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God created the french man, and the french man created the African? (Contd.)

What is the President-elect of Ivory Coast doing in prison in Holland seven years after his failed assassination? What is the wife of the elected President of Ivory Coast doing in prison in Abidjan? When history is written in the next few days, would you say that you were alive on earth while this kind of madness was happening? Would you be able to look your children in the eye and tell them that you had the courage, I mean cowardice, to passively observe this kind of abomination?

If you cannot be filled with anger at this unconventional cruelty of the barbarian french leaders, therefore we animals are more dignified than you. I, Youssouf the bull, cannot be so appalled by this degree of injustice that can only be tolerated by creatures in front of their Creator, when you men seem to put up with this life of slaves.

We, worthy animals of Africa, demand from france the immediate and unconditional release of the President of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, winner of the presidential elections of 2010, and his wife the true first lady of Ivory Coast Simone Gbagbo, and other worthy sons of the Ivory Coast still in prison, failing which we will demonstrate to france that if African men are their creatures, we animals are not. So, worthy daughters and sons of Africa, if you have never been the creatures of France, this is the moment to demonstrate it. Do not disgrace your generation; do not bring shame to your continent.

If you believe that your creators are those barbarian french leaders who believe that with the support of the criminal organisation called UN they can do anything, you have nothing to do. And if you are convinced that your creators are not those criminal french leaders who believe that with the support of the criminal organisation called UN they can dispose of your lives and your continent as they see fit, arise and snatch the liberation of your continent.

Barrister Patricia Hamza-Attéa, lawyer at the Ivory Coast Bar and a very committed human rights activist, was raped, slaughtered and burned by the rebels of dramane ouattara, president decreed by international criminality, and nobody talks about it anymore. African youth, wake up. Young Africans, wake up. An African is worth more than the french want you to believe.

Philippe Rémond, a French national living in Ivory Coast was murdered in Yamoussoukro by dramane ouattara’s rebels with the help of the licorne force, for denouncing the looting of Africa by france through the CFA franc. African Youth, wake up, get mobilised and put an end to this CFA franc for which so many people have been murdered, including foreigners, like this Frenchman. Wake up and put an end to the CFA franc so that all this blood that has been shed is not in vain. Sylvanus Olympio was assassinated because of the CFA franc, Joseph Tchundjang Pouemi was assassinated because of the CFA franc, to name but a few, and Laurent Koudou Gbagbo and his family narrowly escaped the assassination because of the franc CFA. Awake African Youth; get up so that all these sacrifices are not in vain.

Worthy Women and Men of Africa, are you ready to stand up for the total liberation of Africa, or will you choose to leave this fight in the hands of animals? The answer is yours. I have put you face to face with your responsibilities and your destiny. If you keep sleeping, Africa will never be liberated. And you panafrican media, if you continue to compromise and allow yourselves to be corrupted, then Africa is gone again for at least 800 years for a new slavery, followed by a new colonisation, a new recolonisation, and a new neo-colonisation.

Resignation, ah! Resignation! Why are you resigned, worthy daughters and sons of Africa? It is because you have seen and experienced the incredible barbarity and savage brutality of france and the UN in Ivory Coast and Libya, a barbarity and brutality that have left hundreds of thousands of people dead, that you are saying, what then can we do? First of all you have no weapon. And even if you had weapons, you are convinced that no African army can stand before the coalition of international bandits. And for that reason, the only solution you have left is resignation. You are wrong. Why?

In fact, no one is asking you to take up arms against barbarians. You do not need weapons to free yourselves. The liberation of Africa does not need to go through an armed struggle. Blood has flowed enough in Africa, and you must never allow blood to flow again. Boycott all french products, and france will leave Africa after a few weeks, not more. This is the small sacrifice that Africa expects from you: Total boycott of all french products. In this regard, I recommend an excellent article entitled: "France-Africa War: The Solution" that I read a few years ago, in which the author had explained everything about this topic. The liberation of Africa will only come from a collective awareness. It does not need weapons, it does not need bombs, it rather needs unity. If you want to win, never fall into the trap of division that france sets against you each time. Stop believing yourself to be a Northerner or Southerner, Muslim or Christian, etc. Africa needs all her sons and daughters. But if you believe that you were created to be slaves, live in slavery and die as slaves, do nothing. (End of the article)


After reading this article of immense wealth and immeasurable depth, I remained speechless. This text, despite its melancholy character, did not fail to make me smile at some points. Nevertheless, the facts described plunged me into an indescribable sadness. My soul is in bitterness. My cheeks are wet with tears. I wondered if this story was a fiction or a reality. I strongly wished it were a nightmare that would disappear when I would wake up. It was not the case, alas! This is just the reality, the sad reality, the implacable reality.

It is a pity to note that france for centuries has had for Africa and Africans only scorn, barbaric treatment, inhuman treatment, and so on. It is also sad and unfortunate that until today, in the middle of the 21st century, france has changed nothing in its cruel treatment of Africans to the point where they have no other alternative but to launch against it a war they have ever dreamed of, the total boycott of all french products, hoping to free themselves from the interminable slavery that france imposes on them.

This leads me to ask myself the following questions: Why do some men do their utmost to exasperate others? What does france gain in pushing Africans to revolt? Do france, which was obliged to resort to revolt, violence, and armed warfare to free itself from the yoke of Nazi Germany, think it can impose on Africa a treatment worse than what it refused to go through, without worthy Africans reacting? Does it think it can turn Africa into an eternal footstool with impunity and without ever the slightest response from it victims?

What france has refused to suffer from the Nazis to the point of using all means, including violence and armed conflict to oppose it, it has multiplied that by a thousand, and imposes it on Africans, expecting them to applaud. France imposes on Africa all possible forms of Nazism: Political Nazism, military Nazism, economic Nazism, monetary Nazism, banking Nazism, social Nazism, cultural Nazism, religious Nazism, etc., for decades, and remains stupidly convinced that Africans will never do anything. It's absolutely incredible! France's contempt for Africa has reached its peak.

It is unthinkable to believe that the french ruling class has been constituted for generations only by common backward, mere brutes, real idiots, totally devoid of reasoning and intelligence, incapable of foreseeing and anticipating the reactions of their victims when the sufferings of the latter will become unbearable. And if my judgment is wrong, then france is convinced to have found in the African, the kind of thing or the kind of object which has neither sensation, nor feeling, nor dignity, nor honour, neither esteem nor respect, and therefore, will never react, whatever is imposed on him, whatever may be done to him, and no matter the degree of torture, humiliating and degrading treatment inflicted upon him. How did france even get there?

Are the french rulers so stupid not to understand that everything under the sun has an end? This is unfortunately what seems to be the case. For these barbarians, Africans are things, or if you want, simple objects. That is why they can with impunity, make Africa and Africans what they want, as they want it, and when they want it, without fear of reactions or retaliation. I can reassure these snakes that they are mistaken. God has given them power and dominion over His people just for a time, not for all the time, and not for eternity. And this domination has come to an end. The decree of the total liberation of Africa from french slavery is already written, and it is irrevocable, according to the "law of the Medes and Persians", which is immutable. The total deliverance of Africa is therefore only a matter of time.

In the meantime, let's ask ourselves this question: What does france gain by transforming Africans into francophobes? What does france benefit from making millions of Africans acerbic francophobes? Are the french authorities so obtuse that they sincerely believe that it is by dealing with an Africa filled with people revolted against france that they will fare better? The answer is undoubtedly yes. If not, how can one explain their determination to excite more and more the anger of Africans who by nature are peace-and justice-loving, and who aspire only to live in peace with everyone? If not, how can one understand their stubbornness in making enemies of all Pan-African youth who are yet ready to negotiate with france in a mutually respectful way, for a win-win partnership?

Whenever I browse the Internet and I come across images of the first lady Simone Gbagbo, scared, half-naked, exhibited by pitiful and ignoble french soldiers of the licorne force as war trophy before the cameras of the world, my anger reaches its climax. And when I know that this lady is the wife of the democratically elected President of Côte d'Ivoire, whose proof of victory in the elections are implacable, my outrage is at its height. I think it is wise to remind the barbarian french leaders that it is imperative that they release President Laurent Gbagbo immediately and unconditionally, that they liberate Africa, and this as soon as possible. If they do not do it willingly, they will do it by force.

Even if the only solution the author or authors of this article have found to this france-Africa war is the total boycott of all that is french, know that the real solution is elsewhere. However, without denying or underestimating the effectiveness of this ultimate solution proposed to Africa to free itself from french slavery, let me reveal to you that the problem of Africa is spiritual, that its slavery is spiritual, that its enslavement is spiritual, that its true deliverance will also be spiritual, and that the true means of achieving this deliverance will equally be spiritual. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear!

Finally, we urge our french brothers and friends to encourage their leaders to come to their senses while it's time. Know dear french brothers and friends, that your leaders have already achieved the feat of making Africans the enemies of france; and what they are striving to do now is to turn the hatred of france that Africans feel, into hatred of the french. If nothing is done, Africans will end up mistaking you for enemies, when in fact you have never been one, at least directly.

Call to the great leaders of this world

You great leaders of this planet, you Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers and other decision-makers of this world, are the only ones better placed to understand the situation we are decrying. Any other person reading this story will feel that it is somewhat exaggerated; yet it is not the case. On the contrary, the reality is much worse than what is described, because no human language can accurately describe the degree of atrocity that france with your support is inflicting on Africa and Africans. Therefore, we, worthy sons and daughters of Africa, who cherish justice and peace, send you this message:

When you talk about the Abolition of Slavery, which according to would took place between 1833 and 1869, what are you really talking about? Records show that slavery was abolished more than 100 years ago. If this is really the case, tell us how you call what france does and is still doing to Africa and to Africans, with your help, with your support, with your assistance, with your complicity, and with your blessing.

At the time of writing this message, 15 African countries have their currency confiscated by france, which does what it wants. Tell us where in the whole world is such a thing still possible. Every African leader who dares to claim his economic independence and tries to free himself from this monetary Nazism is immediately assassinated by france, with your complicity. Are you really so stupid to believe that such a thing can go on forever? We thought you were intelligent. Come back to common sense while there is still time.

France rapes small children, boys and girls, Africans in CAR (Central African Republic), the representative of the UN who dares to be indignant, is immediately driven out of his post. Despite the profusion of available evidence, investigations carried out are subsequently dismissed. All this is happening before your very eyes with your complicity. And do you want worthy Africans to applaud and sit back?

France, under the false pretext of wanting to help orphans, kidnaps hundreds of African children in Chad to serve as guinea pigs in pharmaceutical laboratories in the West. And when by the grace of God the operation fails and the french criminals involved are arrested, france creates a deadly war in Chad to blackmail President Idriss Deby, and have these criminals released by force. All this is happening before your very eyes with your complicity. And do you want worthy Africans to congratulate you for that?

The great Governor of the BCEAO (Central Bank of West African States), Mr. Philippe-Henri Dakoury-Tabley, an intelligent, worthy, responsible and respectable man, was seriously hit by dark-skinned french mercenaries, and laid bare like a vulgar highwayman, like one of those bandits who in some lawless regions, are delivered to popular justice when they are apprehended. This is what france does with your complicity. And do you expect worthy Africans to applaud and fold their arms?

Tell us if the Governor of the European Central Bank, or simply the Governor of the Bank of France, or the Governor of the Bank of England, or the Governor of the Bank of Germany may one day suffer this kind of fate. The pictures of Governor Tabley in his underwear being hit like a snake, went round the world. This is what france organises, plans, and executes freely in Africa; this is the fate that france reserves for responsible African personalities, who want to enjoy a certain independence of mind. Yes, it is this kind of treatment that france reserves for insubordinate African leaders and authorities. And you dare to tell us that slavery has been abolished? When? Where? By whom?

Should we praise you for that? It's time you asked people what they can really offer you. It's over. We have decided to put an end to this madness. We would like to propose that you immediately put an end to the slavery of Africa voluntarily in order to suffer less loss, less shame and humiliation, or get stiff-necked, and suffer the fate that Egypt had suffered at the first liberation of the people of Israel. If you choose to harden your heart, the second liberation of the people of God will be more spectacular than the first. For, dear Pharaohs, dear powerful men of this world, dear slave traders, dear gods and other lords of the earth, the decree of the deliverance of Africa is signed, and its execution is inevitable. Know then that Africa will be delivered, with or without your consent. Let us finish by making you dance a little bit. Are you ready?

By the rivers of Babylon,

There we sat down,

Yea yea we wept,

When we remembered Zion. (x2)

When the wicked

Carried us away in captivity

Required from us a song

Now how shall we sing the Lord's songs

In a strange land? (x2)

If you are done dancing, we can continue. We danced to the tune of this song in the late 70s without understanding anything about what we were dancing, but now we understand it. Yes, the executioners of Africa ask their victims to sing some songs of Zion to them. The tormentors and the oppressors of Africans ask the oppressed to praise them. The torturers of Africans ask their captives to cheer them up. Slave masters ask their slaves to amuse them, to put them at ease. Alleluia!

Your treatment of Africa in general, and the treatment of Africa by france in particular, is such that if we must write everything, we do not think that the world itself will be able to contain the books we would write. We nevertheless chose to give you some extracts. Remember that the time of Africa's deliverance has come. It's up to you to choose on which side you want to be.

May God bless you!


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