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Causes of cancer

People say: "well, I have cancer because I inherited it. My mother had cancer, maybe breast cancer, her mother had breast cancer." Let me ask you this, if you see a very large woman walking down the street, she's got way too much weight on her, and she has a child on either side holding their hand and there are also very large. Do you think those children developed their increased weight because of a genetic problem? Unlikely; mother feeds herself and mother feeds her children. We can certainly inherit these patterns in our lives, but there is a very small amount of cancer that is actually inherited. The way we get it from our parents is the way we learn how to eat and how to handle stress. Our parents by their actions show us how to handle stress, and it may not be in the right way. So, when your mother has breast cancer or your mother has any kind of cancer, or there is a cancer in your family history, you will learn from your mother and your grandmother how to eat, and usually all of it is not good. We all give ourselves disease. We do it because we're ignorant, we don't understand that everything weíre putting in our mouths either makes us well or sick.

Everything we do, whether we exercise or not, whether we get out in the sunlight or fresh air, these things have a major impact on our health. So when we get these diseases, we have to take responsibility for them. We have to learn how to get rid of the disease and how to prevent other diseases from happening. So these things are rarely inherited. We do it to ourselves... We go to the grocery stores and we put the cancer causing things in our shopping basket and we take it home, and we eat ourselves in the cancer. We also stress ourselves in the cancer, and the very things that we do routinely every day give us cancer. As I said, you cannot get cancer unless you have an immune system that is severely suppressed. So, what you want to do is to learn how to build your immune system naturally.

Now let us take a look at the things that cause cancer:

Medication: that you're taking can cause cancer. If you look in this big red book that I just showed you, you would see that many anti-hypertensive and even some medicines given for anxiety and depression actually can cause cancer. Some high blood pressure drugs also cause cancer. Estrogen therapy, estrogen replacement therapy can cause cancer; it can cause an increase in breast cancer, it can cause uterine cancer, it can cause all of these sorts of different cancers in your body.

Fluoride: there seems to be a link between fluoride and cancer according to some experts, including Dr. John Yiamouyiannis who has written a book called "Fluoride, the Aging Factor."

Aspartame: NutraSweet is associated with tumours particularly brains tumours, cancers tumours.

Meats: animals have diseases which we can potentially get from them when we eat the meat. Anytime we cook or boil poultry, meat, or fish, they produce carcinogens. Dairy herds are infected with bovine leukemia virus and the bovine AIDS virus.

Milk: is infected with the bovine leukemia virus, and in fact a 1980 study showed that there was an increase in human leukemia in areas with high level of bovine leukemia in the dairy herds.

Sugar: it immobilises the immune system for 4 hours after you eat it; your white blood cells cannot resist disease.

Caffeine and alcohol: are both dehydrating agents and they have a relationship to breast cancer.

Preservatives: are in all packaged food, in cans and boxes; and some of these actually cause cancer.

Food dyes: are known to be carcinogenic. This new fake fat, the olestra, would take the fat-soluble vitamins out of your body - you need those vitamins in order to have a healthy body and prevent cancer.

Processed food: white rice, white bread, all the chemicals and the lack of nutrients in processed food, all of these things contribute to a sick body.

Silicone gel: evidence has shown that silicone gel implants in the breast suppress the immune system. I would strongly suggest that if you have silicone gel implants in your breasts to have them removed. Thereíre all sorts of cases of women who have had severe autoimmune diseases, it looks like because they had this silicone gel implants in their body.

Smoking: produces scars, you know that there's an association between smoking and lung cancer, there's also an association between smoking and uterine cancer, and cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas.

Lack of sunlight: Sunlight actually decreases the size of internal cancerous tumours.

Lack of fresh air and exercise: Cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.

Cancer chemotherapeutic agents: cause cancer too. And then if those donít work, they will want to do a bone marrow transplant on you. In order to do a bone marrow transplant they have to destroy all of your immune system. Imagine what that can possibly do to your immune system, system that you need to get you well. Not only that, if you have a transplant of an organ such as a kidney or a liver, they will give you the same chemotherapeutic agents to wipe out your immune system so you would not reject the transplant.

As you can see, what you really need to do to get well and to prevent cancer is to feed your body well, hydrate your body well by drinking a lot of water because it has been shown clearly that dehydration is one of the major factors in causing cancer; and in fact, I could not get well until I started drinking large amounts of water. Iím talking about the average person needs a minimum of 10 glasses a day just to replace their water losses for every day. I had not been a water drinker all of my life; in fact I was drinking coffee and caffeinated soda. So I found out that I was about 18 years behind in my water drinking.

Autoimmune Diseases

The next category is autoimmune diseases. Weíll start the way we categorise them in medicine: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Scleroderma, Polymyositis, Dermatomyositis, and then Polymyalgia Rheumatica. All of these are really related to joint and tissue problems. And so the doctor may tell you that your immune system is too strong, but it's impossible for the immune system to be too strong, thatís like being too healthy. When you're too healthy, you're just as healthy as you can be. And when your immune system is working properly, it's not going to make you sick; if you have one of these diseases it means that your immune system is not working properly and itís suppressed because of some of these things we've been talking about. ... These diseases are actually from nutritional deficiencies: Not getting enough of the food you need; eating too much of the food you don't need; having improper elimination; not drinking enough water. I know many patients who have gotten well from Rheumatoid Arthritis. In fact, many of them who have been in wheel chairs have been able to get up from their wheel chairs and get well. Now, if you have severe permanent disruption of joints, I'm not telling you that youíre going to be out dancing, but I can tell you that you can stop the progression of the disease and reverse the changes that are not permanent.

My mother, as I told you before, at the age of 85 had this severe autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica and she got well within 6 months with no drugs whatsoever; just on the plan that we will discuss later on how you can get well from virtually every disease. I interviewed her on this tape, You Canít Improve on God!, and you will see that at the beginning she wasnít too happy about changing her diet lifestyle. But now she got well from Polymyalgia Rheumatica. She was terribly sick, she was unable to eat and dress herself, and she had severe pain. But her triglyceride which is the measure of the fat in your blood dropped 400 points in 4 months. Her cholesterol dropped from 280 to 120. So we go back to the very same thing and see that these autoimmune diseases are really caused from malnutrition, dehydration and stress. We will also see that sugar suppresses the immune system and can cause joint pain; water, the lack of water - dehydration from caffeine and alcohol can also cause joint pain.

Fluoride decreases the immune system's ability to keep you free from disease; silicon implants seem to be associated with autoimmune disease and immune suppression. Arthritis has been shown in medical literature to be caused from a diet low in nutrients. Alcohol, Aspirin and saturated fats which are found in meat and dairy products produce prostaglandin E2 which suppresses the immune system. Carbonated drinks are high in Phosphates, which change the mineral balance of the body. And a lack of exercise also can cause you to have stiffness in your joints and not give enough oxygen to your entire body. It's not a mystery why people get sick! It's the same thing with autoimmune diseases, as it is with cancer and heart disease. We give these diseases to ourselves. Drugs never cure disease; they only change the former location of the disease by causing side effects.

Neurologic Diseases

These are diseases of the neurological system: Parkinson's, (you can develop what we call a thoracic tremor, tremor and headache, ...). Parkinsonís disease, Huntingtonís disease is very similar to that. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also call Lou Gehrig's disease, where you have involvement of your nervous system starting at the lower portion of your body, and eventually it gets up to your lungs, in your throat, and you can chock to death. And it's considered to be a hundred percent fatal. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the muscles. Just think about this; all of these diseases have this strange names, "multiple" just means many and "sclerosis" means hard parts; you just got many hard parts in the muscles. It doesn't really tell you what causes the disease. Alzheimer's is of course dementia, but it's just named after the person that first described this kind of dementia. And again, these titles only are Latin terms for describing the symptoms. And then Seizures are also a part of these neurological abnormalities. ... All the medications they use to treat these diseases have side effects that are very destructive. There is a drug where one of the adverse reactions is attempted suicide. These drugs do not cure these diseases; in fact, they make them worse. You have a short term gain because some of your symptoms are decreased, for a long term disaster ...

Womenís Problems

These are problems that many women have:

Fibrocystic Breast Disease: is accentuated by having caffeine in the diet. Thatís not only from coffee and caffeinated soda but there is a caffeine-like compound in tea and in chocolate. So, all of these things must be eliminated. Also fibrocystic breast disease is increased by a high-fat diet. Any tumours, whether benign or malignant, are abnormal. By getting your body back in balance by eating right, by living right your body can get rid of those tumours.

Menopausal hot flashes: I had terrible hot flashes. I tried to get off my estrogen replacement therapy many times, but I would have such hot flashes that I couldnít stand them. But when I found out that I had breast cancer, I knew I had to stop those estrogens immediately. And I was dreading what will happen to me when I stop the estrogens; but as soon as I changed my diet to a totally vegan diet: no meat, no dairy products, no eggs, no poultry and no fish, I never had another hot flash. And of course you want to drink a lot of water as well. But you say: "I donít want to get osteoporosis and my doctor tells me Iíve got to be on estrogens." Osteoporosis is not caused by a deficiency of estrogen. In fact, as we discussed before, osteoporosis is caused mainly by lack of activity and too much protein in the diet, particularly too much animal protein.

So if you would get your diet down to eating less than 40 grams of protein a day, then you wonít get osteoporosis. You want to also eliminate the medications like Cortisone that causes osteoporosis, and of course smoking causes osteoporosis, and caffeine contributes to it. So you want to rectify those factors but you need to get exercise, and you need to get the proper amount of protein in the diet. You don't want to keep taking calcium because osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency per se. What happens as I said is that when you eat too much protein and you drink too much milk, the body becomes very acidic and it has to take the calcium out of your bones to neutralise the acid. Osteoporosis is due to a deficiency of the proper nutrients and you want to get rid of the excess bad food in your diet.

Infertility: can be rectified by the total plan that we're going to talk about. Male and female mice exposed to MSG early in life actually suffer from infertility in laboratory experiment. There is some evidence that fluoride, particularly fluoride in the water and in toothpaste contributes to the infertility problem, and also a lack of antioxidants. The antioxidants should be in the food that you eat; not necessarily in supplements because those arenít natural.

The nausea of pregnancy: is in large part caused by dehydration. When a woman gets pregnant, her body has to take huge amounts of water from her cells to form all the amniotic fluid for the baby. When you get dehydrated, you can get nauseated. If youíre contemplating becoming pregnant make sure that youíre drinking lots of water, your body is well hydrated and that you are eating proper nutrition. And then pre-menstrual syndrome. Actually, this is also truly cured by getting your body back in balance - by getting the stress out of your life, by drinking lots of water, exercising and eating an all-natural diet. ... These diseases are never solved by drugs.


It seems like everybody is suffering from some kind of joint pain or back pain or neck pain. Osteoarthritis is somewhat different from Rheumatoid arthritis. At least we doctors categorise it differently, but all of these really play under the same factors that cause them. Osteoarthritis and back pain and neck pain are basically due to inactivity, the wrong diet and not enough water. Water is necessary to make synovial fluid, that is, a special kind of fluid that the body makes to nourish the joint surfaces. When the joint surfaces get too dry, they wear out and they can cause back pain and neck pain. But you can rehydrate those joint surfaces if theyíre not too bad. Sciatica is pain down the back of the buttock and down the leg, and itís caused generally from a herniated disc or slipped disc. Thatís because the discs are dehydrated; because people are not drinking enough water and the discs are not being nourished enough by proper exercise. I had severe discs problems before I understood my need for water.

I actually had them operated on a number of years ago and then the pain came back. And when I moved to a hotter climate, and I wasnít drinking enough water, my pain got severe. But as soon as I started drinking large amounts of water, over a number of months, I was able to re-hydrate the discs. And actually the discs plump up and they stopped pressing against the nervure. As women particularly get older, they get shorter. It's because their discs collapse in between their vertebrae. But you can rehydrate those discs and increase their size and increase your ability not only to move about and have freedom from pain. But you can move that disc out of the way by its re-hydration and plumping up, so itís not pressing against the nervure.

Sugar also causes joint pain; it suppresses the immune system, it is very dehydrating and you need the water for your nourishment of your joint surfaces. Caffeine is dehydrating, alcohol is dehydrating and of course the lack of exercise; your joint gets stiff if you don't move them. Lack of nutrients also can cause these diseases. You have to eat right. And sunlight gives you vitamin D to give you strong bones. Cortisone and the anti-inflammatory drugs will always make these things eventually worse because even though they cover up the symptoms to begin with, they cause worse problems down the line. So what you want to do is the same old song; eat right, exercise and get rid of the stress in your life. And we will show you how to get that total plan in just a minute.

Diabetes & Hypoglycemia

There is an increase in body of evidence to confirm that the onset of diabetes type I, that's juvenile onset diabetes, is associated with the use of cow's milk and other dairy products in very young children. Even if you use insulin throughout life, that will not stop the progression of the disease. The disease is a disease of blood vessels; these people can become blind, they can have terrible ulcers of their feet and actually lose their feet or lose their legs. What we need to do is, eliminate all sugar because sugar also intensifies the diabetes. We should remove all excitotoxins; the MSG and aspartame, and all chemicals from the processed food. Smoking makes diabetes of any type much worse. We must institute a diet rich in vitamins, mineral and enzymes. ... But the most important thing is to try to prevent the onset of juvenile diabetes which is by eating healthy and eliminating cow's milk from all diets.

Now diabetes type II is easily removed by eating a healthy diet. Even your doctor will tell you that if you eat fruits, grains and vegetables and if you eat a low fat diet and eliminate the sugar, and exercise of course, that you can eliminate diabetes type II. That's very important because the drugs they put you on to treat diabetes type II or adult-onset diabetes, one of them is Glucotrol also called Glipizide which comes with a special warning on it. It says there is an increase of cardiovascular mortality, which means heart attack. It can kill you plus, it causes nausea, diarrhea, jaundice, anaemia, low white blood cell count and low platelets which are associated with clotting, dizziness, headache and drowsiness. Another drug that's commonly used is called Glucophage which has almost the same side effects including this, increased risk of cardiovascular mortality which is death. So, what you want to do is get on your proper diet; the same song.

Hypoglycaemia is caused mainly by eating too much refined sugar. When you bring that sugar into your body, itís a big jog like youíve taken a hit of cocaine or something and your insulin shoots up. When your insulin eats up all that sugar, you become hypoglycemic; and you become shaky and nervous and irritable and all of that. ... So, if we exercise, if we eat right, if we eat fruits, grains and vegetables and get the fat, the high protein and the sugar out of our diet, plus drink lots of water, we can certainly get rid of diabetes type II and we can prevent diabetes type I and hypoglycaemia.

Headache, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Flu and Colds

Headaches: are not caused by deficiency of aspirin. Migraine headaches are not caused by deficiency of drugs. Headaches are caused by the excitotoxins, MSG and aspartame, milk -producing allergies, poor elimination due to dehydration from caffeine and alcohol and not eating enough raw food, dehydration from not drinking enough water. Stress, of course leads into this as well, and stress is very dehydrating. ... So, if you eat your balanced diet, if you eat fruits, grains and vegetables, you can eliminate these problems.

May God bless you!


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