A Christian who does not speak in tongues is a spiritually limited Christian, he is a Christian who cannot fight a real spiritual warfare. Satan loves such Christians because they do not represent a great danger to his camp.

Beloved, the speaking in tongues has been partly dealt with in the teaching on baptism in the Holy Spirit; but given its importance, I preferred to return to this teaching, to treat it in more detail. May the Lord bless your reading, and open your eyes to the wiles of satan, so that you become real warriors in the name of Jesus Christ.

The promise

Let's begin with the promise of the Lord in Mark 16:15-18 "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."

We clearly learn from this passage that the Lord has promised the speaking in tongues to all who will believe in His name, and not only to a few people. As a result, we no longer have to ask ourselves whether every child of God has to speak in tongues. Do not fall into the trap of false teachers who teach that speaking in tongues is not for all believers. Not understanding the word of God, they twist 1Corinthians 12:30 which says "... Do all speak in tongues? ..." to support their going astray. Know that in 1Corinthians 12:10 and 12:28, God speaks to us about the gift of divers kinds of tongues, which is different from the gift of speaking in tongues, as we will see in the passage of 1Corinthians 12 below.

The gift of the diversity of tongues

The gift of the diversity of tongues is one of the gifts that the Lord gives to each one individually, as He wills. These gifts are different from those that the Lord gives to all His children without distinction. Do not fall into the trap of confusing the gift of speaking in tongues with the gift of the diversity of tongues. Let's look carefully at the passages below:

1Corinthians 12:4-11 "There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men. Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines."

1Corinthians 12: 27-30 "Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. And in the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration, and those speaking in different kinds of tongues. Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? 30 Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret?"

So understand very well, that if God has not made us all apostles, if He has not made us all prophets, or teachers, if He has not made us workers of miracles, He also has not made us all people who speak different kinds of tongues. Let this be finally clear to all children of God who fall into the traps of demons who teach that speaking in tongues is not for all children of God. The speaking in tongues is indeed for all children of God. It is the diversity of tongues that is reserved for only a few brothers.

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-4 "When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them."

It is here that the Lord for the first time fulfilled the promise of speaking in tongues. The brethren, after being baptized with the Holy Spirit, all spoke in tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Therefore, we come back to the question:

Is speaking in tongues taught?

Certainly not! Do not fall into this trap. Speaking in tongues is not taught, and cannot be learnt. It is received directly from the Lord. I warn you against witchcraft practices. In many Pentecostal and Charismatic sects, demon-pastors initiate people into witchcraft. They distribute at will what they call "holy spirit" baptism, and they teach people to speak in tongues. Some of them ask people to open their mouths and repeat hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah several times, without stopping, and this ends up becoming their speaking in tongues. Some tell people to open their mouth and say AAA BBB CCC, etc. and to speed up the pace, or to say ABC, many times after, CBA several times as well, speeding up the pace, and all of this ends up becoming what they call "speaking in tongues". Know that this practice is an initiation into witchcraft. These practices are inspired by satan.

Many times brothers have asked me why in some groups people all speak the same tongues. The answer is simple. If they have all been initiated into the same witchcraft, it is no wonder they all practice it the same way.

All of you children of God, now examine how you received your speaking in tongues. If you have been a victim of any of these abominable practices, know that you have been initiated into witchcraft. It is not the Holy Spirit that you have received, but evil spirits. The tongue you speak is not of God. You must repent and ask the Lord to deliver you from those unclean spirits that use you. Then pray and ask the Lord to baptize you with His Holy Spirit, and to give you the tongue that comes from Him.

Can we and should we hear (understand) the tongue spoken?

Now beloved, to this you will recognize demons: If you meet pastors or other so-called servants of God who do not speak in tongues, and who are against the baptism of the Holy Spirit, know that they are demons. I have emphasized the word "and", because we can meet pastors who do not speak in tongues, just because they do not even know that there is a speaking in tongues. Since nowadays, in blindness and error, everyone can become a pastor, you even find pagans who have already been appointed pastors. In this case, they may not be demons, but just pagans, who should accept Jesus Christ and take their water baptism again, and then give up that false title they were given.

But if you instead come across so-called servants of God who do not speak in tongues, and who know that there is a speaking in tongues, and who are against speaking in tongues, know that they are demons. Generally, to deceive the children of God, these demons say that on the day of Pentecost, when the disciples spoke in tongues, the people around them heard them; a way of saying that if one speaks in tongues, people around them must automatically hear them, that is to say, they must understand what they are saying. This is a real satanic reasoning, a demonic deception, to discourage children of God, so that they do not use this warfare gift that the Lord has given them. These demons are unaware that it is not only in Acts 2 that brethren spoke in tongues. In Acts 10:44-46, brethren spoke in tongues. In Acts 19:6 brethren also spoke in tongues. Did those around them hear them? Beloved, run away from deceivers!

So let's come back to this double question:

The first: Can we hear (understand) the spoken tongue? The answer is Yes. The Lord, when He wills, can allow people to hear what we say in tongues. This is what we see in Acts 2:5-11, "Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven. When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language. Utterly amazed, they asked: "Are not all these men who are speaking Galileans? Then how is it that each of us hears them in his own native language? ..."

The Lord to manifest His glory in the midst of the crowd that were in Jerusalem, had allowed thousands of people who were there at that time to hear the tongues that were spoken by the disciples. And this resulted in the conversion of nearly three thousand souls on that day. This does not mean that every time we speak in tongues, people have to hear.

The second: Should we hear (understand) the spoken tongue? The answer is No. When we speak in tongues, we do not understand what we say, and no one understands what we say, unless the Lord allows it, as in the case above. 1Corinthians 14:2 tells us: "For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God. Indeed, no one understands him; he utters mysteries with his spirit." This is also why the Lord asks us to pray for the gift of interpretation. 1Corinthians 14:13 says, "For this reason anyone who speaks in a tongue should pray that he may interpret what he says."

Does the speaking in tongues evolve?

Many brothers ask each time the question of whether the speaking in tongues evolves. In other words, when we speak in tongues, should we speak the same words each time, or does our speaking "improve" over time?

Let me remind you that the speaking in tongues is really the speaking in other tongues as you understand it. 1Corinthians 14:10 says, "Undoubtedly there are all sorts of languages in the world, yet none of them is without meaning." The tongues we speak, even if we do not understand them, are of significance, that is, languages that can be understood. Therefore, if these are real languages then our "mastery" of these languages comes as we use them. 1Corinthians 14:18 says, "I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you."

To this question, we shall add two others that are similar to them:

Can the speaking in tongues of a child of God cease? No. The Bible teaches us that God does not repent of His gifts. If it is God who has given you the gift of speaking in tongues, He will not take it away.

Can one speak voluntarily? Or, is it the Spirit who must push us to speak? If the speaking in tongues is a gift that God has given us, we can use it whenever we want.

Usefulness of speaking in tongues

An intercession gift: Speaking in tongues is a wonderful gift of intercession that God has given us. In 1Thessalonians 5:17, the Bible asks us to pray unceasingly. How can anyone pray incessantly if he can pray only by intelligence?

Ephesians 6:18 says, "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." How can a Christian put this teaching into practice if he does not speak in tongues? What kind of intercession can a child of God do if he cannot pray in tongues?

Let's read together 1Cor. 14:14-15 "For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. So what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my mind; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my mind." God Himself asks us to pray in tongues, and even to sing in tongues. How can He ask us to do such things if we do not have to speak in tongues? Understand once more beloved, that every true child of God must speak in tongues.

A personal edification gift: 1Corinthians 14:4 tells us: "He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself,..." This means that speaking in tongues is an excellent gift of personal edification that God has given us. How can you despise such an important gift for your own edification?

A gift for Church edification: Speaking in tongues is also a gift of the edification for the Church. Whenever the tongue is interpreted, the whole Church receives edification. 1Corinthians 14:4-5 "... he who prophesies edifies the church ... He who prophesies is greater than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may be edified."

It is not in vain that the apostles always ensured that all the children of God were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Acts 8:14-17 "When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to them. When they arrived, they prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit had not yet come upon any of them; they had simply been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus. Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit."

In Acts 19:1-6, Paul meets a group of Christians. The first question he asks them is whether they are already baptized with the Holy Spirit. Why does Paul make it a priority? Because he knows that a true child of God cannot function without this wonderful gift from God.

The speaking in tongues in the Assembly

1Corinthians 14:23 "So if the whole church comes together and everyone speaks in tongues, and some who do not understand or some unbelievers come in, will they not say that you are out of your mind?"

When you visit assemblies today, you see someone with the microphone in hand saying, "Now everyone get up, let's pray all together in tongues." And as soon as the signal is given, you see them bustling around in the assembly, each one screaming in tongues, and the leader on his side screaming in tongues at the microphone; and you feel like you are in a central market. What madness! And if they were called madmen, some would say, as usual, that they have been insulted. Yet they have just been called by their name, madmen.

What does the Bible say? 1Corinthians 14:26-27: "What then shall we say, brothers? When you come together, everyone has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church. If anyone speaks in a tongue, two - or at the most three - should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret."

Christians are so blinded today. They do only the opposite of what God has asked them. As they no longer examine the Bible themselves, they blindly follow the blind who lead them. That's why they are all in the pit today. My prayer is that after these teachings, you can come out of the pit in which you are already. The Lord is coming back soon, and satan has already enlisted all of you in the trap of false doctrine. Beloved: Return to the sound doctrine!

The very few occasions you can find yourself speaking all together in tongues at the same time is if you are praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. For example, if there are new brothers who have accepted the Lord and have just been baptized in the water, you must pray with them for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. For such occasions, you may find yourself speaking all together in tongues at the same time. But everything must be led by the Holy Spirit and not at the request of a man. In a gathering of true children of God, two or more brothers should not speak in tongues at the same time.

Beloved, before ending this teaching, I would like to warn you that there are false tongues, that is to say, tongues of satan. Therefore, speaking in tongues is not a sign that one is a child of God. Satan and his agents speak in tongues. And they sometimes even speak more than true children of God.

How to recognize false tongues?

It is by strictly following the Lord's instructions that you can recognize the satan’s tongues. You now understand why the Lord insists on order in His house. 1Corinthians 14: 26-33 says, "What then shall we say, brothers? When you come together ... If anyone speaks in a tongue, two-- or at the most three-- should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret. If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and God. ... And if a revelation comes to someone who is sitting down, the first speaker should stop. For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged. ... For God is not a God of disorder but of peace ..."

The models of assemblies and church meetings you have today, are models in which satan is master. He glorifies himself 100%. In disorder and indiscipline, satan reigns. If the Lord grants us the grace to study the works of satan in the Assemblies, we will return to this subject, and study it in detail.

In conclusion, beloved ones, I want to awaken your spirit in relation to spiritual warfare. Whether you are of those who fight or of those who sleep, know that satan is actively fighting you. You must therefore wake up at last from your sleep, and start fighting. When you pray in tongues, you send great weapons in the enemy’s camp. Therefore do not prevent yourselves from praying in tongues. When you spend a single day without praying in tongues, you leave the field free for satan and his agents. The more you intercede in tongues, the more you are strong spiritually, and the more you win the victory for the people of God. Therefore, do not be surprised that the demon-pastors are depriving you of this weapon, telling you that speaking in tongues no longer exists.

I urge the elders to make sure they spend enough time every day interceding in tongues, and I urge the faithful to do same. Do not limit yourself. As long as the Lord gives you strength, intercede. I prefer not to recommend a minimum of time, since as soon as a minimum of time is recommended, brethren limit themselves to this minimum each time, even when they can do more.

You children of God who still spend your time behind television screens, convert that time you are wasting, into intercessory time, and you will see the result. Alleluia!

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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