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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Flu and Colds

Chronic fatigue syndrome: I think everybody seems to be suffering from that. This is caused by sleep disturbances. And sleep disturbances are caused by stress, and not drinking enough water and eating the wrong food over a long period of time. Sugar causes the ability for Candida to grow in your intestine. And this contributes to chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a fungus that can grow in your intestine and it can get into your blood stream. This Candida is increased by the use of birth control pills or any estrogens and also the use of steroids, cortisone and antibiotics because antibiotics will wipe out the good bacteria in your colon. So the Candida can over grow, possibly get into your blood stream and contribute to chronic fatigues syndrome. Also it’s contributed too by poor elimination, by dehydration, by lack of exercise and by a lack of nutrients. Not getting enough vitamins and minerals into your body and in fact eating too much fat and protein and also sleep disturbances as I said before has been shown to cause chronic fatigue syndrome. ... It has been shown that you can take a healthy person and by purposely disturbing their sleep over a period of three nights, you can have induced symptoms of fibromyalgia which is pain and discomfort in the muscles and sometimes in the joints as well, and a feeling of fatigue and weakness.

Flu and colds: we can include in this group too because all is the result of the suppression of the immune system. If your immune system is working properly, you're not going to get flu and colds. They did a study once when they took a number of volunteers and they took pure cold virus and put it right up onto their nose, and they put their feet in cold water and blew cold dress on them. And only something like 15% of the people got the cold; because it had to do with how well their immune system was operating at the time they were exposed. Sometimes you can be around the person who has the cold and you will get it and sometimes you won’t. All we have to do is keep our immune systems working properly by feeding them right, by doing all the right natural things that we’ve talked about and we can eliminate all of these problems.

Allergies, Asthma and Bronchitis

When the body is dehydrated, a water-regulatory mechanism is triggered. The body produces histamine, which is the number one water-regulator, then makes sure the brain and the vital organs get enough water. But you see, when histamine is produced in your body then you want to have antihistamines and you go to the drugstore or you go to the doctor and you get antihistamines. But what you really need is water, because the body produces histamine because it doesn’t have enough water in it. You need lots of water.

There are also some common causes of allergies which include dairy products: milk cheese, butter, egg, cattle cheese, yogurt and sugar. All of these things cause allergies. Also there is an association with Asthma, Allergies and Bronchitis, not only with dehydration lack of water but with fluoride, with MSG, aspartame, medication - many medications caused constriction of the bronchi, they can caused other allergies, and they can caused Asthma. Fats and fried foods decrease the immune function and animal products cause an increase in mucus formation which can make these problems worse.

Sugar is irritating to the mucus membrane and leaches the body's calcium reserves - generally lowering your resistance. Smoking of course is bad for all of these things and the drugs that the doctor may give you have Cordisone in them and this suppresses your immune system even more. So you see, what you really need to do if you have these three problems or anyone of the three is that you have to increase your water so that you can turn-off the histamine system in your body. Your body knows it needs water so it produces histamine. Don’t use antihistamines. Drink water and get the dairy products out of your body.

Intestinal Diseases

All of these gastrointestinal diseases have basically the same cause which may be the exception of Gall Stones. Gall stones are really caused from too much fat in the diet primarily. But constipation and haemorrhoids, diverticulosis and crown's disease of the colon, are due to not enough water, too much fat in the diet, too much high proteins, which goes through and is stored as fat. These kinds of things all cause problems with your intestinal elimination. When you are constipated, this can cause haemorrhoids. If you have ulcerative colitis, these are frequently exacerbated by stress. Diverticulosis is when food gets caught in little pockets in your intestine and these pockets are caused because your intestinal contents are not moving out of your body fast enough.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is caused by an increased in stress, not eating the right food, not drinking enough water. So what do you want to do with each of these! Instead of taking steroids, Cortisone, for any of these diseases, you want to change the way you’re eating, change the way you're living, get exercise, drink water, eat a proper diet, without too much fat, without all the sugar that you’ve been eating, and of course Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers can actually be cured by drinking water. Your doctor may say that you need a bland diet. But it is the water that is necessary to produce the mucus to align your stomach so that the acid in your stomach does not eat through into the lining. When you do that, in fact you can cure ulcers. 2000 cases of ulcer have actually been cured by nothing more than water. This has been reported in 1983 in the journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. Even though these things can be serious problems, if you get on the right diet, if you drink a lot of water and if you get the stress out of your life, these can miraculously go away.

How to Get Well!

You now have a good idea of what you need to do to get well or to stay healthy:

Nutrition: We eat fruits, grains and vegetables, in the most natural forms. We want to eliminate the dairy products, that is, the meat, the poultry, the eggs, the fish, all of these animal products, because they all contain disease; they all contains hormones and antibiotics and pesticides and things like that, which make you sick. One excellent book is called: Moooove Over Milk and it shows you how there is a relationship between diabetes, osteoporosis and these neurologic diseases we talked about - it is excellent. It gives you all the documentation in the medical literature for why milk is very harmful for you.

There is another book on Nutrasweet, aspartame, written also by a medical doctor, Dr. H.J Roberts, showing all the problems with aspartame. The FDA approves this knowing that it contained this product called Methanol which can cause blindness and can cause convulsion. And then there is a book Excitotoxins. The book was written by Dr. Russell Blaylock who is a neuro surgeon. This book will tell you how MSG and Aspartame including hydrolysed vegetable, protein and natural flavours which frequently contain MSG, can make you sick. They can cause brain tumours, they can cause seizures, they contribute to Parkinson disease and Lou Gehrig disease.

So what do you eat? ... We can change over from these animal flesh-based diet to a vegan diet or to fruits, grains and vegetables. When you cook food, you destroy all the enzymes. Anything that is heated above a 107 or a 110 degrees, will destroy all the enzymes. It has been found that if they feed cats with food that is cooked within about four generations, they can no longer produce and the breed will die out... You can start changing your diet if you're just looking for a better lifestyle. But if you have a serious disease, as I had with my cancer, you’d better changed over all at once. Your healing depends on it.

Exercising: Exercising is the second law of health. If you have back problems, you want to really start exercising as much as you can right off the back. Now, if you have too much pain, you better start drinking a whole lot of water. But exercise will help you eliminate your back and joint pain.

Water: If you don't drink enough water, your body can't function. If your children go out and play in the mud and they come in and they have filthy clothes and you put their clothes in the washing machine and you pour in two cups of water and turn on the machine, how clean will the cloths get? Well, that’s the way with your body. Your body produces wastes products in the cells. If you don’t drink enough water, it can’t get those waste products out of the cells and the cells become sick and cause you problems.

Sunlight: Sunlight is important for curing and improving every disease known to man. Once you start nourishing your body properly by eating right and drinking enough water, you will not be vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun. I'm not saying that you should get out there and get fried and get out there at the hottest time of the day, you have to use some common sense.

Temperance: Temperance is moderation in everything we consume. We have to get rid of the sugar, get rid of the alcohol, and the tobacco and all the things that are harmful to our bodies.

Fresh air: It's absolutely essential for the body. Without it, your body cannot function properly.

Rest: Rest at the proper time of night. You cannot force your body to work past its capacity and expect to be well. The only time the body can repair itself and regenerate itself is when you are sleeping. If you have a serious disease you should be in bed by 9:00 o'clock. Try to go to bed soon after the sun goes down and get up when the sun comes up. However, if you are sick with a serious disease, you need to rest a great deal. In fact, those of you who have cancer or other serious diseases, when you exercise, of course, walking is the very best exercise. Do not exercise to the point of fatigue. You have to conserve your energy and you are breaking down your body if you actually exercise your body too much.

Get rid of stress: So, we have now nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, proper rest, and then of course, the most important of all, the way to get rid of stress, by putting your trust in God. The Holy Bible is the User's and Owner’s manual for your body. Your body was created by God, He also created the food that you eat. So let's eat the Designer's food, that is, the food that is designed by the same Being that designed our body. And the food is given to us with all the right nutrients, with all the right enzymes we need. Consume raw as much as you can, because when you cook food, you destroy the enzymes and the nutrients.

If we follow the Holy Bible, we will learn to get rid of anger, grudges, and learn to forgive. When we are stressed, when we are angry, when we are holding grudges, our bodies cannot assimilate the food even if we put good food into it; because our intestines don’t work right and our peristalsis stops and our stomachs are contracted and our brain cannot function properly when we are all tied up with these wrong emotions.

People who do not spend time with the Lord are unable to get rid of the stress in their lives. Stress is killing us; it is one of the biggest killers and in fact, two Americans psychiatrists have said that the number one cause of deaths in America is suppressed anger. We have to get rid of it, we have to let it go, we have to learn how to live with other people, we have to learn how not to be angry. All the stress that is happening around us and it is making us sick - we were not made to live like this. (End of testimony)

A short summary

As you've just read, you can live healthy without getting sick, just by taking care of your diet, and your lifestyle. And if unfortunately you are already sick, you now know that any natural disease can be cured in a natural way, just by adopting a healthy and natural diet, and embracing a responsible way of life.

If you are not sick yet, change your diet quickly to avoid getting sick. And if you are already sick, do not let the disease and chemical drugs destroy you completely. Quickly adopt and in a radical manner a healthy and natural diet, and a sensible way of life, as you’ve just read in this testimony. The secrets that this testimony gives you either to avoid falling ill or to cure your illness are summarized below:

Good nutrition: You have just learned that animal products and all their derivatives are extremely harmful to health. So you have to flee them. These products are: Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, hams, sausages and all foods made from animal fats. You must also flee sugar and all artificially sweet products such as cookies (biscuits), chocolates, jams, sweets, pastries, confectionery and other sweet things. You must also flee coffee, industrial drinks, and all artificial products. Eat and drink as natural as possible. If you care about your health, flee all industrial products. Do not imitate those unconscious people who, even when they are forbidden certain foods for their good, hide to consume them. You have sick people who are asked not to smoke, to stop drinking alcohol, or to stop eating meat or other foods that are dangerous to their health, but who are hiding in order to consume these same foods. These people are suicidal. Do not imitate them.

Exercise: Make the effort to be mobile. Despite your schedule, find time for some physical exercises.

Water: Make the effort to drink enough pure water. Make sure you filter water each time before drinking.

Sunlight: Do not deprive yourself of sunlight as long as you have the opportunity to enjoy it. It is useful for your health as you have just read.

Fresh air: Make the effort not to stay very often locked up; go out into nature when you can, breathe fresh air.

Rest: If your work schedule is very busy, organise yourself to create time for rest.

Stress: Make the effort to overcome stress. It destroys you. If you are a Christian, make the effort to be always joyful as the Bible recommends in 1Thessalonians 5:17.


The important thing to note before concluding this study is that in this world there are two types of illnesses: Natural illnesses and mystical illnesses. As part of this teaching, we have limited ourselves only to natural illness, as the title of the teaching indicates. The solutions we have proposed to you therefore only concern natural illnesses.

It is now clear that true healing will never come to you from the hospital or from the doctors, but from a good diet and a good lifestyle. Your best doctor is none other than yourself. For you who still put your trust in hospitals and doctors, this testimony shows you that doctors are as ignorant as you, not to say more ignorant than you. That's why they are the first to die of cancer and other diseases every day. To believe that doctors who die every day of cancer can cure you of your cancer is to believe that a blind person can lead a one-eyed man.

Some demons paid by the pharmaceutical groups tried to discredit this testimony, but were confused, as the evidence of the cure of this doctor is irrefutable. Moreover, this testimony is not singular. There are many others. You can find some on the website in the Health page. And on the internet in general, you will find plenty of testimonials from doctors who confirm with proof that the chemical drugs that pharmaceutical companies sell to you are not made to cure you, but to kill you, as the side effects are plethora. The time when information was controlled by a small gang of idiots is over. You have almost everything on the internet today. Get informed!

Do not let anyone dictate your health to you, do not let anyone impose any medicine on you. Do not fall into the trap of these criminals who by hypocrisy give you the impression of loving you more than yourself, and of being more interested in your good health than yourself, by imposing on you vaccines, injections, and other medications allegedly for your good. Remember once and for all that no kindness is forced. All those who force you to love you or to do you good, are your enemies. A true blessing cannot be imposed. Nobody can love you more than yourself. Let it be clear once and for all for each of you, that all the drugs and all the vaccines that are imposed on you allegedly for your good, are imposed on you rather to kill you. No real benefit is forced.

Finally, take note that any natural illness can heal naturally. Also understand that the hospital cannot in any case cure a mystical disease. If your sickness is natural, the solution is the one we have just proposed, the natural solution. And if your illness is mystical, the solution can only be spiritual. In this case, you must turn to God. You will then have to resort to prayer. Be aware, however, that there are many Gods, among whom only one is true. The only true God is called Jesus Christ, the God of the Bible, the God Creator of the Heavens and the earth. If you truly want divine healing, it is with Jesus Christ alone that you can obtain it. Watch out against sorcerers and witchdoctors! They are not different from hospitals. They are there to give your souls over to satan and lead you to Hell, through satanic pacts that they sign with satan against you, without your knowledge, but with your tacit agreement, because it is you who went to consult them.

Now that everything has been said to you, on the one hand about the dangers of the hospital and of sorcerers and witchdoctors, and on the other hand, about the benefits of food and a healthy lifestyle and prayer, it's up to you to make your choice. Know very well that you are free. God made us free beings, and gave us the freedom to live the way we want and make our own choices in our lives. Everyone is free to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour so as to be saved, or not to accept Him, and to go to Hell to burn for eternity. When sick, everyone is free to seek healing from hospitals, or from sorcerers and witchdoctors, or from Jesus Christ, the true God. Everyone is free to adopt a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, or unselectively eat all the abominations he finds. You just have to be ready every time, to assume the consequences of your choice. Above all, never let anyone impose their choice on you, and never accept passively the choices imposed upon you, no matter who imposes them on you. We also recommend the teaching "Vaccine: An Extremely Dangerous Poison" that you will find on our website

May God bless you!


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