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Nyang Bensouda: Did he have any choice, Youssouf? You cannot imagine the degree of blackmail that my masters have done to him. You know he stole a lot of money that he stored in the banks of my masters. They threatened to confiscate all this and all his belongings if he chose not to cooperate. You only have to see the results of the first round elections. Bédié knew very well that in spite of the manipulations of the results by the french company Sagem, so that Gbagbo should not be elected in the first round, it was him bédié who was second. But we changed the results to let ouattara second, so that the coup d'état succeeds. You remember that bédié had even contested these results, but my masters had to smother him unceremoniously, and he kept his trap shut.

Youssouf: His money and his goods that vultures wanted to seize, are they worth the lives of 100,000 Ivorians and Africans, madam?

Nyang Bensouda: Youssouf, you know that if I have to condemn bédié, I must begin by condemning myself.

Youssouf: Madam, whether it's this motherfucker bédié as some call it, or you and your other companions who like you prefer personal wealth at the cost of the lives of millions of Africans, I have some questions to ask you: How many years do you still have to live on this earth? Do you think of leaving this earth with all these goods for which you allow millions of Africans to be slaughtered? Do you think for a moment what history will remember of you? Do you think about the historical legacy you will leave to your descendants?

Nyang Bensouda: (Sighs)

Youssouf: There is even another joker that we thought was lucid. He supported the coup against President Gbagbo, and backed the massacre of thousands of Ivorians. After that, in the 2015 elections, he believed in his naivety that your masters, who placed the accursed ouattara at the head of Ivory Coast after the massacre of more than 100,000 Africans, could allow a real election. He became a candidate to the point of dreaming. For that, he thought he could take Ivorians for idiots, and began to promise them that if he won, he would go and take President Gbagbo out of prison. It was just funny. These are the kind of people who make your masters believe that an African is stupid.

Nyang Bensouda: Who are you talking about, Youssouf?

Youssouf: That joker of Kouadio Konan Bertin.

Nyang Bensouda: This person does not represent anything in the eyes of my masters.

Youssouf: Let's come back a little bit on the UN, madam. How do you explain the fact that Africans remain members of the United Nations knowing that this organisation has only been working against them since its creation?

Nyang Bensouda: Do not forget that I work for the UN, Youssouf. It is not from me that you should expect an objective answer to such a question.

Youssouf: And precisely, madam, I wanted to ask you how you managed to accept to work for a mafia organisation like the UN. An organisation supposedly created for peace, but which is behind all the wars ravaging the world?

Nyang Bensouda: Let's change the topic, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Gladly, madam. You told me earlier that all your witnesses have failed because it is impossible to prove a lie. How will I prove mine then?

Nyang Bensouda:Your case is different, Youssouf. You are an animal, not a man. People will not have the same look on you. At least that's what I think. In any case, I am desperate. I have to do something. Gbagbo must be sentenced.

Youssouf: That's understood. I'll do my best. I will help you win. I just thought of a real strategy that I will use to make you win. I prefer not to disclose that now. You know that walls often have ears. In any case, I promise you victory.

Nyang Bensouda: AhaaaYoussouf, what a relief! Thank you Youssouf, thank you very much. You give me joy again, and I'll have some sleep tonight. I do not dare tell you how many millions my masters will give you. Also know that we will confiscate the villa of one of the pro-Gbagbos to give you.

Youssouf: Ahaaa thank you madam, thank you.

Nyang Bensouda: See you then at the court.

Youssouf: Madam, wait a minute. I feel totally guilty of having made that promise. I'm not sure to come to court anymore.

Nyang Bensouda: What happened again?

Youssouf: When I think of all that you and your masters have done to this man, I rather pity him, and I cannot see myself testifying against him. Do you realise that this innocent man has suffered all the unimaginable evils from your hands? You just told me that dramane ouattara did not even have half of the votes of bédié in the first round of 2010 elections, because he is such an unpopular man in Ivory Coast that he can never exceed 5% of the votes in that country without using fraud. But when I see how you treated President Gbagbo, how you humiliated him, what you did to him with his family, frankly speaking, I shiver. I find it really cruel on your part.

Nyang Bensouda: Do not take that position, Youssouf.

Youssouf: And again, madam, as if your cruelty towards him was not enough, his dear mother dies after a long exile, and you do not even give him the opportunity to bury her. Think about it, madam. Think about it for a minute! But what cruelty! Are your masters human, madam? President Gbagbo was not even allowed to see the body of his loving mother. Do you find this fair, madam? What did your masters and you do with your conscience? If at least President Gbagbo were guilty, we would understand with less difficulty your cruelty to him. But he is innocent, totally innocent. He is so innocent that it is by counting on an animal like me that you hope to find a plausible witness against him. Your numerous crimes against him and against Ivory Coast are so great. Are you really sure that worthy Africans will forgive you for that kind of cruelty, madam? If President Gbagbo himself chooses to forgive all of this because he seems to be the kind of person who forgives everything even without thinking, I very much doubt if the worthy Africa will forgive you for that, and I am almost convinced that history will never forgive you.

Nyang Bensouda: What then do you want me to do, Youssouf?

Youssouf: Madam, I just wonder where you got the courage to try to convict an innocent man like President Gbagbo with all the proofs of his innocence that you hold. I understand why you cannot sleep, madam. If you had a conscience, I am sure that you would have already abandoned this case against President Gbagbo.

Nyang Bensouda: But Youssouf, you cannot imagine the huge pressure that I suffer in the hands of my masters.

Youssouf: I know it, madam. I had followed your statements published by a South African newspaper that confirmed what you just told me. These statements said I quote: "There is nothing serious against Gbagbo, I am under pressure from france, I cannot do anything about it." But madam, at a certain level, you should know how to say no. Do you imagine what you are doing to President Gbagbo? He was humiliated as no president has ever been, all of this unfairly. His wife Simone Gbagbo to this day is still being tortured, and she is dying because of the torture, all of this unfairly. She is the true first lady of Ivory Coast. You know very well how she was humiliated in the face of the whole world, all unfairly. You also know the kind of inhuman and degrading treatment she received secretly in the dramane ouattara’s jail. And you dare to say that you cannot do anything about it, madam? As a woman yourself, how can you condone and endorse what first lady Simone Gbagbo has been through? The choice you made to sell your soul to the devil and to crucify your conscience is really a very bad choice.

I even heard about an article in which you were accused of being a prostitute. At first, I thought you had left your husband to go with another man. It was later that I realised that the author of this article was not talking about physical prostitution. I cannot repeat before you some of the terms that worthy Africans have used against you. These terms are so disgusting. This story is known around the world. You are now making history as the most corrupt prosecutor of all time, like the slave that Westerners have used to subdue other Africans, and as a greedy vampire who for 2 million dollars is willing to sacrifice 2 billion Africans. Is that really the way you want history to remember you, madam? Are you ready to carry that kind of burden forever on your conscience, madam?

Nyang Bensouda: Youssouf, to tell you the truth, you are embarrassing me.

Youssouf: It’s serious madam. Think about it. Recently when the news came out saying that you had lost your son in the United States, people rejoiced on social networks. Do you imagine for a while what that represents, madam? You yourself know that no normal man can rejoice at the death of another man. But some really normal Africans could not help but rejoice at the death of your son. Some people have wondered why anyone should be sorry for the fate of your thug and bad son, when you support the killing of tens of thousands of well-behaved children of others. You now have the whole dignified Africa on your back, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: You know Youssouf, when you have signed a pact with the devil, it is often almost impossible to backtrack. I am stuck. And again, I've already gone too far to think of backing out.

Youssouf: Why then do people say that it's never too late to pull oneself together, and that there are only imbeciles who do not correct themselves, madam?

Nyang Bensouda: I must certainly be one of those fools, Youssouf.

Youssouf: In this case, madam, know that it is against my will that I will be at the court. I know that if I refuse to testify against President Gbagbo, I will end up on the plates in the next few days.

Nyang Bensouda: Do not say that Youssouf. There are people who refused to testify, and who are still alive.

Youssouf: Yes madam, you say they are still alive. But for how long? There are also some like Sam l’Africain who on their return from the court found themselves in prison.

Nyang Bensouda: That will not be your case Youssouf. I give you my word.

Youssouf: Okay madam, I'll come.

Nyang Bensouda: Once again, thank you Yousouf.

Youssouf: One last word, madam. I would like to admit that your masters are not just common terrorists and idiots, they are also clever strategists, really inventors of evil. How could they turn Pascal Affi N'Guessan against President Gbagbo and against the Ivorian people?

Nyang Bensouda: Pascal affi n'guessan is no different from me, Youssouf. He is basically selfish and extraordinarily egocentric. His belly comes first, and his own interests take precedence over all other interests. With the millions that have been given to him, by dangling the prospect of Ivorian presidency in front of him, he has forgotten patriotism, he has forgotten faithfulness and loyalty.

Youssouf: At one point one had thought that he was a real ally of President Gbagbo, and a true Ivorian patriot. Nobody could imagine that he was another rascal of the gang of scoundrels like soro guillaume, hamed bakayoko, and others.

Nyang Bensouda: Do not forget Youssouf, that it’s in the presence of a game that one can distinguish what between the deer and the hyena is carnivorous. Affi n'guessan is not the only one. There is the freebooter alcide djédjé, and all the other pathetic corrupt traitors who were in Gbagbo's government, as well as all those who gravitated around Gbagbo, but who are now in what is called the "FPI of affi n'guessan".

Youssouf: That's what I see, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: Why do you call my masters common terrorists and idiots?

Youssouf: What are they, madam? How do you call what they did in Ivory Coast? And how do you call what they did in Libya? Are there more great terrorists in this world than your masters, madam? In their idiocy, they take others for idiots. It's not the others who are fools, madam, they're the ones. We animals are not so stupid. It is not because they are used to calling their victims terrorists and have made this false accusation their favourite chorus that we will eventually believe them, madam. Your masters are pitiful pathological liars. They lie like toddlers in need of inspiration. Who can still believe in one thing that these schizophrenics say, madam? If I want to enumerate the various lies, including the most crude and the most childish they conveyed during their military coup in Ivory Coast, we will not finish. There is nothing true in all the statements they made about Ivory Coast. If you want me to give you proof that your masters are mentally unbalanced, we will make another appointment.

In the meantime, I advise all worthy daughters and sons of Africa, to stop drinking from misinformation that official media distil by the international criminality abusively called the international community. If you want to get the real information, run away from all these lies. Whenever these lies-telling media give information, know that the opposite of this information is true.

Nyang Bensouda: I have understood, Yousouf.

Youssouf: Evidence of the many crimes and other atrocities of dramane ouattara and guillaume soro’s rebels are everywhere, you do not need to look for them to find them. But you have not started any lawsuit against them yet. President Gbagbo who has committed no crime, because you cannot find any evidence seven years after his assassination, he is still the one undergoing what a little civilized people can never impose on an innocent man. All Africans will understand from this Gbagbo case that your french masters are vulgar criminals, fundamentally barbarians and bloodthirsty innate, and they have never been civilized. They are also the worst set of barbarians on the planet.

Nyang Bensouda: Unfortunately, I am unable to say the opposite, Youssouf. But I do not want you to talk about the assassination of Gbagbo anymore. Talk at least about his failed assassination, please.

Youssouf: Madam, failed or not failed, the tons of bombs that your barbarian masters had dumped on the residence still inhabited by President Gbagbo, were not to miss him. So you should not run away from the term President's assassination. The proof is that the poor man is still in the grave that you reserved for him in the Netherlands, waiting for him to die completely, and that you send his body back to Ivory Coast, to organise hypocritically pompous funerals, telling whoever wants to hear you, that President Gbagbo was a great man. And his wife, the real first lady of Ivory Coast, Simone Gbagbo, is still in the grave that you reserved for her in a cell in Ivory Coast, although having already been acquitted for more than one year of crime against humanity and war crime, by Ivorian justice in command. The criminal dramane ouattara and the shabby sarkozy have vowed never to see her come out of this tomb alive. And since at the moment they are gods, their will constitute orders. But fortunately, no more for a long time.

May God bless you!


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