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Nyang Bensouda: I would not even want to mention the case of the french company Sagem, paid at the cost of billions by Ivory Coast, for the management of these Ivorian elections. Sagem was imposed by france on Gbagbo, as the company that was supposed to ensure the technical management of the vote. In reality, the mission of Sagem was to do everything possible to have a second round, because the french after serious investigations were convinced that Gbagbo would win the elections in the first round. The french also knew that with the pressing unpopularity of dramane ouattara, they could not dare a manipulation giving ouattara winner in the first round. They knew that with a second round, they would put pressure on bédié whom they grabbed by the testicles, and justify their coup by the fact that bédié would have allied with ouattara, and the whole world would be convinced that the two would be able to win against Gbagbo. That is the game that was planned, and that's the mission that was assigned to the french company Sagem. And Sagem did its job well. As a result, blood has flowed in Ivory Coast, and continues to flow.

With this, what serious African country can still entrust the management of anything to a french company while knowing that french companies, whatever they may be, are in fact powerful tools of the french spying system in Africa? If Africans become conscientious, no french company will ever be able to win any business contract in Africa. That's what my french masters, Youssouf, are risking. I hope you will now understand the depth of our concern. If this case of Gbagbo opens the eyes of Africans who until then were blind, I am sure that my french masters will be driven out of Africa. Hence my recourse to prayer, Youssouf, so that Africans remain blind.

If I want to give you examples, we will never end. The case of Gbagbo has put us in so much trouble that we will never be able to recover from it. So, as far as his trial is concerned, it only takes an animal like you to still succeed in stopping my programmed failure, and to limit the shame that has already enveloped me like a garment. I am sure that my masters to try any coup again in Africa or even to sue any worthy African, will think twice. They do not want to relive this kind of nightmare. The case of Gbagbo was a monumental mistake for them. There is so much to say that if I want to explain everything to you, I will make a book of several volumes. There are so many cases, Youssouf.

Youssouf: That's what I see madam. There is even another flagrant and truly pathetic case that you have forgotten. It is about the childish and grotesque blunder that your American masters had committed. As soon as they chose to come to the aid of the french for their coup against President Gbagbo, the poor Obama and the two witches who surrounded him, hillary rodham clinton and susan rice had encouraged President Gbagbo to give up the mandate that the Ivorian people had just entrusted to him, in exchange for a teaching job at the University of Boston in the United States.

Nyang Bensouda: I do not see where the problem is, Youssouf.

Youssouf: I'm coming, madam. Here is the problem: Barack Obama and his two vipers hillary clinton and susan rice are among those who were singing on the rooftops that President Gbagbo was guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and so on. And they were continuously broadcasting these bulks of incantations against President Gbagbo on all their media. These ignorant who think they are intelligent had forgotten that they were offering a university teaching job to a genocidal assassin. In their imbecility, they had demonstrated to the world that the real punishment that should be reserved for war criminals, criminals against humanity, and the genocidals, was to grant them a noble teaching position at the Boston University in the United States. That is stupidity at its height, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: I understand now, Youssouf. I must admit that I had not pushed the analysis that far. You surprise me, Youssouf. I did not know that animals were that intelligent.

Youssouf: They are madam, as you can see. And sometimes they are more intelligent than some men. Do not forget that intelligence comes from God. The God who created men is the same who created us, and gave everyone a minimum of intelligence.

With the reasoning of your American masters, who would not wish to become a war criminal, criminal against humanity, and genocidal, madam? Now that I understand that even me, a simple animal, can get a teaching job at Boston University in the United States, just by becoming a war criminal and genocidal, should I not think about it, madam? And now that I know that American university teachers are just a bunch of war criminals and genocidal for most of them, I will never again advise Africans to enrol their children in these universities.

Nyang Bensouda: I will not despise animals again for their supposed lack of intelligence, Youssouf. I am very impressed by your great wisdom and your great intelligence.

Youssouf: It is already wrong that you were despising us, madam. I do not want to boast, otherwise I would give you several examples proving that we animals are sometimes more intelligent than men.

Nyang Bensouda: Give me another example, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Madam, me, a bull, will never dare, I mean never, mate with another bull. And no heifer or cow, even if his brains were not functioning normally, would ever go to another heifer or cow for some mating. Yet that's what you do, you men, to the point of erecting that as a norm. You are scandalising us, madam, you human beings.

Nyang Bensouda: Let's change the topic, Youssouf.

Youssouf: You asked for another example, madam. Why do you want to run away from this topic? Let me tell you more. The puppet david cameron, former prime minister of Great Britain had in his madness imposed on Africans to adopt homosexuality, while threatening to stop all aid to Africa, if his orders were not respected. The reaction of President Mugabe, that other worthy son of Africa, was almost immediate. He first told Cameron in response that homosexuals were dogs, and he later rectified his first statement by saying that calling homosexual dogs was an insult to dogs, and even a great injustice to them since dogs are sufficiently sane to distinguish between a male and a female. That's the sad reality, madam. If animals, even in their extreme madness, can never engage in the kind of abomination which you, so-called intelligent men, throw yourselves, it means there is a problem, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: Uh!

Youssouf: I had read an article in which the author said that those who run this world are mentally ill. He was right! How else to explain this level of reasoning of a so-called educated and intelligent man, and what's more prime minister of a great nation like Great Britain. A man must have the highest degree of schizophrenia to believe that the lives of 2 billion Africans depend on his so-called aid, and that the survival of 54 countries depends on his "magnanimity". It's a pity, Madame. If the world is managed by this kind of scoundrels, then we can better understand what is happening therein. I now understand better this man of God who explained that the leaders of this world are not normal men, but rather a band of reptilians, demons in flesh sent by lucifer to destroy the world.

Nyang Bensouda: Even if what you say makes me ashamed, it's all the same relevant, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Absolutely, madam. This is all the more relevant that it becomes imperative to sound the alarm. The former french President, francois hollande, has even had the effrontery to boast of having sodomized and gomorrhized france, by calling for a vote on what he has unscrupulously called "Marriage for All". A way of telling us that in their world, that is the harebrained world, everything can mate with everything. It's just mind-boggling. What this individual found positive in his reign as president of the french republic is to have turned his country into Sodom and Gomorrah. To make matters worse, he is proud of himself. Yes, he is boasting about it. This is the only feat he has achieved during his five-year term.

Nyang Bensouda: Why don't we change the subject now, Youssouf?

Youssouf: With pleasure, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: I was giving you some examples of the damage that Gbagbo's case has caused us. Let me give you another one. It is that of Guy-André Kieffer, this French-Canadian journalist kidnapped and allegedly murdered by Gbagbo's wife. Before Gbagbo's trial everyone had believed the official version, the one our media distilled. Yet now, everyone knows that it is france with dramane ouattara who planned and executed the disappearance and the assassination of Guy-André Kieffer to accuse Gbagbo.

Youssouf: Yes madam, I also learned about it. I even heard that dramane ouattara sent his secret agents to Ghana to assassinate a witness to the case who pledged to unveil everything and help the investigators find even the corpse of the journalist.

Nyang Bensouda: So you can imagine the embarrassment of my masters when all these plots are laid bare. With that, nobody will give any credit to the other accusations of my masters against anyone. This case of Gbagbo has discredited them so much. Look at the case of french soldiers killed at Bouake. Everyone knows now that it is france under chirac who planned and executed all that, and that Gbagbo had nothing to do with that. That is the reason why no investigations have been carried out to date.

Youssouf: It's really terrible, madam. Yet it is on the basis of this grotesque lie that all the military aircraft of a country like Ivory Coast were destroyed, with the complicity of the UN. The witch michele alliot-marie, who blatantly organized the escape of the Belarusian pilots who flew the aircraft involved in the so-called bombing of french soldiers in Bouaké, is still at large, despite the evidence of her crimes. Since the real version of this plot was brought to light, the UN has not said anything; it has not asked for an international investigation; it has not pronounced any condemnation. The UN, which never hesitates to meet urgently to condemn the accidental death abroad of a dog, a cat or any other animal belonging to a Westerner, and which is always quick to ask for international investigations when a Westerner dies in Africa, has remained impassive to this day. But by the way, who will pay for all those aircraft that france had destroyed, madam?

Nyang Bensouda: I'm not an Ivorian, Youssouf. It will be up to Ivorians to manage the issue.

Youssouf: Madam, earlier you said you would come back to the case of UNOCI.

Nyang Bensouda: Yes Youssouf, let's come back to that. The destruction by UNOCI of all its documents related to the management of the Ivorian crisis was another big mistake on the part of my masters. These documents were so compromising that my masters could not afford to keep them, but destroying them, and destroying them so early, proved to the world that there was nothing true in the version of france and the UN. Every man, even the most ignorant in the world, understood that france and the UN had everything to hide. You will never see normal people, who do not reproach themselves of anything, take upon themselves to destroy extremely important documents. If you see a person involved in a case consciously destroying documents of great importance, you can only explain his actions in two ways: either he is guilty and has the interest in destroying the evidence, or he is mentally unbalanced. Now it takes more than the most dishonest man in the world or the silliest man in the world, to believe what france and the UN have said about the Ivorian crisis. You will never see honest and mentally balanced people, taking upon themselves to destroy documents of such importance regarding an unfinished event. Everyone knows that this Ivorian crisis of 2010 is not yet resolved; the evidence is that the president of this 2010 elections is still in prison at the ICC with one of his ministers, and the first lady of this country is still in prison following the crisis, and hundreds of political detainees are still in prison, following the same crisis. What can therefore justify the destruction of the documents of a case that we are still managing? So understand Youssouf, that I am more than aware that my masters have exposed their baseness, their naivety, and their smallness in the management of this Ivorian case, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Youssouf: Madam, what revolts me the most in all this is the massacre of thousands of Ivorian students. Do you know that the thousands of patriots that france and the United Nations massacred were mostly students? Everyone knows that students of any country are the future of that country. It is therefore the whole future of Ivory Coast and even of Africa that france with the help of the UN massacred in this way. With that are you not ashamed to speak of international justice, madam? If at least you were currently at the ICC trying france and the UN, we would understand it. Your fellow judges are instead trying the survivors of the massacre of your masters, and you are trying very hard to convict the survivors of the massacre of your masters. Is it not pathetic, madam? The UN has clearly demonstrated to the world that it is a mission of creation and maintenance of war and not a peacekeeping mission as it likes to declare it in its hypocrisy.

Nyang Bensouda: I am speechless, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Going into a country and massacring without any embarrassment, and with impunity thousands of students as your masters did in Ivory Coast, it is an unprecedented fact. And it is only in Africa that such a thing is possible. Unfortunately no one takes action; neither African leaders, nor African civil society, nor African intellectuals, nor African youth. It's terrible! We even saw some so-called African intellectual idiots who supported such an abomination. A president like Barack Obama, whom many Africans had appreciated, was not ashamed to condone such genocide. This thug did not hesitate to describe thousands of Ivorian students as thugs, and let them be massacred. He forgets that if he had been murdered while he was a student, he would never have become the President of the United States.

In addition madam, your masters, to prove that they are only mentally ill people, still have the nerve to speak of human rights. Bloodthirsty people who can decimate thousands of students heartlessly should never again talk about human rights, if they are in full possession of their mental and intellectual faculties. You will agree with me that if there were some consistency in this world, your masters would all have been in psychiatric hospitals. But there is still an important element that Africans must understand now. Whenever your monsters of masters talk about human rights, Africans must understand that these people are talking about the rights of Westerners, and that these rights do not in any way concern Africans, because Africans for these demons have no value, and represent nothing. That's why they can be killed in their thousands and tens of thousands without any embarrassment, and without being accountable to anyone, and without anyone batting an eyelid. Take for example what is happening right now in the Central African Republic, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to name but two. The minerals that your masters are plundering, have more value in their eyes than the millions of Africans they slaughter to accomplish their ends. I hope Africans will wake up and get up this time.

Nyang Bensouda: I do not wish for that, Youssouf. You know that if Africans wake up and get up as you hope, it's not just my masters who will suffer. People like me and all those who like me have chosen to betray their continent, will be driven out of Africa. And you know that we are many, Youssouf. In addition to those we have already mentioned, there are people like henri konan bédié and his band, blaise compaoré and his band, goodluck jonathan alias badluck jonathan and his band, abdoulaye wade and company, and all the other vassal presidents of france who took part in this coup d’état against Ivory Coast, not to mention other coups d'état in Africa since the wars of independence. Our masters and us are praying every day that Africa should never rebel.

Youssouf: You will be happy if your prayers are answered. But woe to you if otherwise. Nevertheless, you are lucky that I am just an animal, madam. If I were a man, I would mobilise all African youth for the ultimate liberation of Africa.

Nyang Bensouda: Do not repeat that aloud, Youssouf, please. If conscious young Africans hear you, they can take advantage of your idea.

Youssouf: Madam, a while ago you mentioned the name of bédié. That's another strange character. This man is indescribably villainous. He was the one who chased dramane ouattara from Ivory Coast because he was a Burkinabé, and it is he who still allied with this same Burkinabé to let tens of thousands of Ivorians be massacred by france and his rebels. Nobody understands what is going on in this man's head. Some Africans now prefer to call him conard bédié.

May God bless you!


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