Numbers 11-16

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The brethren also mentioned that murmuring also means rejecting God, and we developed that with many examples. I even mentioned the verse of Luke 10:16 in which the Lord says: "He who hears you hears Me, he who rejects you rejects Me, and he who rejects Me rejects Him who sent Me." So, as children of God, you have to understand that when you despise servants of God, it is God that you are despising. When you understand it, it becomes simple. When you reject a servant of God, it's God that you are rejecting. I am not the one saying it because I am a servant of God, so that you should not reject me. No, it is the Lord saying it. The teaching is very clear for everyone. Whenever, the people thought they were rejecting the servant of God, they found themselves suffering constantly because it is God that they had rejected. You even have the case of Samuel. Let's read 1Samuel 8:6-8 to refresh our memory. But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, "Give us a king to judge us." So Samuel prayed to the Lord. 7And the Lord said to Samuel, "Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them. 8According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt, even to this day - with which they have forsaken Me and served other gods." When the people rejected him, he went to the Lord and the Lord told him "It is not you that they are rejecting, but Me". And when you reject God, he treats you severely. So, know that for your own good, you must submit yourself to any authority that you recognize to be from God.

This is what I have always told children of God: "On the basis of the discernment that you have from the word of God, you should be able to know whether your pastor is really a messenger of God. If he is, submit yourself to him otherwise it will cost you dearly. And if after examination you realize that he is not a servant of God, don't even remain there to oppose him, just leave because remaining there will instead open a door of curses and not blessings in your life. For you will find yourself murmuring or rebelling against God, or despising God, a thing that can cost you dearly. But as long as you know that you are dealing with a servant of God, for your own good, do not despise him, do no rebel against him, do not murmur".

You now understand the teaching that I give wherever the Lord sends me. I always tell brethren that the Lord has given me a mission for pastors and another mission for children of God. The mission that I have for pastors who are true pastors is to protect true children of God by chasing away from the church all those who choose to disobey God wilfully. Each time I insist on the word "wilfully" so that when I leave, pastors because of impatience should not send away people from the Assembly. And the mission that I have towards children of God is to tell them that each time they discover that their pastors rather teach falsehood or that he is not of God, they should immediately leave that Assembly because each person shall give account to God individually. That is why I tell all those who follow me: "if you think that I am not of God, leave, do not remain there because you won't be doing good to yourself". And as I was telling you yesterday, one of the reasons why we invited the new brethren who are here with us from another continent is for them to discover if we are a sect or a Church. If they discover that we are a sect, let them escape immediately because staying will be too dangerous for them.

These brethren had the opportunity to hear from me when I was in their country; they appreciated the truth and decided to follow us. I didn't want them to follow us with doubts in their minds. I did not want them to walk with people they don't know. I decided to give them the opportunity to spend some time with us and to see for themselves if we are of God, in order to use their own discernment. When I was inviting them, I told them that after we shall have spent some time together, they will either bless the Lord for making them to know us or they will simply avoid us. Remember that when you walk with people who do not doubt you in their hearts, it becomes very easy to practice true love.

I have already told you and I repeat, we are not there to set traps for people, we are there to save people in the name of Jesus Christ the only true Saviour. And salvation is not forced. Let us abide in the truth. Those who are of the truth will follow us wilfully and joyfully and not under constraints. When I tell the brethren to better examine our teachings and our walk with God and avoid us if they think that we are not of God, it is not a way of chasing them away. It is for their good that I say this truth and I encourage them in that direction. So, do not follow me because you have the impression that I am a true apostle. Follow me because you are convinced that I am a true apostle. If it is on this basis that you follow me, you will never murmur.

So please, endeavour not to fall in the trap of despising God thinking that it is a man that you are despising. We are all working for our blessings. If you think that you are seeds of God, work for your blessings. Once you recognize someone as a true servant of God, submit. And if you think that a so-called servant of God is not a servant of God, do not remain in his Assembly. Leave his assembly immediately; because if you remain there to disobey or murmur, that will not be good.

The brethren also mentioned the fact that murmuring made servants of God to suffer. Obviously, those who spend time murmuring against servants of God knowing quite well that they are servants of God are simply agents of satan. This is just an additional element of discernment that you ought to have. Those who recognize true servants of God are there to support them and not to murmur against them and make things difficult for them. Moses missed the Promised Land just because of such people. The brethren also insisted on the authority of the servant of God which is a very explicit teaching that we have already seen. I told you that a true servant of God has powers to send you to Hell. When I taught this somewhere, some people started wondering who we servants of God think we were. We don't consider ourselves to be anything. But understand that a true servant of God has powers to send you to Hell.

The brethren gave us an example: the case of Moses who forgives and God forgives, and another case where he punishes and God punishes. It is high time you understood that when the Lord chooses His servants and send them towards you, it is not for you to treat them the way you want. He sends them with all the powers. The power to save and the power to condemn; I have always told you that a true servant of God does not benefit anything in condemning anyone. But if he chooses to send you to Hell, you will find yourself in Hell. Because God will not contest his decision. You have a proof here. Moses forgave, and God forgave. Where he refused to forgive, God also refused to forgive. So, please, when you recognize someone as a servant of God, make sure you don't tempt God by despising him. In the same way, when I meet servants of God, I always ask them not to abuse their authority. In any case, such a thing will never cross the mind of a true servant of God. We are there to save and not to cause the loss of souls.

The brethren again insisted on an element: "people who were sent", those referred to as spies. They were not just any kind of people, they were matured people. The Bible describes them as the leaders of the people. They were selected; they were not just taken by chance. Twelve elders were chosen, i.e. people whose maturity was well known. They go on mission, come back and the result is what you know: the ten elders instead diverted the people of God. You may think that such things happened only in the days of Moses, no, it is exactly what is happening today.

God sent a dozen of elders in the world to save the people of God, but about ten of them are instead wilfully causing the loss of God's people. There is an important element that these brethren mentioned: the fact that they do it wilfully, intentionally. They know that by giving a good report, they won't succeed in misleading the people of God. Look at the report that they give: "we were like insects in their eyes". In your opinion, how tall were those people that they seemed to be like insects in their eyes? You see that they put in their report what they needed to divert the people of God. Because for the spies to be in the eyes of the people of Canaan like insects, all those people needed to be more gigantic than Goliath: That is; real Gargantuan. But, I can assure you that this is not the kind of people that they met. So, you see that leaders that God sent spent their time diverting the people of God, and unfortunately, they do so wilfully.

When I told the brethren that these pastors wilfully divert the people of God, one of the questions that brethren have always asked whenever I start talking about pastors, the so-called servants of God that you find today is whether those pastors actually know that what they are doing is not good. People find it difficult to understand that such pastors are wilfully wicked". It is only through discernment that we are able to understand better. They are serving their master, they are doing their job: diverting people from God. And as you have noticed in this case, they succeeded in doing that. They succeeded in misleading the people of God to the extent that none of those who followed them was spared from the wrath of God. This is what agents of satan are doing in the world today. And they do it wilfully.

Let me give you an example. God is very faithful that he never leaves His true children in ignorance. At the beginning when we spoke of pastors thinking that it was ignorance or lack of knowledge. At the end, we came to the conclusion that in reality, that wasn't the case, for several times we confronted them with the Word of God and discovered that they know more than we thought.

During my discussion with a brother yesterday, we heard religious music. We understood that the person playing the music was not in our midst. I told the brother: "someone is playing religious music in the neighbourhood", and he discovered that the music was coming from a building behind us. We stood up, went and knocked at the door. When they came and opened, we told them that we were attracted by the type of music they were playing. We asked the person who opened the door if it was a Christian music, and he said 'yes', we asked them if they were Christians and they said 'yes'. We also asked them if they were there for a retreat, they answered "yes, a thing of that sort". We told them that we were just behind and that we were also there for a retreat. The one who received us called the person in charge to come and greet us. As soon as he came, we greeted him and asked to know what they were doing. He told us that they were protestant evangelical Christians. We told him that we came because of the Christian music that we heard and we then took some time off to discuss with him.

In fact, what I want to tell you is that he said they were organizing a concert. He then added that they play a bit of everything, of all rhythms so that people should not say Christians are too dogmatic. As soon as we withdrew ourselves, I told the brother who was with me; you see how the Lord is proving to you here that these people are not ignorant. Since he was inviting us to come in the evening and witness the concert, he was preparing our minds on what we were going to see. In order for us not to be shocked with what we would see, he decided to warn us that they play a bit of everything. This is a poof that he knows that what they do is bad. Since he knows that we will find it abominable, he starts by preparing our minds.

We have always thought that these people were ignorant, now we understand that they wilfully mislead people. We discussed for less than five minutes, but after inviting us, he told us clearly the type of rhythm that we shall listen to while explaining to us why they play such rhythms. His reason was that they don't want people to say Christians are too dogmatic. So, other rhythms have to be played. This is another proof that these so-called pastors whom we have always considered to be ignorant are actually agents of satan who know what they are doing. For this reason, we have to be more vigilant now. Among the twelve leaders who went, ten misled the people.  In order to successfully mislead the people, they resorted to lies telling. And it worked just like it is working today. It is with lies telling that so-called servants of God divert people from the truth today. For if you speak just the truth and attempts to divert people using the truth it won't work. To succeed in diverting the people, they told them that they shall be like insects before those people.  When the people heard this message of incantation, they immediately lost courage. Each of them would have said: "if I am like an insect before their eyes, it means that it suffices for one of them to smash me with his feet and that will be all for me!" This is how the wicked operate, and this takes us back to discernment as the brethren observed.

Beloved, know that in the world, the people of satan are more than the people of God unfortunately. And in the so-called Christian milieus, under the leadership of so-called pastors, apostles, prophets, teachers and others, there are more agents of satan than servants of God. And I believe each of you know it now. There is sufficient proof of what I am talking about. Take just your own example, when I came in your midst, some of your very zealous pastors disappeared while I was still there, whereas they appreciated the word. Such an attitude enables you to recognize them. The Lord granted us the grace to confound others before your very eyes. So, understand that if you want to inherit the kingdom of God, you must be like Caleb and Joshua.

Question: Can we say that such people did not receive any calling?

Answer: that's what I have always told you, either they were not called by God or they refused to answer to God's call. That is what we can say because God always call people but they disqualify themselves. Let's consider the example that we have before us, it is God who chose the twelve elders and gave them this wonderful privilege by sending them to go and explore Canaan. Don't think that there were only twelve elders in the midst of the people. The twelve people were chosen among the elders. That is why they were called the main leaders of the people. What a great honour! Only for them to go and make a mockery of God, you see therefore that God called them and nothing prevented them from doing like Caleb and Joshua. And what is even more terrible is the fact that they describe themselves as insects before the people, whereas they crossed the Red sea on foot; whereas they defeated the army of Pharaoh, whereas they saw how the sea swallowed up their enemies. We see that these people had wicked hearts, that's how we recognize the people of satan. So, the brethren who pointed out the notion of 'another spirit' relating it to discernment were very right to do so. That is exactly what the Lord wants us to understand here!

There is an element that needs to be revisited here. Some brethren told us that while they were doing this study in their group, a brother was outraged by the degree to which people could murmur before God. They explained to him that at times, we find ourselves murmuring against God in our daily activities even without realizing. For those who have once been nostalgic about the world, they must understand that they murmured against God; that's what the people were doing.

Still concerning this point, I would like to come back to a teaching which we received some time ago while studying Psalm 78 since that Psalm describes this kind of situation. When we did the study, everyone was deeply moved by the degree of unfaithfulness of the people of Israel. While each person was condemning, I stopped them and made them to understand that things do not happen the way they think. I told them that we can only know whether we murmur against God or not when we are in difficulties. I told them that in some cases when we see the people murmuring, we understand that they were suffering. I cited the example of thirst. I told them that when we find the people crying because of thirst, it is not as if they drank water at 8am and started murmuring again at 11 am because they were again thirsty. No, they had spent so much time without water.

However, I noted that it was not a justification for all the type of murmuring that we observe. Some brethren pointed out that God exercised a lot of patience before pouring His wrath. The Bible talks of ten times. You therefore understand that this type of murmuring is different from that which stems from the difficulties that we face. Here we have a kind of murmuring that stems from satanic hearts. Because spending time insulting God and murmuring against God does not make sense. When we look at the case of these people, it is quite disturbing. I know that one can murmur in the face of difficulties, but when you think of all that the Lord has done for you, it changes a lot of things. Endeavouring to murmur instead of making effort not to murmur is again more complicated. Despite all the miracles that the Lord made them to see, it did not prevent them from murmuring; they instead went as far as bragging about what they were eating in Egypt. The brethren did well to mention this aspect when they took us back to Exodus 3.

When these people start talking about Egypt here, you have the impression that it is the first heaven through which we must pass before going to the second or third heaven. Whereas these are people who were entangled in a frightful slavery, yet they talk about their cucumber and fish which they ate freely etc. whereas they were subjected to beatings, working without rest, making bricks and forced to go fetch materials themselves. We see that it is simply terrible! People cannot mock God to that extent and go free. They say they had fish, ate cucumbers... they cited all these rubbish, things that they had to suffer before obtaining and what they were being given were crumbs.

Meanwhile in the desert, they ate manna made by God Himself. God who created us knows which food is good for us. And that is why for 40 years, they were at ease in the desert. So, the people had a bad disposition. As a conclusion, we cannot even say that they were suffering; it is instead because they were wicked. We have proofs to justify what we are saying. The proof is Joshua and Caleb. If things were so difficult such that everyone had to murmur, why did Joshua and Caleb not also murmur? So, they had a bad disposition. The brethren also mentioned the fact that the people were already inclined to murmuring.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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