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Heart Disease (Contd.)

Is coronary artery disease caused by a deficiency of a coronary artery bypass? Of course not! And if you have a coronary artery bypass, where they take the veins out of your leg or they may take a vessel in your chest, and bypass those arteries that are stopped up in your heart, whatís the say that youíre not going to just get it again. In fact, some people have one bypass after another, at an expense of about 40 to 60 thousand dollars. If you have a stroke; strokes are not caused by a deficiency of medication. Strokes are caused because you are not getting enough blood to your brain because the vessels are too narrow. High blood pressure is not caused by a deficiency of high blood pressure medication.

Letís talk about what all these have in common. Well, when you eat fat and sugar which is stored as fat and too much protein in the diet; by the way, the average American eats 125g of protein a day. All any adult really needs, average size adult, is about 40g of protein. When you eat all that excess protein, it's stored as fat. So you got all these fat going around in your blood. And the fat in your blood makes your blood thicker. Youíre also not drinking enough water. So that makes your blood thicker too. And this fat collects on the walls of your arteries making the walls thicker and the opening in your blood vessels smaller. So your heart has to push harder to get this thicker fatty blood through a smaller opening. What do you think that causes? It increases the pressure in your arteries, causing high blood pressure. Also, it causes a decrease in the amount of blood and therefore the amount of oxygen getting into your heartís muscles, which can give you a heart attack. It also can cause slowing of the blood and a clot to your brain which will give you a stroke.

So you see, it's not very difficult to figure out what it is thatís causing these problems. And in fact, it is well known by all doctors that a change in diet and lifestyle will prevent or reverse heart diseases. There are at major universities medical schools major programs to reverse these kinds of diseases. They put you on an exercise program, they put you on a better diet, they decrease your sugar, they decrease the amount of flesh food that youíre eating, and in fact many people get better. But they say it doesn't work for any other disease. Well we will find out today that it does in fact work for many many other diseases. I want to show you a letter I just recently got, which says, urgent product withdrawal. There is a notice on a drug called Pazacur which is an anti-hypertensive and an anti-angina drug. And they've taken it off the market because its side effects are so damaging. There are many other drugs on the market that people are taking right and left which have lots and lots of side effects.

Here is an article from the university of California San Francisco medical school showing that there are programs without drugs, with just exercise and a changing diet and general lifestyle will improve heart disease. Here is another news letter from a doctor in this country which shows that anger causes a rise in blood pressure and heart disease. Anger causes constriction of the arteries, so you have less blood given to your brain and to your heart. Anger causes the production of a lot of hormones that damage your immune system. And in fact, the American medical association has said in articles as recently as 1995 and 1998 that the plan of change in diet-lifestyle will actually prevent all of these diseases.

I have a previous video called "you can't improve on God" where I interviewed my 85 year old mother. She had a severe autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I put her on the same plan that I used to get well from cancer, and she was able to get off all four high blood pressure medication she had been on for as long as 35 years. She got off of them in three weeks by following this plan of a major change in diet and lifestyle: Getting the fat off, getting the excess protein out, getting the sugar out of her body, drinking lots of water, eating good food with a lot of raw food, getting plenty of rest, exercise, fresh air and sunshine. These things all seem too simple.

Doctors say we need drugs, but drugs donít cure diseases; in fact, all drugs have side effects. If we look in the Physicians' Desk Reference, which is a huge book; it is this big and is very fine print, and all of the side effects of the drugs are found in this huge book. It is put up by the pharmaceutical companies. You will find that there is not one single drug in that entire book that does not have side effects. Some of them are so serious that they cause death. Now why will you want to die from a drug youíre taking which is probably a faraway side effect than the disease can cause in your body?

Coronary heart disease is not caused by a deficiency of bypass surgery; it is caused by too much fat and cholesterol, and cholesterol is found in animal products. Cholesterol is not found in vegetable products. You will only get it by eating animal products. Cardiac disease is caused by too much protein; that's in meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs, because this excess protein is stored as fat. It increases the level of your triglyceride which is the measure of the fat in your blood.

Sugar is stored as fat and has the same problems. Aspartame which is NutraSweet causes abnormal heart rhythm, shortness of breath, chest pain and high blood pressure. Caffeine can cause Arrhythmia or irregular heart rate. Lack of exercise of course contributes to heart disease because you donít work off the fat; you donít get the oxygen going around to your muscles including the muscle of your heart. Fluoride causes calcification of arteries and dehydration causes thicker blood. And then when you don't eat enough nutrition, enough good, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, you donít get enough anti-oxidants into your body which help go around your body and destroy the toxins, and the waste materials that are produced by the everyday reactions in your body. Again, itís not a mystery; you can get rid of your heart disease. You don't have to undergo coronary artery bypass. ... The only way you can really have a long term solution is to change the way you eat and the way you live, and get the stress out of your life.

Stress alone is one of the major causes of death in America. And if you're holding grudges or if you have anger or if you're under tremendous stress at your work or in your home or whatever you're doing, this all causes an increase in the fat content of the blood; it causes constriction of the arteries and it helps increase your possibility of heart disease. You really can't get well from heart disease unless you change your lifestyle. You can have one bypass after another but it's not going to do the job; only if you change your diet lifestyle can you actually get well.


There are lots of different types of cancer; at least we in the medical profession break them down into various grades and various types. Cancer includes Hodgkinís Disease and Leukaemia, which is nothing more than cancer of the blood, just on a different organ; Multiple Myeloma affects the bones and other tissues throughout the body; Malignant Melanoma (it is a cancer that appears to start in the skin but really can be a disease that can kill you. Itís different from regular skin cancer), and then of course we have cancer of the brain, breast, prostrate, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, many different organs and even AIDS is a form of cancer. However, cancer is cancer - we have all these different designations but all cancer is caused by suppression of the immune system. Cancer is really a deficiency disease.

You know, years ago back in the 1500s when sailors went out on ships during the crusades and other endeavours, many of them died. In fact, they caught a terribly disease that swept in the country and they were giving them the drugs that they had at that time, but these sailors died in large numbers. Finally, someone decided to put limes on the ship. And the sailors ate the limes because they were really suffering from a deficiency disease which was a vitamin C deficiency, scurvy. When the sailors ate the limes they did not die, they remained healthy. And thatís why English Sailors got the name Limeys. Well, it took about 200 or 250 years for the rest of the medical profession to pick up on this and realise that this was nothing more than a deficiency disease. Cancer is caused by the same 3 things we talked about before: itís caused by malnutrition because youíre not getting enough good nutrition into your body and youíre getting an excess of bad nutrition; itís caused by dehydration, because the body runs on water. Weíre not getting enough water into our body and then stress. If you put these 3 things together, you would see that these are the real main causes not only of cancer but of all disease.

I became very interested in cancer myself because I developed cancer. Cancer is probably the most dreaded disease known to man and in fact itís probably the most dreaded word in the English language. I developed severe advanced cancer. First I developed a lump that was small. I had a biopsy and it was ductal adenocarcinoma the invasive type, Carcinoma of the breast. This was biopsy at one of Major Medical University, a hospital as well as another hospital that has a very large cancer unit. This was documented by the pathologists to be invasive ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast. The lump was very high up on my chest here. So, after I had the lump removed, they found that they couldnít get clear margins during the procedure, in other words, the cancer had already spread into my chest wall muscle; it wasnít yet in the knob under my arm. So I had another surgical procedure where they tried to go into a smaller incision and get the cancer all out, but they couldnít do it, it had spread too far.

I changed my diet dramatically but I hadn't addressed the other factors in my life including stress, and I didnít know about the importance of a lot of water drinking. But I changed my diet to fruits, grains and vegetables, got all the sugar out, the caffeine out and all the other bad things out of my diet. But my tumour returned... I had the first removal, but the tumour grew back. It was about the size of a marble. It stayed that size for several months while I was trying to do a number of things to make it go away; because I knew at that point that I was not going to have chemotherapy and radiation, because chemotherapy and radiation destroy your immune system, the exact system you need to get well. Suddenly, within a period of about 3 weeks, this tumour grew to the size of a large grape fruit, and was almost getting ready to burst on my chest. It was huge! And it became very painful. And I didnít know what I was going to do because I knew I won't have chemotherapy and radiation.

Finally, I was able to find a surgeon who would take out a portion of this tumour, because it was getting ready to burst onto my chest and I didnít want to have an open wound on my chest. By this time I had involvement of the nodes under my arm and nodes above my clavicle. The nodes under my arm somewhere was big as the size of a walnut, and I was in a lot of pain. Any pain medicine that I took would not relieve the pain. So I found a surgeon who thought that he would just do me a favour, palliative surgery, by taking out a portion of the tumour, and he did that and then sent me home to die. At that time I still had a lot of tumour in the central area, tumour in my chest wall muscle and the tumour in the lymph node. I refused to have any lymph nodes taken out because, you see, lymph nodes are part of your immune system.

So I went home and I got on a total plan. ... I started drinking lots of water as well as the carrot juice and the green leafy vegetable juice, and all natural food; in fact, 75% of my food raw, and I learned to get the stress out of my life. It's very important to be able to give my problems over to God I tried meditation and I tried visualisation early on, and I had some very bad experience with those. And I realised that only the Lord Jesus Christ can take away the stress in our lives. So I started spending a lot of time in Bible study and prayer, getting the stress relieved from my life.

When I did this, within 8 months the cancer was completely gone. Now, I had a lot of tough times during this period of time ... I had some severe ups and downs. Lots of anxiety, lots of depression, I had all sorts of symptoms ... And I got so bad that at one point I was not expected to live through the night; I was not able to eat or drink. So, I can tell you that this plan works; I was so close to death that I was not expected to live and yet here I am alive and healthy and cancer-free. As I said, it took me 8 months to get rid of the complete cancer without chemotherapy, without radiation, without mastectomy.

Cancer is not an incurable disease... Remember we talked about headaches not being caused by deficiency of aspirin. Well letís carry that a step further; cancer is not caused by a deficiency of chemotherapy, cancer is not caused by a deficiency of radiation and in fact, both chemotherapy and radiation destroy the immune system, the system you need to get well. Not only that, both chemotherapy and radiation actually cause cancer. Now, we're told that the cause of cancer is unknown, but that's not true. The American medical association has published an article in the journal of the America medical association where they have said that 65% of all cancers could be prevented by a change in diet lifestyle. Now I say it is 99%.

But they at least admit 65%. Now let's see; if 65% of cancer can be prevented by a change in diet lifestyle, then what is the cause of cancer? It's the wrong diet lifestyle. Well, they'll sort of admit that, except they say when you do get cancer, there is nothing you can do to treat it then except by chemotherapy and radiation and have your organs out. Well, let me tell you this; cancer is not caused by an excess of organs. So why do we keep having organs out? What we really need to do is realise that cancer can be prevented and even when you have it, it can be cured. You donít want to destroy the only system you have and that you need to get well.

Cancer cannot form in your body unless your immune system is already severely suppressed. You see, all of us get cancer cells in our body every day; itís just that when our immune system is working properly, it would destroy the cancer cells. But when the immune system is not working properly because we're eating too much sugar, weíre eating too much fat, weíre eating too much protein and too much chemicals and all the other things, then it cannot destroy the cancer cells. So the cancer cells are allowed to build up and they form a tumour. Then the doctor can make a diagnosis. But then, they tell you, you have to have something for treatment that actually causes cancer. When women go down to get a mammogram, mammograms are radiations. Your doctors and dentist will both tell you: "donít take too many x-rays, x-rays cause cancer." But then they say: "you need to have x-rays to see if you have cancer. And then if you have cancer, we have to give you huge doses of what we tell you to avoid because it causes cancer." It doesn't make any sense. We have been brain-washed to think that so often. Let's take a look at some of the drugs that are used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapy & Radiation


Chemotherapy just means that it's the chemical used for treatment. Chemical "chemo", therapy "treatment". These are some of the common chemicals used to treat cancer, the chemotherapeutic drugs. A lot of people donít realise that anti-estrogens such as Arimidex and Tamoxifen are also chemotherapy. They think that theyíre in a different group. But all of them have side effects. In fact, this book which is called The Physicians' Desk Reference is in every doctor's offices. It contains lots and lots of side effects of the medicine. It's a very small print and every doctor has this, but frequently they don't tell you all the side effects of these drugs. Let me just go through a few.

Cytoxan: is one of the oldest ones. It was from nitrogen mustard, one of the first chemotherapy drugs. Nitrogen mustard was actually used in World War II to kill our enemies. When World War II was over, they said: what do we do with it? They said let's give it to cancer patients, maybe we can kill the cancer without killing the patient. But it does its job very well; it kills a lot of people. Cytoxan causes many types of cancer itself. Chemotherapy causes cancer. It causes hemorrhagic myocarditis, that's bleeding around the heart. It causes hemorrhagic colitis, bleeding in the colon and bleeding in the uterus of the urinary system. And it causes pulmonary fibrosis; it makes sure the lungs scald down. And it also of course causes nausea and vomiting and hair loss.

Methotrexate: has a big black box warning in the PDR (Position's Desk Reference) saying that toxic reactions can be fatal. Deaths have occurred during treatment from malignancy, and of course it is also used for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis; and yet it is a deadly drug. It causes cancer in animals, it causes ulceration of the mouth, the oesophagus and the stomach, it can actually cause paralysis on one side of the body, convulsion and renal failure.

Anti-estrogens: Now the anti-estrogens drugs which doctors generally don't classify in the chemotherapy are Arimidex which causes high blood pressure, it causes convulsion, anxiety, blood clot, it causes vaginal hemorrhage, paresthesia where you have numbness in your fingertips, chest pain, shortness of breath and vomiting. And of course a very common one, Tamoxifen, also the brand name is Novadex. Well, doctors are sometimes putting people on Tamoxifen who don't even have breast cancer, just because they have a family history of it. Well, Tamoxifen causes uterine cancer, liver cancer, increase bone and tumour pain, depression, ovarian cyst, blood clot in the lungs, cataracts and retinopathy problems with the retina of your eye.


Radiation burns everything in its pathway. When the immune system is so severely damaged, it has a very difficult time getting well; although, if people have had this treatment, sometimes they can change their diet lifestyle dramatically and get well. But you actually have to try to pull yourself out of a hole once youíve had these treatments. So you say, "Well how about cutting out the cancer, doesnít that just get rid of it?" Let me ask you this question, if your child has chickenpox and theyíre very sick, will you go to the store and get medicine to try to burn out all those chickenpox, or you will go to a surgeon and ask him to cut off all those chickenpox marks out of your childís skin so then the child will be rid of the chickenpox? Of course not! You can cut those out but the child still has chickenpox, because the pox marks on the skin are only a local manifestation of a systemic disease. Thatís what cancer is. Cancer is just a local manifestation of a systemic disease. Your whole body is very sick because your immune system is not working properly. So, when you just cut off the cancer, you have to realise that all the factors that allow cancer to develop in the first place are still in your body. Unless you change all of those factors, your cancer can either return in the same place or in a different place, or you will get some other serious disease.

Well, how about removing the lymph nodes? Doctors say well, you've got cancer in your lymph nodes, you got to take them out. If you had an infection in your foot and you develop swollen glands in your groin, would you go to the surgeon and say take out these glands because they are involved with the infection? Of course not! Because those glands, those lymph nodes in your groin are helping to keep the infection from spreading. Well that's the same thing your lymph nodes do when theyíre involved with cancer. Your lymph nodes are part of your immune system. When the lymph nodes have cancer in them, it's because theyíre doing their job. They're keeping the cancer from spreading other places. So, if you go to the surgeon and have those lymph nodes removed, you're taking down the little police men that are at the gate trying to keep the cancer from spreading. Then you get chemotherapy or radiation, which both destroy your immune system and then after that, the cancer has no barriers at all, it can spread everywhere. So you see, this is not the way to conquer cancer. You need to feed your body with the nutrition that it needs.

May God bless you!


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