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Youssouf: Madam, I agree with you that your masters were of a legendary naivety. Not only did they take it upon themselves to go to Golf Hotel, which was the headquarters of Dramane Ouattara, to proclaim the results of the presidential elections in a sovereign country with well-established institutions, which were functioning perfectly, but after their misdeed, they exfiltrated the hideous Bakayoko, the president of the CEI (Independent Electoral Commission), and took him to Paris where he was housed, exonerated and fed for months, until the coup d’état ended.

Nyang Bensouda: Are you talking about youssouf bakayoko?

Youssouf: It is intentionally that I did not want to use the name Youssouf, Madam. Youssouf bakayoko is a scoundrel. Here is a buccaneer who agrees to reverse the election results, and give drame ouattara winner of an election he largely lost, and remains quiet when they're massacring tens of thousands of his compatriots. During this time, he agrees to go and be treated as a little pasha in Paris. For this villain, this little ephemeral comfort that he was given, is worth more than the lives of more than 100,000 Ivorians and other Africans. It's sad madame, and knowing that this idiot has the same name as me revolts me.

Nyang Bensouda: Let me give you another example, Youssouf. I already told you that what the Gbagbo case did to us, I cannot find real words to express it. And when I talk about this case, I'm not talking just about the purpose of the military coup, I'm talking about the whole process that accompanied it. Another highlight is the naturalisation of dramane ouattara a few days before the presidential elections. We have never seen that anywhere. This is another unprecedented fact.

Youssouf: Madame, finally this Ivorian case will remain in history as the case that has encompassed the greatest number of unpublished facts in the history of humanity. I believe that UNESCO should dwell at length on it, and this case should normally be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. I recommend that the long french military coup in Ivory Coast from 2000 to 2011 be listed as UNESCO World Heritage, well before the french baguette.

It is established that dramane ouattara lived nearly 70 years as Burkinabé, and your masters forced President Gbagbo to naturalise him for the presidential elections, to make him the president of a country which in reality is not his own. This is indeed an unprecedented event.

Nyang Bensouda: There is also the embargo on medicines. This is the icing on the cake. You cannot imagine how this error showed the true face of my masters who like to give the impression of being very concerned about human life. Ivory Coast normally has about 30 million inhabitants. When my masters who advocate everywhere the different rights, including the rights of animals like you, allow themselves to block the medicines in the direction of nearly 30 million people, they are showing the world that they are just vulgar criminals. I think you agree with me that none of them wants to be seen this way.

Youssouf: Absolutely.

Nyang Bensouda: Unfortunately this is how they are seen now. Depriving more than 30 million people of drugs is to achieve what result, if not to kill all these populations who rely on these drugs. A real genocide. And among the people who will be victims of this odious decision, there are elderly people, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, small children, disabled people, etc. From that moment, what rights can my masters still preach to people? The rights of men? Women's rights? Children's rights? The rights of the elderly? The rights of people with disabilities? The rights of the sick? All these different rights have been violated. We do no longer know which way to turn, Youssouf. It’s very complicated for us.

Youssouf: Do not cry, madame. I understand the pain you're in.

Nyang Bensouda: I am sorry, Youssouf, if I could not hold back my tears. Just this case of medicine embargo alone is enough to totally destroy us and put several pharmaceutical firms of my masters out of business if Africans choose to behave like people with brains. Which African with all his senses can still count on drugs from the West? And which African country worthy of the name can still count on imported medicines, especially from the West?

Any African whose brain is still functioning well, now knows that the drugs manufactured in the West are an instrument of domination and enslavement in the hands of my masters. True Africans now know that Westerners can block medicine at any time towards Africa, and leave tens of millions of Africans to die without any embarrassment. Africans who think will certainly run away from these imported drugs, and seek to heal themselves differently.

The same applies to African leaders. All African leaders with all their mental and intellectual abilities now know that relying on medicines made in the West is synonymous with exposing African people to possible blackmail worthy of spoiled children. They discovered through this abominable decision, what my masters really are. Responsible and conscientious leaders, if they exist on the African continent, must bring together all their experts and researchers in natural medicine and other alternative medicines, to quickly find solutions to treat their patients without relying anymore on imported medicines whose delivery can be blocked at any time, even for the most childish and ignoble reasons.

Do you imagine, Youssouf, that African leaders be mentally healthy and balanced people, and take the kinds of decisions I have just mentioned, what will become of the pharmaceutical firms of my masters? You understand why I cannot hold back my tears. Do you know that Africa officially has a population of one billion 300 million people currently. You know that the official figures are still very low compared to the real numbers. We are talking about a population of at least 2 billion people, 2 billion potential customers. It is Africa which constitutes the largest clientele of the pharmaceutical firms of my masters. Imagine more than 2 billion customers who overnight stop using drugs manufactured in the West. This would be a disaster. This is what would normally happen if the African leaders were not lackeys of my masters.

Even if it has not happened yet, my masters fear such a scenario. They say to themselves that if the new generation of Africans examine this situation with lucidity, they will revolt against the passive complicity of their leaders, will revolt against my masters, and will boycott all the french products without exception. And that will be the end of Western domination over Africa. This problem is very delicate, and I simply pray that Africans stay in their usual sleep, and that none of them even realise that any problem exists. If young Africans were a little aware of the reality and the seriousness of this situation, a revolution would be inevitable. And that's not all, Youssouf. Do you know that in the West my masters even defend the rights of the dead?

Youssouf: What do you mean, Madame?

Nyang Bensouda: Every time a sepulchre is desecrated in Europe, they make it a problem so serious that they order the police to investigate. And offenders are usually punished severely when they are caught. If Africans learn this, they will certainly realise that in the West the dead are worth more than the living in Africa. Can you see the gravity? While my masters protect the rights of the dead in the West to the point of severely punishing those who dare to disrupt these rights, they flout the rights of the living in Africa to the point of ordering the genocide of more than 30 million Africans unscrupulously. By this, they confirm that Africans are worthless. They confirm that men in Africa are less valuable than Western animals, and that living people in Africa are less valuable than Western dead. Imagine what the reaction of Africans will be when they realise this. I pray with all my heart that they never realise it.

Youssouf: You better put together a solid prayer group for such a prayer, Madame.

Nyang Bensouda: Looking only at the food section for dogs and cats in supermarkets in the West, you would faint, Youssouf; especially when you know the fate that is reserved for men in Africa by my masters and their valets who occupy several presidential seats in Africa.

Youssouf: I also learned, madam, that in the West the cemeteries are better built than the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Africa, with all the alleys paved and well traced, and the roads inside well tarred; while in Africa, you will not find any totally asphalted city, not even the capitals. This means that while Westerners are plundering Africa and turning African cities into slums, including African capitals, they are building their cemeteries in ways that make people in the most prestigious districts of sub-Saharan Africa jealous. I am sure, madam, that had it not been for the fear of the ghosts and all the evil spirits who operate in the cemeteries, many Africans would choose to settle in these beautiful western cemeteries.

Nyang Bensouda: You are right, Youssouf. Imagine what will be the reaction of Africans when they realise all this. I pray with all my heart that they never realise it.

Youssouf: I understand you madam, and I understand very well now. Do you know that several hundred people died because of this drug embargo?

Nyang Bensouda: I do know.

Youssouf: When your masters are ready to lock up President Gbagbo at the ICC for life for the virtual assassination of a hundred people, while they themselves actually murdered more than 100,000 people by their arms, and were still actually ready to murder an additional 30 million people by the drug embargo, it is necessary to ask oneself if one does not walk on one’s head.

Nyang Bensouda: What do you want me to say, Youssouf?

Youssouf: Permit me come back to a statement that you made a moment ago. You said that in fact the Ivorian crisis has claimed more than 100,000 lives. This confirms the predictions of dominique claudine nouvian folloroux-ouattara, the wife of dramane ouattara. Several media have published that she had sworn that even if there were to be 100,000 dead, dramane and her would take power in Ivory Coast. Her prediction is remarkably true. Is this woman not a prophetess by chance? In my humble opinion, Christian churches that do not yet have prophetesses should appeal to her. But the only thing that could possibly dampen the enthusiasm of those churches that could be interested in her is the list of names that the media have given her. Some have called her "bloodthirsty harpy", others "dangerous whore", and others "fatal woman". These titles will not make her very attractive to these churches despite her powerful prophecy ministry and her predictions in the like of Nostradamus.

Nyang Bensouda: Being from their side I cannot comment too much on what you just said. But I still want to warn you. Do not forget that you are still in Ivory Coast. Do not forget yourself and repeat in front of people there all these qualifiers that the media have given to dramane’s wife, otherwise you may find yourself at the Maca never to come out again. I hope you followed the case of the Unionist Mahan Gahé Basile and others who like him made a trip with no return to Maca. Political prisoners are so tortured that either, they die in prison, or, they come out to die some time later. The case of Minister Jean-Jacques Béchio is still very fresh in your minds. You know that I rely on you; I still need you, and I want you alive. And do not forget that if dramane kills you, you have lost everything, since his crimes will never be investigated or punished. I am very well placed to tell you that.

Youssouf: It is understood, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: I cannot tell you everything that Gbagbo's case did to us. Many of my masters bitterly regret having interfered with this case. Some confessed that if they had for a moment imagined that this case would have such results, they would never have embarked on it.

Youssouf: But madam, they still managed to loot Ivory Coast. They have been looting this country for more than 15 years. They literally steal everything. Since 2002 with the rebellion created from scratch by them and led by scoundrels like Soro Guillaume and his band, your masters have well enriched themselves on the back of Ivory Coast. And since they murdered President Gbagbo, sorry, since they failed to assassinate President Gbagbo and took him hostage, they are plundering everything, without anyone saying anything. How can you say they regret this case?

Nyang Bensouda: You do not understand Youssouf. You'd better be careful when you go to court. This kind of slip of the tongue you just made when talking about Gbagbo's assassination, do not do that in court. Otherwise it will be a disaster. Now back to your question. I agree with you that they quite blithely looted the entire north of Ivory Coast after cutting the country into two and leaving the northern part to dramane ouattara’s rebellion led by soro, and that they are looting the country freely since they overthrew Gbagbo. But their image is totally destroyed. They would have preferred to loot less than what they looted, but to maintain the image of civilised people. At present, they are seen all over the world as mere brutes, as petty criminals, and as vulgar barbarians. That does not please them.

Youssouf: I understand.

Nyang Bensouda: Yessss. This Gbagbo case hurts us a lot. I have not even spoken to you about the ICC. African presidents have repeatedly threatened to leave the ICC. Fortunately for us they are mostly cowards, real cowards. Otherwise, I will already be unemployed. Only the courageous Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi, was able to match words with deeds.

Youssouf: You seem to have admiration for him.

Nyang Bensouda: Yes of course. This is a man in the true sense of the word. A man who knows how to keep to his word and who does not let himself be frightened by the kind of scarecrow that my masters shake very often. And it's not just me who admires him. My masters too were surprised by his determination. They say among themselves that if these "cowards and useless" African presidents had the same courage as their small counterpart of Burundi, things would have already changed in Africa, and the ICC would already be closed. When I talk about a small counterpart here, I'm talking about the size of his country. This is a courageous president, who has personality. Fortunately for us, they are not many. The other brave one was his counterpart from Gambia, President Yahya Jammeh who by the way was the president of my country. But my masters were able to drive him out of power with the help of their vassals Macky Sall and dramane ouattara.

And france has more to lose in all this than everyone else. Take the case of the Orange mobile operator. It was established that during the Ivorian crisis, Gbagbo's people were being spied on by Orange, and that all their phone calls were intercepted at the request of france. What serious African can still use the Orange phone operator knowing that it is actually a strong weapon of the french spying system in Africa, and maybe even around the world? If Africans were conscientious people, they would all have abandoned this operator in order to protect their privacy. If Africans choose to behave as responsible and respectable people, each of them will abandon Orange, and this operator will cease to operate throughout Africa. Here again I pray that Africans should still be careless as they have always been. So you see, although we have looted Ivory Coast as you say, we are losing Gbagbo's case. My masters all dread what the future holds for them in Africa. Although Africans are recognised as eternal slaves, my masters fear that the new generation will wake up and choose to refuse slavery.

I have not even mentioned the case of our NGOs. If our great concern does not seem justified to you, it's just because Africans are really amorphous. Look at the role our NGOs played during this crisis. If the Africans were really serious, none of these Western NGOs would be left on the African continent, because no serious country can accept on its soil NGOs which are in fact active cells of the espionage and counter espionage of the other countries. But luckily for us, Africans do not even seem to find in this a problem. But we do not know how long it will last, especially that, for some time now, some people are waking up and are making their voices heard on the pan-African television channel Afrique Media. My masters even tried everything to shut down this TV station, without much success for the moment. I hope that we will succeed, but I am afraid we may not succeed.

May God bless you!


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