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Nyang Bensouda: I'm serious. We searched everywhere, I mean everywhere, and we did not find anything. We were even hoping to accuse him of ill-gotten wealth, in the absence of crimes against humanity, but this guy had not embezzled anything, much to our surprise, and of course to our greatest confusion. When we did not find any of his bank accounts in Western countries, we thought it was in Africa that he had hidden them. And with the power we had to search everywhere without any barriers, we searched Africa, and again this man had nothing.

Youssouf: This is unbelievable!

Nyang Bensouda: One of our favourite weapons of mass intimidation has been useless.

Youssouf: Which one?

Nyang Bensouda: The freezing of assets. We were planning to freeze his assets, but this man had no assets to freeze. I do not need to say more in order to convince you. We were all ashamed. My masters all wondered if they were dreaming. Now you understand why I told you that that man was certainly the only idiotic President of all the Presidents of Africa.

Youssouf: What you have just explained to me now does not give me the courage to testify against this man. I understand maybe why people are unable to testify against him.

Nyang Bensouda: Noooo Youssouf, do not be discouraged. Otherwise I'd be ruined. My entire career, all my honour, at least what remains, depends on the sentencing of Gbagbo. It is in my interest in seeing him sentenced. I do not have any choice. I have invested so much in this business.

Youssouf: I see!

Nyang Bensouda: Let me give you an example: My masters have put millions of dollars at my disposal to accomplish this mission. But I cannot do it. Yet I have tried everything. What have I not done? I have tried everything, I have attempted everything. You cannot imagine how many millions I have spent to bribe witnesses and potential witnesses. I even tried to use the mass graves that my masters had prepared during the war, but it did not help. You know that during the war, the french and UN forces massacred thousands of young Ivorian patriots. To hide the bodies so that no one would ever know the number of civilians they had killed, they had made mass graves in which they piled up the bodies. One will never even find some of these mass graves. And since there was no one from Gbagbo’s camp to be a witness to that, everything remained top secret.

Youssouf: So I understand why UNOCI destroyed all its documents related to the management of the Ivorian crisis, meanwhile the court of which you are a prosecutor needs all these documents to conduct its investigations.

Nyang Bensouda: I'll come back to the point concerning UNOCI later.

Youssouf: Okay madam. You were explaining to me the tremendous efforts you have made.

Nyang Bensouda: Yes, I have tried many things. I went as far as trafficking some fake images of the killings perpetrated in Kenya to overwhelm Gbagbo, but people managed to thwart that plan.

Youssouf: Yes, I had heard about it. I even learned of the case of those people supposed to have been killed in Abobo by President Gbagbo, but who found themselves at the court testifying. When you tell me that you have done everything, I understand you. It's really unfortunate! I only hope your masters will not ask you to pay back the 2 million dollars I learned they gave you.

Nyang Bensouda: Have you been aware of this?

Youssouf: Yesssss! I am not the only one to have learned about it. The information had spread everywhere. We learned that you had received 2 million dollars to sentence President Gbagbo, which was twice what your predecessor luis moreno ocampo had received.

Nyang Bensouda: (Sighing)

Youssouf: You spoke earlier of one of yours, this member of the illuminati who betrayed you, is he not the one who also revealed the information about the 2 million dollars that your masters have given you to sentence President Gbagbo?

Nyang Bensouda: He is the one. I do not know why he chose to do that to us.

Youssouf: Certainly he had not yet crucified his conscience like you, and he had some remorse. Not everyone can do the kind of harm you are doing, and sleep well. Your masters and you are really special beings. It is clear that you are not normal human beings. A normal human being cannot be so inherently wicked and cruel. Killing millions of people as you are doing around the world without losing sleep, is extremely difficult to understand.

Nyang Bensouda: You may be right, Youssouf. But as for the money I received, my masters will not ask me to pay back. On the contrary, I asked them to increase the amount. It was very insufficient because we all underestimated the situation. Nobody expected such a difficult and complicated situation.

Youssouf: If all your witnesses who finally testified could not do anything, and they were about 140, what can I, Youssouf, a simple animal, do?

Nyang Bensouda: I know why I'm counting on you. And I know why you alone can make me win this case against this man. Where he is right now, he is almost convinced that I have failed. He cannot imagine the wild card that I have reserved.

Youssouf: Explain it to me.

Nyang Bensouda: You know that among the charges against him there were war crimes, crimes against humanity, murders, rapes and others.

Youssouf: But all that did not work. How do you think you will be successful with me?

Nyang Bensouda: With you, it is completely new charges that will be formulated.

Youssouf: Really?

Nyang Bensouda: Yes. I will redefine the charges against Him. I will now talk about crimes against animals through murder, rape and other sexual violence. I will add the acts of persecution and other acts of torture.

Youssouf: What am I going to say concretely?

Nyang Bensouda: You will say that Gbagbo killed you, that he raped you, and that he tortured you. We must not fall into the kind of trap in which we found ourselves with the first witnesses.

Youssouf: What did the first witnesses do?

Nyang Bensouda: They all said that Gbagbo sent his soldiers to kill them. And the few senior officers of the army, whom we succeeded in bribing to testify against him, did not succeed in establishing his guilt.

Youssouf: What then should we do this time around?

Nyang Bensouda: This time around, you will not say that Gbagbo sent his soldiers to kill you. You will rather say that it was Gbagbo himself who came to kill you and rape you. At that level we no longer run the risk of being confronted by soldiers who say that Gbagbo did not send them.

Youssouf: If his defense asks me why am I alive if President Gbagbo came to kill us, what will I say?

Nyang Bensouda: You'll say you were just very lucky, and also very smart. You will say that as soon as he started killing the first animals, you lay as if you were dead, and he killed all the others.

Youssouf: And concerning the rape, what will I say?

Nyang Bensouda: You will say that he had raped you all, all without exception, and on several occasions. And that when he was raping you, he did not care about who was male and who was female.

Youssouf: If I say that I too was raped, I may be asked for physical evidence, and there I will be stuck.

Nyang Bensouda: In this case you should rather say that all the animals were raped except you, and that you escaped just because the first day he came to rape you, you were seriously ill, and that the other days, as you already knew his car, when you saw him coming, you had to hide. His defense may ask you if he came alone or with his officers. There you will say that you think that Gbagbo knew maybe that his principal generals were traitors, because he did not come with any of them. Whenever he had to do such dark operations, he only came with his real General Dogbo Blé. You will add that you now understand why it was only with this General that he came. It is he who has remained totally loyal and faithful to him to the end.

Youssouf: It's a good idea. The defense of President Gbagbo will find it useless to call General Dogbo Blé to court, since his testimony will be discredited. Everyone will say that he cannot say anything bad against the President.

Nyang Bensouda: If his defense corners with embarrassing questions, tell them that you've already forgotten everything. Tell them that animals forget faster than men. And if they require proofs of this, I will bribe some veterinary doctors to confirm it. The United Nations has put a budget at my disposal for that.

Youssouf: And if I am asked me about the mass graves where President Gbagbo buried us, what do I say?

Nyang Bensouda: You will say that when he was killing you he was not burying you. You will say that he was sending your bodies to the South, and that is why there was always meat in the South during the post-election crisis, despite the war and embargoes.

Youssouf: You do convince me more and more, madam. I think we can get by. I agree to testify.

Nyang Bensouda: Ahaaaa Youssouf! You cannot imagine how relieved I am. You are the only hope I have now.

Youssouf: I'll do my best.

Nyang Bensouda: This Gbagbo case has hurt us so much. All my masters are in total confusion. I cannot tell you how many meetings they have held, and continue to hold concerning this case. All of them have lost sleep throughout this trial, and all of them now regret having brought Gbagbo to the Hague. That has been a monumental mistake.

Youssouf: But you're exaggerating madam.

Nyang Bensouda: Not at all. Do you know that this case has exposed all that we had as secret? I do not know if there is one of our secrets that has not been revealed. Do you want me to give you some examples?

Youssouf: Why not.

Nyang Bensouda: Until this lawsuit against Gbagbo begins, several people were convinced that it was dramane ouattara who had won the 2010 elections. The Gbagbo trial revealed to the world that ouatttara dramane had not even made it through the first round. Everyone now knows that it was Gbagbo and Bédié who were qualified for the second round. In reality, Dramane Ouattara had not even had half of Bédié's votes. And it was even during the first round that Gbagbo won the elections. But our management software for those elections had manipulated the results. Everything was programmed so that there would absolutely be a second round.

Youssouf: That I know.

Nyang Bensouda: That's not all. People now know that even the 16,000 deaths that are announced are the figures that my masters have chosen to let circulate. In fact, the Ivorian crisis has killed more than 100,000 people, and people know it from now on. All those who follow only our media really believed that the 2010 post-election crisis in Ivory Coast was due to the fact that President Gbagbo had lost the elections and refused to give up his position to Dramane Ouattara. Now everyone knows that it was more of a french coup against President Gbagbo, a coup that had begun since Gbagbo won the 2000 elections to everyone's surprise. There is even a brilliant investigative journalist who has made a book about it.

Youssouf: Are you talking about Charles Onana?

Nyang Bensouda: I realise that you are well informed, Youssouf.

Youssouf: This Gbagbo case interests everyone, madam, including animals and trees.

Nyang Bensouda: Charles Onana made an excellent book entitled "Ivory Coast: The Coup d'Etat", a book prefaced by President Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President. This book confirms very well what I have just told you. You know it's not up to me to advertise a book that exposes my masters and me. If I had the power to ban that book, I would have done so without hesitation.

Our plot was so exposed that even some of Gbagbo's enemies became his friends. All have now realised that he is totally innocent. Everyone now knows that the real President-elect of Ivory Coast is in prison in The Hague, and that the real first lady of Ivory Coast is in prison in Ivory Coast. That does not make my masters comfortable. Feeling so exposed is certainly the last thing they would have wished.

Youssouf: Madam, I must admit that this case of Gbagbo hurts you a lot.

Nyang Bensouda: You can say that again, Youssouf. Far too bad. Let me give you a few more examples:

There is the refusal to recount the votes. This is a true denial of democracy. My masters who like to pretend to be donors of democracy lessons will never recover. The whole world now knows that the word democracy is just a meaningless word. Which true democrat can oppose the recount of votes when an election is contested? The recount of votes is the most democratic way to deal with this kind of problem. It has become impossible for my masters to still stand in front of Africans and talk about democracy without being ashamed. It is with a heavy heart that they use this word now.

There is also the closure of french banks during this post-election crisis as a means of blackmailing Gbagbo. Any African who enjoys all his senses can never put his money in a french bank, since he knows from now on that for nothing france can order her banks in an African country to close their doors and block the money of all their African clients for an indefinite period, without fear or prosecution, compensation or other forms of reparation to pay them.

There is also the place chosen by my masters to proclaim the results of the 2010 election. In no country in the world has such a thing been seen. This is another new fact. The results of the presidential elections of a country being proclaimed at the headquarters of the opposition candidate, that has never happened since the world came into existence, and I am certain that this will never happen again. Why? Because the shame that my masters are still experiencing now will make them never to fall again into the trap of spreading their great idiocy in the eyes of the world in this way. This case was too flagrant.

May God Bless you!


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