymes. Fat, protein, and sugar are about all you eat. When you eat cooked food, a lot of fat, a lot of protein, your intestines get all caked with this processed material. So you have inadequate elimination. A baby when his is born, has an excellent working elimination system. The baby would have bowel movement within 30 minutes of each meal. That's the way we’re supposed to be even when we are grown up. But we denied the call of nature, we don’t drink enough water, we eat all the wrong foods and so our intestinal tract becomes very sluggish. So, we’re suffering from malnutrition because we’re eating the wrong foods and an excess of those wrong foods, and not eating the right foods.

Dehydration: we’re not drinking enough water, we’re drinking caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic; it takes more water out of your body than comes in with the drink. So the more caffeinated beverages you're drinking, the more dehydrated you’re becoming. When you're dehydrated, your waste products cannot move well through your long 30 foot-coiled intestine to get out of your body, and that is one of the things that causes constipation.

Stress: everybody is stressed, going to work coming back from work… while there're at work, at home… everybody is pushing too hard! When that happens, your stomach is in a knot, your intestines are contracted, and the peristalsis just stops, and all of these stress hormones are produced in your body - all of these things suppress the immune system and your elimination suffers terribly. When you're constipated then your waste materials cannot get out of your body and you reabsorb those toxins. You say: "Why doesn’t my doctor tell me this?" An article in a journal called "The British Medical Journal" in 1991 is entitled "Where is the wisdom?" This article shows that only 15% of all the treatments and interventions doctors apply to patients are backed by good scientific studies; 85% is just "well, I'll do this ... or my professor told me this or the books say this…". We were taught to just diagnose a set of symptoms and give a drug to cover-up those symptoms; you could see how you would really never get well by that approach.

Heart Disease

According to the American medical association and the government, cardiac disease is the number one cause of death. Including in cardiac disease or heart disease are: angina which is just heart pain; heart attack of course which is referred to as the myocardial infection; coronary artery disease which just means that your coronary arteries, the arteries of your heart, are filled up with fat and proteins stored as fat. Arteriosclerosis just means the same thing, only it applies to the arteries all over your body. And then transient ischemic attacks are like many strokes where you can have the blood cut off to one of the vessels to your brain, and so that frequently is the precursor of a real stroke, and then of course hypertension, that is, high blood pressure. What is it that all these have in common? Well they are all due to a narrowing of the arteries. You go to your doctor, and sometimes they give you a drug to try to open your arteries so you won't have the pain of angina, which just means your heart is not giving enough blood. If you have a heart attack, sometime they would give you drugs to try to increase the output of your heart. And if you have a coronary artery disease, frequently they would suggest the coronary artery bypass. Well let's just think about that. Is angina caused by a deficiency of say Nitroglycerin? Of course not! Nitroglycerin has side effects. All these drugs have side effects.

May God bless you!


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