Numbers 11-16

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Understand therefore that your real enemies are those who try to divert you from the ways of God. If we no longer stone them today, we are at least expected to separate ourselves from them. This creates a lot of problems to some Christians. When we talk of separation, they think that we are exaggerating and they say we should rather remain with those people to win them for Christ. Each of them tries to transform the Word of God his own way. For you who belong to the Lord, walk according Him. Each person who attempts to divert you from the ways of God is truly your enemy because Hell is not just a small prison.

At times when people encounter difficulties on earth, they say this earth is Hell. It's rather funny. Because the earth is not and will never be Hell. People think that the earth is Hell simply because they don't know what Hell is all about. The Lord has granted us the grace to do a study on Hell and after that, if the Lord proposes to someone to go and spend only two seconds in Hell, no one will accept it because Hell is dreadful. Hell is what we read and studied last time. And I always tell you that if Hell did not exist, it will be difficult to understand why the Lord Jesus Christ left His Heavenly throne to come and die on the cross. Hell exists and that is why the Lord is rigorous, strict and severe.

With that, you understand why each group insisted on the power of incantations. It is very important. That was well elaborated in your reports. You spoke about incantations that can come from Children of God and those that come from agents of satan. For us Children of God, we will see what to do so incantations should never come from us. And then, we shall also see how to manage incantations that we receive no matter their origin. One day, I was discussing with somebody who was telling me of how someone was trying to separate him from brethren by demonstrating to him that his constant presence in the midst of the brethren, is affecting his life negatively. I told him: "you have understood, you don't need dreams and visions to know that the person talking to you is satan incarnate".

Beloved, you must have discernment, the brethren made mention of that. The Lord gives us discernment so that we should not be tossed left and right by any kind of wind. With the discernment that the Lord has already given us, you should already be able to differentiate between those who are out to save us and those who want to mislead us. Remember that satan has no friend and does not even intend to have one. Therefore, if you fall into the trap of the wicked, you will pay the price. There is a word that the Lord used a while ago, the word wickedness. 11So all Israel shall hear and fear, and not again do such wickedness as this among you.

So, these wicked people who are trying to divert you from God are true criminals. The question that comes to mind is thus: even if they are criminals, doesn't God forgive criminals? You know that God forgives everyone including criminals, don't you? Why does God want them to be stoned whereas He can forgive them? And this brings us back to the notion of Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit which we studied in the teaching on discernment. There are people who make mistakes out of ignorance, there are those who make mistakes intentionally. A child of God through error, out of ignorance or when he is ill-disposed, can make mistakes, even very serious ones. But no true child of God can devise evil or an act wickedness.

When we did the study on discernment, this became clearer to us. I explained to you through the Word of God, how agents of satan can be detected. No child of God can be wilfully wicked. A child of God can be wicked to the extent of committing an act of wickedness, but if he is a true child of God, he will deeply regret each act of wickedness that he commits. So, if you find people who are wilfully wicked or people who take delight in wickedness, don't waste time praying that God should reveal to you who they are. You have understood. They are agents of satan. You had better understood it before it is too late. If you are slow to understand, you will suffer. In any case, we have received all the conclusions.

A group mentioned that sometimes we spend time suffering for people who will end up making us to lose our blessings. From this moment, we must witness a change in our life. We must endeavour to identify all those for whom we suffer for nothing. Sometimes out of 100 persons for whom we suffer, 99 are for nothing. Do you know the number of persons for whom Moses suffered? Just try to calculate and see the ratio, then you will understand.

So, I think the main task that awaits us is to identify the people for whom we should really suffer. Because we often suffer, suffer, and suffer again for nothing, simply because those for whom we suffer are those who shall finally make us lose our blessings. The poor Moses spent all his time suffering for people who were going to make him miss the main thing that he spent all his life working for. If the poor Moses had understood on time what the Lord was telling him, he would have escaped. The Lord kept on telling him: "Let me remove the trap before you Moses", and he would say "Please, Lord, don't!" the Lord wanted to destroy this people because He understood that they were a trap for Moses, but Moses said "No Lord, please leave them", and as you can see he fell into the trap. They were a real trap for him, agents of satan who are only there with incantations.

When you analyse this, you therefore understand why God asks us to better practice this notion of separation that He has taught us. When you fall into the trap of satan's agents, you regret it and you are the only one to regret it. The wicked never cares. When Moses missed the Promised Land, do you think it bothered any agent of satan? The answer is no. No one bothered. They were all there, very indifferent. Some were still on earth, some were already devoured. In Hell, they will say, "in any case, while on earth, we did our job". So, please, understand once more that whatever the Lord tells us is for our good. We cannot claim to show more love than God, we do not even have as much love as God, we are not more compassionate than God, we shall never be more merciful than God. So, trying each time to correct God's "mistakes" as we often do is really terrible. When God tells us something, let's just endeavour to put it into practice as He tells us.

There is a verse which has been the subject of almost all our teachings. This verse is found in 2John 10-11 "If anyone comes to you and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house nor greet him; 11for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds." God who encourages us to love, to be welcoming, to be hospitable and all that you know, tells us here not to receive certain categories of people in our houses, for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds. Let's examine this together. How can you greet someone or receive someone in your house and participate in his evil deeds? To understand it better, we have to analyse the seriousness of the trap into which you fall by so doing. When you listen to such speeches, after some time, you find yourself speaking the same language. For such words are really words of incantation, such words affect you instantly and you find yourself transformed.

That is why God asks us to watch over everything that we do and even the type of people that we interact with. Many times I have told Children of God to even avoid going to certain places. Because when you go there, you get yourself contaminated and you come back completely different. And things become complicated for you. Avoid listening to some categories of people. I used this passage because a while ago we were in the Old Testament where people were stoned, now we are in the New Testament where it is no longer practiced. Yet, we are given the same instructions. Even if we don't have to stone, we must completely separate from such people. Why? Because they are a real trap for us. Beloved, this is the first element that we must understand. It is high time you understood that those who must enter the kingdom of Heaven are only those who have understood that God is always right. All those who believe that God can be wrong at times, will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Because when God gives teachings and we choose to do otherwise, it is a way of telling God that He is wrong at times. That is why we correct God's "mistakes". We should never fall into that trap, God is always right; He knows where we are heading to and what awaits us even better than us.

So, please, never fall into the trap of seduction. This leads me to explaining to you, especially to those who are new in our midst why we expel people from the Assembly. I say this because people have always thought that we are too hard, that we chase away people from the Assembly. At times they wonder what type of Gospel is this, they say Jesus asked us to instead save people but we spend time chasing people away from the Assembly. Remember that we are just making an effort to put the Word of God into practice for our own good. And I would also want to say that in our enthusiasm to chase away people from the Assembly, we are not even doing it as it was supposed to be done. We do it with a lot of compromise and for that reason we suffer a bit of what Moses suffered. If we were doing it the right way or if we had to chase away people properly, we would have timely chased away all those who made us go through all that we are suffering today. If we said that Moses was pleading with God not to remove the trap that was before him, it is not a way of saying that we are doing the contrary.

Having the heart of God, we keep on falling into the trap of such people. While they know that they are our true enemies, we believe that they are our true friends until the day they devour us and make us to understand that contrary to what we thought, we were in the mouth of wolves and not with friends. Unfortunately, we always understand this late, but by the grace of the Lord; we have this consolation that our God is alive. He is with us, and gives us these teachings on time so that we should pull ourselves together and correct ourselves. Understand therefore that if you have the intention to advance, you must separate from all those who are there to make you miss the glory of God. If I take the example of new brethren who are in our midst, when I told them that they will chase away people from their Assembly, it was difficult for them to understand in the beginning. When I was leaving, they were numerous, and I told them that to advance, they needed to reduce that number. They did not understand what I meant, and as soon as I left, a few months later, their number had reduced by half. I told them that if they want to be spiritually fulfilled, even that number still has to reduce. I think it's now that they are beginning to understand.

One day, I visited a country and spent time with Children of God in seminars and conferences. They were very happy. They came out of all these bad churches which you know, they were numerous, happy to have received the truth. Each of them was zealous and committed to serving the Lord. I held a meeting with them, with all those who had escaped the various denominations and were very zealous. And each of them glorified God for the truth that they just received. They were lamenting the fact that some people could still remain in falsehood after having received this truth. Those who came out of those assemblies were less numerous than those who remained there. Since they came from different assemblies, they were many. But from each assembly, only a small number came out. They were wondering how the others could listen to such words and remained indifferent.

After spending some time with them, I told them this: "You find it difficult to understand how some people still choose to remain in falsehood after listening to such truth, don't you? You will understand that shortly. But while waiting, let me give you another revelation.  Right here where you are now, even though your number is very small compared to the number of those who hardened their hearts, I will surprise you by saying that you are too many. And be assured that it is not a mistake that I have made by using the word "too". Even though your number is small, you are too many. Contrary to what you think, you are too many. I give you just a few months and you will prove me right. You have only a few months, and this number will reduce. When the euphoria of the beginning will be over, some will discover that they are not at the right place. You know that each micro-organism only evolves easily in its biotope, don't you? Many will quickly discover that they made a wrong choice and will leave on their own. And even among those who will remain, you shall be obliged to chase away some of them in order to better advance. They looked at one another and said: "but what kind of Gospel is this?" And as time went on, they began to understand, so much so that it is only lately that they acknowledged that they have just understood what I taught them many years ago.

Beloved, this helps you to better understand the parable of the net. You know how fishermen work, don't you? When a fisherman throws the net into the sea, he does not tell the net: "net, catch only those that I want, I want only tuna, please catch only tuna for me". No, beloved, when he throws the net, it catches all that it finds. And it is thereafter that he sits beside the sea to select the good ones from the bad ones. That is an image of the field on which we work. When you go with the Word of God, you pick a bit of everything, and it is later on that you select. Woe onto you if you fail to select on time. Because the net picks fishes, snakes and all that is in the sea. If you say: "Alleluia, my net has picked everything, there are even snakes inside", those snakes will make you regret why you went fishing. So, beloved, please, I know that many among you have already well understood this notion of separation, but for others, it is still posing problems. Some think that the teaching is too hard. In reality, it's your hearts that are too hard and not the teachings.

I have never given you my teachings; I give you the teachings of the Lord. If we compromise, we shall be the ones to suffer. You have seen our brother Moses suffering from what we can call "compromise". He was too compassionate. As the Lord tells us, he was so patient that he tolerated what was intolerable. And the result is that he missed the Promised Land. If he was a little less patient than he was, maybe he would have avoided that. He was pushed to the wall to the extent that it is from a distance that he saw the Promised Land. Do you think that is what we are working for? Working to look at the Promised Land from a distance? I don't think that's the case. So, beloved, correct yourselves! If the Lord allowed all these examples to feature in His word, it is for us to draw lessons from them. It is for our instruction. If Moses who is blameless before the Lord missed the Promised Land, it means we still have a long way to go. So, avoid all forms of compromise! Now you are forewarned.

For all new people in our midst, we encourage you to separate from all those who want to drag you behind. If not you won't advance. If you think that you have all the talents to win agents of satan, know that you will fall into their traps. You are not more talented than Moses. There are even so-called servants of God who believe that we chase away people from our Assemblies because we lack love and patience. And believing to have more love and patience than us, they commit themselves to win all the snakes and vipers that we chase away from our Assemblies. It is simply unbelievable!

Now that you have well understood the notion of the parable of the net, here is what the action of these so-called servants of God signifies: when we finish fishing, we sit down, remove from our net all the snakes and other vipers which entered the net, we throw them at the seashore. These "servants of God" whose love and patience are above ours commit themselves to gather all the extremely dangerous reptiles with the determination to transform them into fishes. And they believe it. They are convinced that with a greater patience than ours, coupled with much love than ours, a type of love that is peculiar to them, they will end up performing that great exploit. They will do what the Lord Himself was unable to do. They will change snakes into fishes. Alleluia!

Avoid seduction if you hold onto your salvation. We have to be truly mad to send away people from our Assembly just for pleasure sake. Therefore, avoid seduction. Endeavour to put the Word of God into practice. And for all those who think that we are too hard, because we send away people from our Assemblies, let me inform them that we are not hard at all. The proof is that chasing someone from the Assembly has never been an easy thing for us. We always compromise to the extent where we discover that if we continue to keep them in the Assembly, it will cost us dearly.

So, understand beloved, that so long as we walk in accordance with the Lord's instructions, we shall avoid all these traps that satan sets before us. As long as we think that God is a little too hard, and that we have to be softer than Him, we will fall in the trap of sorcerers. Know that we shall never be softer than God. We shall never be able to show more love than God. We shall never be as compassionate and merciful as God.


Incantations that can come from God's Children: the brethren cited the example of Apostle Peter. I think we have studied that several times. If the Lord found himself telling Peter, away from me satan, it is because Peter, true child of God as you know, at this particular moment allowed satan to use him. And the Lord violently reacted as you notice here. It is even one of the points that sorcerers use to fight the teaching on discernment. They say when the Lord said Judas is a demon, it was just a way of speaking He also said to Peter: Away from me satan. Beloved, do not bother; I shall come back to this topic with you. In any case, you have a simple reason to give these snakes. Let's say they are right by saying that when Jesus called Peter satan, Peter was really satan. Let's say they are right. But where they will be blocked, is when we ask them to tell us how Jesus could establish satan the head of His Church. We all know that it is in Peter's hands that the Lord confided His Church before leaving, don't we?

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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