Numbers 11-16

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Yet even God's Children still cling to useless things. Beloved, the time has come for us to be set free. If the trumpet sounds and the Lord takes us in His love, nobody will take anything. And if it is death that takes us first, we will not say to death, please, remember all the things that I'm leaving behind, let me rush and collect them. You shall not take anything! And even if death allows you to rush and get these things, I do not know where you will bring them. You'll just pile these things in the coffin, and while you'll rot these things will rot with you. So, beloved, simple things should be simple for us. Lust creates serious problems. That's why each group insisted on it.

The brothers said that only contentment distinguishes us from people of satan. This is an element that helps us to examine ourselves. For when the Lord gives us the word, we have to apply it to ourselves. This helps us gauge how far we go with God. So if contentment is still a problem in your life, according to what we have just heard, just say to yourself that you are still a pagan. Only contentment makes us different from people of the world. Because for the people of the world, it is vanity that counts. They want to have everything. When an agent of satan has something, the moment he sees someone else with something else, he says, "No, I must have that something else." And this is why agents of satan are comfortable. They produce anything, put a small label on it, and put on the market with the assurance that the people of the world will run and buy, all because of greed. If a child of God is also found in this state, what is the difference between him and the people of the world?

The difference between the people of the world and Children of God must be clear. And among the distinguishing elements that we need, there is contentment. The child of God knows how to be satisfied with what God gives him. It is greed that leads to perdition. The people asked for meat, just by lust, not because they lacked meat to the extent that if they do not eat they would die. Because the manna that God had given them, was sufficient. God being the greatest scientist that exists made manna with all the nutrients that could keep them healthy. But because of lust, they wanted what others eat. And you know where that led them to. So please, as we already said on the first day, a retreat like this, is to completely revolutionize our lives. The advantage of a retreat like this one is that when we come out of it, everyone questions himself. Everyone wonders what level he has already reached with God. After the retreat, therefore, everyone will try to start on a new basis. This is very interesting. So as soon as we finish, everyone will endeavour to see at what level he is as far as contentment is concerned. It will be necessary for each person to examine if they are happy with what God has given them or if they are still looking for useless things, or if they are still running after vanity. This is an element that you need to work on during your personal time with the Lord.

The brothers mentioned the rabbles as open-door among the people. We have already studied it. The teaching on spiritual warfare enabled us to develop these elements. Foreigners, what we call aliens, are still a serious problem for us. For us Children of God, the stranger is not just someone who comes from another continent, he is not one who does not have the same skin as us, a foreigner is a pagan, one who serves another god than the God we serve. This must be very clear to you. If you are comfortable with foreigners, know that you will eventually do what they do. That is why in all these passages that you have examined, God warned His people against foreigners. He told them, when you come into the land to which I bring you, see to it that you do not do this or that thing, do not fall into the trap that others have fallen into. Do not do what you see these nations doing. The Lord knew the consequences of lust. And this is why He kept warning the people. So we need to understand very well that if we imitate these people, we will be the losers. They know which god they serve, they may not know what to expect, but in all cases, they will assume. But for you who have the privilege of knowing the Lord, if you fall into the trap of following these people, and you end up where they will be, it is you who will be losers.

So I want this teaching that the Lord has given us, and which is blessing us now to bear its fruits in all of us. And then I'll go back to one of the questions I asked you the first day. Do you remember when we met that evening around the table to break bread, there is a question that was asked. I ask you that question again now. If the Lord landed while we are here now, during this retreat, will the people of this cottage find only Bibles and appliances on? Or will they also find some other people beside? That is my question and that is the question the Lord is asking us. If the trumpet sounds now, will the people who come find only laptops open, Bibles on the table, and nothing else in this room here? If the answer is yes, then, we are doing well. If in addition to these things, they also find people, it means there is something wrong. And it is for each of us to answer this question. Unfortunately I am unable to answer that question for you.

I told you that when we consider it a great privilege that the Lord grants us, humanly speaking or carnally speaking, a sacrifice. Because everyone still has sacrificed his time to come here. Everyone has modified his programme. We even spent great sums of money to come over here. Do you think it is just for fun that we did this? I told you the other day, this place where we are for this retreat cost us a few hundred euros. Not to mention all the other expenses, food, travel expenses, and if we were to leave God out to assess the risk factor, it would be even higher. Now, why have we done all this sacrifice, if it will not change anything in us?

So if I explain things so naturally, it is for you to understand that it will be a big waste for us, if we can do this, and in the days ahead when the Lord comes, we are not found among those who will be caught up. This will not make sense and it will be a big waste. So please, I would also like to reiterate my supplication. That each of you should adjust his heart, so that his heart is not the kind of heart that satan can turn away easily. Let your hearts be the kind that satan cannot turn away, just as those of Joshua and Caleb. Before their ten companions, they could say: "But why should our position be otherwise?" They understood that democracy does not work with God. If you want to follow the insane, you will be punished with fools. They understood this. So understand that if you keep your hearts in order, satan will not distract you. Not because life is too easy for you, life has never been easy for Joshua and Caleb, not at all. Yet they stood firm. This is what the Lord expects of us, firmness. Stay firm and steadfast, beloved, and the Lord will find you standing when He comes.

So please, I'm still begging you. Let this retreat be a time of transformation in your life. I have told you everything you need to understand to take this seriously. I told you yesterday or the day before yesterday the notion of image or movie. All that we are doing is filmed by God and you will find them in the archives of God when you go up. If you remain steadfast until you get to Heaven, the Lord will show you all of this when you arrive. You'll see this room, with tables arranged as they are now during this time of study, you will shake your head and say: "Oh Lord, I had made the right choice," and you will be happy. And you will hear the Lord say in your ears: "Good and faithful servant" and it will do you good. However, if after spending such a wonderful time, where we all praised God, shared God's blessings, and it is rather in the fire that you remember all these images, imagine what it'll do to you. My hope is that this does not happen to any of us. But know that it is for each of us to realize my desire. It is for each person to say, it is not from the fire that I will see these pictures, but I shall rather do so from the kingdom of God. It is in perfect happiness that I will see all these images

When we studied together the teaching on Hell, you saw the testimonies that were given. You saw the cases that the brothers and sisters who visited Hell described to us. They gave testimonies of Church members whom they saw in hell. People who on earth were in the church and in Hell they remembered very well what was happening in the Church. In the testimony, it is said that these people wept bitterly and regretted the more because of those memories. They told us that because of the fact that they were Christians on earth, satan and his demons persecuted them even more and said: "You were those who spent time mistreating us with your prayers, with your praise."

So beloved, please, from now on, do no longer imitate people that are around you. If Caleb and Joshua wanted to imitate their companions, they would also have been hit by the Lord and it would be a total loss. Do not imitate others. Do not follow the majority; multitude is not what we should follow; democracy is not what is interesting here. If we had democracy, ten against two should win the election and rule. It does not work like that. Rather fear the Lord. Even if you are alone in the midst of 100 million people, do not ask what it is. The people of satan are many on earth and you know it. Those who are of God are too few. For you who believe to be of God, cling to God with all your strength.

We must therefore flee from lust that dominates the world today. It is because of lust that everything that is manufactured today is sold. If you manufacture anything, just make a bit of advertisement, and because of lust, people will rush to buy it. The child of God must know how to imitate his Master. Jesus on earth had the power to have everything he wanted. Did you see him chasing useless things? Not at all! Yet today, we have more than what we need, and we continue to murmur because contentment is not found in us. Only contentment distinguishes us from people of the world. This is what our brothers have told us. Take this message very seriously.

The brothers also spoke of rebellion. Already concerning rebellion, I asked the brothers who lead the assemblies, to tolerate all sins in the Church, except rebellion. I told the brethren to forgive all sins in the Church except that of rebellion. I talked with our new brothers yesterday. I just gave you the record of what they explained. They said that there are people who do not come to worship, and do not even call to apologize. They say when you later ask them where they were, they find it difficult to answer. I told them that it never works that way, and we have never seen a family that functions like that; at least, not the family of God. It is not in the Church that rebellion must be cultivated.

The Church is for those who have abandoned rebellion. Why must rebellion never be tolerated in the Church? Simply because the Church is the model of submission. For the Church to function and for all that God has demanded to work; there must be a perfect submission. And where there is rebellion, submission does not work. One case of rebellion leads to another. You saw the case of Dathan and Korah, isn't it? When they rebelled, what was the result? Many followed. Once a case of rebellion is struck, the others adjust quickly. I think I have given lessons in several testimonies of how when rebellion is tolerated, everything is spoiled. Let me come back to this example I have already given you several times.

I've always said how I got somewhere where I had meetings with servants of God. In the hall that day, there was a woman who, in addition, was not veiled. I said to the servants of God: "But this meeting was supposed to be a meeting of servants of God," they told me that this is correct. I said: "But what is this woman doing there?" Since the meeting was for servants of God, we preferred to leave the other brothers aside. I kept asking them who the woman was. They told me that it was the wife of a pastor. In any case, you know the rest of the story. I exclaimed: "A pastor's wife without a veil?" I told them: "So this Jezebel is a pastor's wife?" I turned to the apostle who was there; I rebuked him before the others and told them that what they are doing was very terrible. I told him: "If the person I see there is a pastor's wife, your case is even more complicated."

He explained by saying: "Oh man of God, what you teach is true, your teachings, I acknowledge them to be true. I even taught them. I explained all these things, but if they do not practice, what should I do? "I told him:" You fool! You just told me there before all you brethren, and before God, that you've never been called. "And I explained why. I told him: "I'll be in your church on Sunday and I can tell you in advance what I'll find there." And what I said is what I found: The case of rebellion tolerated! He says he taught, because he recognized the true teaching. And he wondered what he should do if people do not practice teaching. I continued asking him from whom he received his ministry? I told him: "If you had received it from Jesus, you would have understood that when you teach something you recognize as true, the first person who does not put it into practice, it is not through the door that he will go out, but rather through the window".

They were wondering what I was talking about. But when I finished explaining they understood. I told him that the Lord tells us, the brothers quoted this passage for us earlier, that a little leaven leavens the whole lump. I told him this, when you gave this teaching on the veil, women veiled themselves, I do not need you to go through an interview here; I know what I'm talking about. Once you have therefore given this instruction, women veiled themselves. And for several days, everyone was correct. But as soon as a Jezebel like this one chose not to cover her head, day after day, other women follow her example and each Sunday the number of veiled women declined because they would say: "If the wife of the pastor does not veil, and nothing is done to her, why must we care?"

Tolerated Rebellion: Whereas if you put her out through the window, this teaching would have been put into practice today. I told him: one of two things, either you taught them what you wanted and it does not matter if they do not practice it, or you either have taught them what God says, and in this case it is very terrible if they refuse to put God's word into practice, and you do nothing about that." And I explained why I choose never to teach people what I want. I teach them what God wants. And the only thing that binds me with all those who want to be with me is this desire to obey God together.

I gave you this example; I believe that even with the new brothers recently, it's a bit the same situation we had. When we arrived the first day, they themselves asked questions about veil and many other matters. They are always the ones who ask questions. And when you answer, no one puts it into practice. Women asked questions about veiling, we answered and the next day they came again without a veil. Whereas we took the time to explain everything. I chose to work with them as working with pagans, and I told them. So I did not put them out as I usually do, simply because we do not put pagans out. Still, the second or third day, as I always give the opportunity for people to ask any type of questions, one of them stood up, all happy. She stood up not veiled, to ask her question. And I told her, even if I do not put you out because you're still a pagan, at least the answer to your question you will not get it. It is high time you understood that if we want to move forward, it is not in rebellion that we shall see God. And if you surround yourself with rebels, you'll never get to God.

When you read how the Lord rebuked the false prophets in Ezekiel or Jeremiah, God's message is clear. If those who served God were there to lead the people of God to God, God's people would really come to God. But what are they doing? They do exactly what the other serpent said yesterday: "People should not say that Christians are too dogmatic." That is their gospel. And it is up to you to choose. If you want to live this kind of gospel for a few months, and spend eternity in Hell, feel free. If you want to live like those in Hebrews 11 which we sang yesterday, love the Lord and you will spend eternity in the glory of God. You have understood.

The brethren also mentioned forgetfulness. You remember in one of the conferences we had, a brother asked about forgetfulness. And that day, all that we gave in response was the notion of counting the blessings of God not to forget them. The brethren mentioned it when they talked about old monuments that our ancestors used to build every time. What the Bible calls altars. Whenever God did something for them, they built altars in memory, and this allowed them to remember what God had done for them. This is very interesting. It is up to each of us, to know how to build altars. In all cases, we should create conditions in which we must live without forgetting what God has done for us. It is really for each of us to do that. It will be difficult for someone else to do it for you. It is for each person to say: "I want to go to Heaven, and for this reason I will watch over my way of doing things."

And if you go to Heaven, it will be great joy there. Do not miss the feast that will be in heaven. Look how happy we are here. We call this feast, don't we? We are so happy. But compared to what will happen in heaven, this is not even a party. Because here we are so happy, but when we think that in two days we will separate it breaks the party directly. But in heaven, we celebrate knowing that every time we look at thousands of years after our feast, we shall still be feasting. It will be the real party. You understand why we must not, for anything in the world miss such opportunities.

And each time, I have always explained to you the case of our first brethren who are an encouragement to us. That is why I have encouraged you to watch the film Quo Vadis. Many of us have probably already watched it. It really is a film that makes us to have an idea about what our brethren went through. They really suffered. When persecution began, it was terrible and awful. Yesterday we sang, like Abraham I count on God ... And cited all those who stand in our way, isn't it? Those who stood in the path of the first disciples were more complicated, I do not know what names they are citing there, because their persecutors were numerous.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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