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Nyang Bensouda: I did not know that you were so angry against my french masters, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Already, it is not only against your barbarians of french masters that I am angry, madam. It is also against you and against other house slaves like you, that is to say those idiots who for a small favour are ready to sell all their brothers, and who are over-the-moon excited when they are tolerated in the presence of their masters. This is the case of greedy like abdou diouf and company. In addition, it is not only me who is angry against your assassins of french masters; it is in fact all worthy Africans and other friends of Africa who are in this position. So, your criminal masters would do well to put an end to their madness while there is still time. Madam, go and tell your barbarians of french masters, that they were not the ones who created Africans, and therefore they should not take Africans for their creatures. Africans have never been their creatures, and never will be. Remind these barbaric assassins that everything has an end, and that their inhuman and degrading treatment of Africans must come to an end, and that end has come.

Nyang Bensouda: Everything you say worries me, Youssouf. And you know that like any good selfish person, I care more about my fate than my masters. If I defend the fate of my masters with such enthusiasm, it is because my own fate is linked to theirs. If my barbarians and assassins masters as you call them, stop looting Africa, where will they get the millions of dollars they will pay me as a tip, as salary and other benefits, and even as expenses of corruption from?

Youssouf: I have understood, madam, that you must live in luxury, and that your continent must be the dump of all the oddities of the world. Your barbaric assassins of masters must transform Africa into a field of experimentation of everything. All new drugs and vaccines must be tested on Africans. All new bombs must be experimented on Africans. All the new bacteriological weapons, it is on the Africans that one must experiment them. All the new poisons, it is on Africans that one must experiment them. African orphans must be kidnapped by cunning to serve as guinea pigs for your barbarous assassins of masters.

Which of the African nationalist presidents did your barbarian assassins of masters not murder, madam? Where is Patrice Lumumba? Where is Sylvanus Olympio? Where is Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara? And which of the Patriotic African Leaders did your barbarian assassins of masters not murder? Where is Ruben Um Nyobé? Where is Félix-Roland Moumié? Where is Ernest Ouandié? To quote only those. And do your masters really expect worthy Africans to applaud, madam? It's time that we all got up in Africa, Men and Women, Pets and Wild Animals, and even Trees and all the vegetation, to put an end to the savage barbarism of your barbarian assassins of masters who do not only plunder the continent, but enjoy killing millions and tens of millions of people.

Nyang Bensouda: (Sighs)

Youssouf: Is there a single African in this world that your french masters can still convince, madam? This french genocide that began in 2002 and reached its peak in 2010 and 2011 in Ivory Coast, resulting in the massacre of more than 100,000 Africans, confirmed to every sane African that the worst enemy of Africa is france. Only African idiots continue to believe otherwise.

Nyang Bensouda: I myself know it, Youssouf. But it is thanks to france that I have been promoted prosecutor to the ICC. Do not forget it.

Youssouf: Madam, I can swear, to you and your masters that if your corrupt justice cannot judge you, because it will never judge you, the justice of nature will judge you, and none of you will escape it.

Nyang Bensouda: My french masters seriously fear a revolt of the new African youth. And what I can tell you with almost divine certainty is that if this Gbagbo case does not awake Africans, no other case will awake them.

Youssouf: You're right, madam. This Gbagbo case is the one that should create in the heart of every normal African, the anger necessary to produce the revolution that will end in the total deliverance of Africa. If Africans do not get their total liberation after this case, they will never get it again.

Nyang Bensouda: I am filled with anxiety, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Madam, since you seem very worried about a possible awakening of young Africans that could push them to revolt and drive your masters out of Africa, I have a little anecdote to to share with you.

Nyang Bensouda: Go ahead,Youssouf.

Youssouf: This concerns information about the real first lady of Ivory Coast. The pan-African television channel Afrique Media has a show called, unless I'm mistaken, Pan-African Merit of the first ladies. They will forgive me if the name is not correct. During this interactive show, they ask Africans from all over the world to vote for the first lady of their choice. They scroll through the pictures of the first African ladies throughout the show. Many Africans call and vote for the First Lady Simone Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, although her photo is not displayed. This is a real confirmation that every worthy African recognises only one first lady in Ivory Coast, that is to say, Simone Gbagbo, hostage of dramane ouattara and the ignoble sarkozy, in prison in Ivory Coast. Your masters will never succeed in making worthy Africans to accept the "fatal woman" and "the dangerous whore" as the first lady of Ivory Coast. It will never happen; you can be sure of that. Your masters and you are therefore right to worry about a possible revolt of African youth. But if your masters could listen to me, I'll give them the only real solution left to get out of this African quagmire without too much noise.

And at each of these programs on Afrique Media, the presenter is always embarrassed when the First Lady Simone Gbagbo of Ivory Coast is chosen, since her name is not often among the names of the ladies for whom to vote, and her picture does not appear anywhere on their screen. All these votes are therefore still not counted. And since then, the pan-African channel, Afrique Media, did nothing to that. As they are also gradually letting politics and compromise take over on their original probity, they still have not had the courage to put the name of the real first Ivorian lady, Simone Gbagbo, on the list of first ladies to elect. I hope that will come. Because if you need a real African revolution like the one your masters and you are afraid of, this will require great courage and great abnegation of all these pan-African channels, and all the other pan-African media. As long as these pan-African media fall into the trap of also engaging in compromise and even corruption as they are unfortunately doing, the liberation of Africa will shuffle.

Nyang Bensouda: Youssouf, let me start by appreciating Afrique Media for not having taken that step in recognising Simone Gbagbo as the true first lady of Ivory Coast. It would have been a real disaster for my french masters, because they know that this channel is really followed by Africans everywhere, and even by non-Africans who are interested in Africa. My masters and I will ensure that such a thing never happens. I can promise you that my masters, as I know them, will do everything so that such a thing never happens, unless, of course, they are surprised by events, especially that no force in the world can stop a real revolution.

Youssouf: Madam, when someone like you even on an ad hoc basis appreciates a pan-African channel such as Afrique Media, this worries the real pan-Africanists.

Nyang Bensouda: You are right Youssouf. You seem to be a true visionary. I have the impression that you read my masters' mind. What you just said about the non-recognition of Simone Gbagbo as true first lady of Ivory Coast by Afrique Media, is what enchants the most my french masters, because they seriously feared such recognition. If Afrique Media had taken that step, my masters would have ordered the immediate release of Simone Gbagbo, for fear of creating a revolt in Africa. Because if this lady is elected on every show even though her name does not appear anywhere, we can understand what would happen if her name and picture were displayed. But as soon as the channel considered as the most pan-Africanist of the continent has given up the very essence of the Pan-Africanist struggle by making a pact with corruption to the point of displaying the wife of dramane ouattara on their screen as one of the ladies to vote for, it has been a great victory in our camp, and I can reassure you that my masters have savoured this with champagne.

Youssouf: That does not surprise me, madam. This is exactly why several real pan-Africanists were disappointed, and have totally lost interest in Afrique Media. When you talk about making a pact with corruption, I understand you very well. There are signs that can't be mistaken. For a channel that was once recognised as truly pan-Africanist with strong pan-Africanist positions like Afrique Media to display the image of the "fatal woman" on their screen and invite pan-Africanists to vote for her, it means that it (Afrique Media) has drowned in corruption. Nothing in the world can justify the opposite. Everyone knows that the pan-Africanist's sworn enemies on the African continent are dramane ouattara and his "bloodthirsty harpy" wife. Even animals know it. How have these worst enemies of pan-Africanism become the ones that Afrique Media presents as people that Pan-Africanists would elect? Are we all dreaming? There are thousands of true pan-Africanists who no longer believe in Afrique Media as the instrument that will help them achieve the liberation of Africa. It is obvious that it is not with this degree of compromise and corruption that Africa will succeed in its liberation struggle. It's a shame!

Nyang Bensouda: Ah ha haha ha! You will probably be a little more lenient with me now, Youssouf. When I tell you that I am under very strong pressure, and that I am working against Africa because the temptation of corruption is very great, you ask me if I am going to sell the whole continent because of the pressures and the money. This is your pan-Africanist channel that is slowly, but surely following my steps. Ah ha haha!

Youssouf: I am ashamed, madam, to hear you justify and console yourself in this way, unfortunately taking a true example. I am sad, and I hope that Afrique Media will pull itself together. You cannot imagine the shock we had to see for the first time on the screens of Afrique Media the picture of dramane ouattara and of the "dangerous whore". Each of us wondered how the woman who had promised to take power in Ivory Coast, even at the cost of 100,000 dead, and who has reached the feat of achieving her goals, walking on 100,000 dead bodies to enter into the Ivorian presidency, could suddenly become a lady that pan-Africanists are supposed to vote for. This is the biggest insult and the worst kind of mockery that Afrique Media could serve to true pan-Africanists around the world.

Nyang Bensouda: It's really true, Youssouf. I do not need to console myself with such a drift. Nevertheless, it is still the African blood that flows in my vein.

Youssouf: Several true pan-Africanists, who saw in Afrique Media the ultimate weapon for the total deliverance of Africa and who were all excited and began to dream of the imminent liberation of Africa, were totally disoriented. When Africa Media scorns the ridicule and goes so far as to portray dramane ouattara, that one of their experts has rightly described as a disaster, among the presidents that pan-Africanist are supposed to vote for, it's not only despising the pan-Africanist, but it is betraying pan-Africanism; it is also behaving contemptibly. Dramane ouattara still remains the greatest bloodthirsty African of all time. And we do not understand by what alchemy the greatest enemy of pan-Africanism has suddenly become according to Afrique Media, a pan-Africanist that Africans should vote for. Only a high level of corruption can justify such infamy.

The problem of liberating Africa is so big that to hope to solve it, we need a great hatred of compromise and corruption. It's totally absurd to vilify the barbarian sarkozy and yet present the barbarous dramane ouattara as a president for whom Pan-African can also vote. What is the difference between these two morons? There is none, not at all. The leaders of Afrique Media went from the strategy that we all tolerated, that of being a bit lenient with the bloodthirsty and irresponsible African presidents so that the Pan-African fight is more effective, towards the drift that we firmly condemn, that of angelising these African bloodthirsty dictators who are as guilty as your barbarians of french masters.

Nyang Bensouda: Since we started talking about Afrique Media you've lost your verve, Youssouf. Let's go back to our main topic.

Youssouf: Okay, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: Let me go back to another big blow that the case of Gbagbo struck at us. Just look at this story of the overwhelming evidence that my masters and I said we detained against Gbagbo. This seriously discredited us. Whether it was the former prosecutor luis moreno ocampo who was there before me, or myself, we all sang the same songs, that there is far too much overwhelming evidence of Gbagbo's crimes. We had Gbagbo arrested, we incarcerated him; we are the ones holding him for years, yet we have no proof to condemn him. You cannot imagine how embarrassing this situation is to us, Youssouf. If at least we left him free, it would be a little easier for us to say that he had time to hide some of the evidence on which we relied. We did not leave him any minute to hide any evidence. He did not have a single second to hide anything, neither him nor his wife. The question that the whole world is asking itself is to know what happened to the overwhelming evidence that we said we had against this man. And this is seriously embarrassing, and totally discredits the ICC. I do not understand why despite this my french masters stubbornly want to keep Gbagbo in prison.

Youssouf: Madam, I firmly believe that this degree of stubbornness of france sounds the death knell for its African domination. France has totally exposed itself with this Gbagbo case, and this case will sign the total fall of the french empire in Africa. I am convinced that the Africans, despite their recognised amorphous and cowardly nature, will revolt this time against france. Madam, your french masters can be assured, the end of their domination on the African continent is signed. They have looted this continent enough, they have slaughtered this continent enough, they have stolen this continent enough, they have killed enough in this continent, they have raped enough in this continent, and the time has come for them to be forced out of this continent, and they will be. The worthy Men of Africa will rise against france, the worthy African Animals will rise against france, and even the worthy Trees of the African Fields will rise against france. You may take my words for the words of a simple bull, you will see in the days ahead.

Nyang Bensouda: I'm very worried. Just a moment Youssouf, I have a phone call.

Youssouf: Ok, madam.

Nyang Bensouda: Your statement sounds like a premonition, and makes me more and more afraid, Youssouf. The phone call I just received was telling me sad news, the death of one of ours, who played a key role in this coup against Gbagbo. This is general emmanuel beth, former commander of the Licorne force in Ivory Coast between 2002 and 2004, and former ambassador of france in Burkina Faso at the peak of the war against Gbagbo from 2010 to 2013. Only secret archives can reveal to you the role he played in this coup d'état. He has gone. It's scary Youssouf. And what is significant is that no bomb of the licorne fell on his residence, no bomb of the UN either.

Youssouf: That's the reality, madam. Men may pretend to be gods, they will remain little mortal men. You only have to look at the list of your former masters who played the gods on the earth in the past. Where are they? All died like any ordinary dog, and they all joined those whom they had precipitated into death. That's really vanity, madam. I hope this example will make you think. Look at your master jacques chirac, whom a British newspaper called "worm". This earthworm who took himself for a god is the one who had engaged this long coup against President Gbagbo, a coup that the puppet Sarkozy came to complete. It was this same chirac who had destroyed all the Ivorian military planes, and to prove to the eyes of the whole world that he was a god, nobody has done anything to him, until today, as if he had not done anything wrong. Where is he now? Do you see what state this god is in? In a pitiful state. I do not want to tell you more about his condition, for fear of giving you nausea. Now understand madam that the gods of the earth are mortal gods, gods whose flesh rots like the flesh of any vulgar animal.

May God bless you!


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