Numbers 11-16

This teaching is the 11th part in a series of thirteen. Please read the other 12 parts.

When persecution begun, the Christians were caught and locked up in prison, the time to plan what will be done with them. They then took lions, put them in cages, kept them hungry for several days, to the point where lions became thin. After that, they organized a big party in a stadium, withdrew the lions from the cages and put them in the stadium, then Christians were removed from the prison and thrown into the stadium in the midst of hungry lions and very hungry. The lions devoured them to their bones. That's the price they had to pay beloved to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And glory to the Lord, they did not panic before the blackmail of satan. Currently, they are in the kingdom of the Lord resting.

Here is the example of people who understood. Still they brought others, organized parties, lit a great fire, and burned them alive. They said to others: "You just saw what these people went through, either you renounce Jesus quickly, or the same thing awaits you." And brothers were there, committed, just waiting for the day they will either be burnt or converted into food for lions. Currently, they are neither in the mouths of lions, nor in the stomachs of lions, but they are in the bosom of Abraham. Those who burned them are now being burned. The Lord is alive! Fear the Lord. When you know what you expect, you do not count the cost to get there.

There's this other thing we noted earlier. It is idea of submitting to an authority we recognize as an authority from God. I still insist on it, that's why we make the effort to let God Himself reveal to you who is His servant and who is not. When God Himself has revealed to you His servant, when you have the belief that a man of God is truly a man of God, you'd better behave like the Lord teaches. It is important not to imitate these people who asked Moses if he thinks that it is only through him that the Spirit of God speaks. Or those who said that all the people are holy. Each person who committed this mistake has paid the price. Whether those who, like the brethren explained, were in error, or those who did so purposely, everyone paid the price. So make an effort not to fall into the trap of despising the true men of God.

The brethren also emphasized that murmuring contaminates and this is why it is a very serious sin. Because it is a sin that always ends up absorbing tens and hundreds of people. That is the essence of what we can still learn from what the brothers have shared.

There is a group that asked this question: Why the murmuring of the people?

In addition to the lack of contentment and rebellion, the brethren also mentioned jealousy and insisted on it. It's part of the elements that the Lord asks us to fight. And among Children of God, we should not even mention these things. I believe there is at least one teaching during which we discussed this. When we looked at the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I insisted on such elements. And all this is the result of lack of love; that is to say that for these problems to arise in an Assembly, there must be a lack of love. When we looked at the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we insisted on love and said that when love is perfect in the midst of God's people, none of these problems are found there. However, when there is no love, among other issues, there is jealousy. When there is no love in the assembly, when you see a brother manifest a gift instead to bless the Lord, you're pretty jealous, you say: "Why him, why not me?" And that's the kind of hearts that satan uses to destroy the Church.

So please watch over that element also. If every time a brother is happy you are not happy with him, know that there is a problem at your level. If every time a brother succeeds you are rather frustrated, know that you have a serious problem. Jealousy is a terrible sin. It is a fruit of demons and not a fruit of God's Children. That's why we must make an effort not to bear such fruits. Otherwise people might take us for demons, which is dangerous. It is up to each of us to work against it at this level.

The other brethren also stressed on disrespect of authorities. This point was already well discussed when we said the report of the spies was a disaster because of the wicked who were among them. The brothers also mentioned the rebellion of Dathan.

There is a group which cited for us verse 41 of chapter 16, which showed how people, despite all that had already happened, still went on murmuring. When the brethren mentioned this, I wanted to ask them to tell me if an Ethiopian can change his skin. Can an Ethiopian change his skin? Jeremiah 13:23 "Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Then may you also do good who are accustomed to do evil." You therefore understand why discernment must help us. Once you recognize an Ethiopian in the middle of God's people, do not stand there to intercede for his skin to change, because it will never change.

So beloved, let us arm ourselves to move forward. Because it is still unacceptable that these people who whispered and were struck by God, found themselves still murmuring. Let us still read this passage together, Numbers 16:41: On the next day, they did not even wait for a few days, we were talking about forgetfulness, weren't we? Because you could say that after several months, they forgot what happened to them. On the next day, so you understand that an Ethiopian cannot change his skin. On the next day all the congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron, saying, "You have killed the people of the Lord." Do you think you can win those people? The Lord strikes some demons, and others come to accuse Moses.

Here I challenge the men who serve God and those who are called to serve God. You are supposed to draw a lesson from this. Once you identify what is called here the people of the Lord, do not expect them to change. These are people who make mistakes, God strikes them. The least we expected from them is at least a semblance of repentance. But they did not. For those who were still alive, instead of praising God and repenting, they say that those who died were the people of the Lord. Another way of saying that they were brethren, so, when you hear them talk of the people of the Lord, they are not referring to our Lord, they are talking about their lord.

They just came mourning for their brothers, their brothers who are gone. Sometimes when you read all these stories, you feel like dreaming. You sometimes think it's just a movie or a set-up. But as we all see, this is the reality. People really lived like we are reading here, suffered what they suffered and on the next day, not a few years later for us to suspect forgetfulness. No, on the next day they got up, to attack who? Still the same Moses for whom God struck their brothers. Beloved, if you still have doubts about the teaching on discernment, here is another proof that this teaching is true. There are people that you'll never change. Do whatever you want, on the next day they will get up to redo the same thing which made God to strike them the day before. Proverbs 27:22 "Though you grind a fool in a mortar with a pestle along with crushed grain, yet his foolishness will not depart from him." Daniel 12:10 "Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand."

Fear the Lord and learn to identify such people in order not to fall in their traps anymore. Because they work so that we should lose our blessings as the brethren have mentioned. This is really terrible. So we need to understand, beloved, that the Ethiopian cannot change his skin. Once you have identified the Ethiopian, do not expect that their skin becomes something else.

Intervention: This reminded me of the people in the Assembly; when we put agents of satan who harm us outside, after some time, they say we have put brothers outside. In unison, we put out demons from the Assembly because their works are visible. And some time later, some get up to say we chased brethren out of the Assembly.

Beloved, you should use such things as elements of discernment. It is not for nothing that the Lord has led us to this study. The Lord in His love wanted to open our eyes. He knows what we suffer, and He knows that in most cases we suffer unnecessarily, because it is mostly for the rabbles and their colleagues that we suffer. That's why He still chose to reveal himself to us.

This intervention of our beloved leads me to give you some other elements of discernment. Endeavour to make the most out of this wonderful time that the Lord grants us the grace to spend in His presence. He did not choose it for nothing. He is wonderful as His name indicates. You better share this teaching with all other Children of God, so that together we should not let ourselves to be distracted by the accusations of Dathan and Korah who are still among us.

Our brother in his speech talked about the people in the Assembly who complain when we chase out agents of satan, saying that we have put brothers outside. Know that those who say this are trying to reveal their true nature. It is the Lord in His faithfulness who chooses to expose them. This is actually a revelation that God gives us through their mouth. In reality, they are not saying that brethren have been put out, they are rather telling you that you put their brothers outside. These are their brothers we put out, and they find that without their brothers, their actions in our midst will be less effective.

The Lord helped us several times to catch some of these people this way. Know that the Lord really gave us a lot of ways to discern these people. Sometimes the revelations that come from God to expose them come from their own mouths, as the case you have just mentioned.

When we read the case of Dathan and colleagues, we believe that these things were only happening before. The same things are happening today. You have so-called brothers who whisper saying I chased the Children of God from the Church, as if we could chase true Children of God out of the Church. Agents of Hell who were on a suicide mission in our midst, with the main objective to destroy us completely and destroy the work of God, and who because of the faithfulness of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, have failed, are the ones that these so-called brothers called Children of God. Now you understand that the spirit that was in Dathan, Abiram and Korah is the same spirit that is in those so-called brothers. A spirit that always leads them to challenge the authority of God and to support their brothers whom the Lord rejects.

This is an element of discernment for you. If you see the so-called children of God who defend the agents of satan because the Lord grants us the grace to chase them out of the Assembly, simply understand that these are the same people. These are people of the same team. For in the same way that we support our true brothers, they too do the same. They also support their true brothers. And it is clear here that their true brothers are agents of Hell that the Lord has already rejected. You have the conclusion. Moses understood it a little late and unfortunately at his expense. Endeavour to understand it quickly in order not to suffer what Moses experienced.

Know that these people talk about their brothers and not our brothers. We will never put brothers outside. If we do, it will make no sense. I have always told the brothers that when they see the way I work, they should understand that I do not put people out for fun. Because I cover thousands of miles at times just to save one person. When you see me put people out, it is therefore necessary to ask yourself this question: How can he make thousands of kilometres to win a single person and put dozens of people out? Either he is crazy and there is a better understanding of what he is doing or he is not crazy and it would be better to examine more precisely the word of God. Because for one child of God, we are ready to do everything we can to win him. But putting dozens of agents of satan outside should not move us. Since even keeping them will not change anything.

Let me share something with you. This is the case of sorcerers that we put out recently. They are all grouped together, and claim to be the true children of God that we chased. Some say they have been accused of witchcraft for nothing, and on this basis they were driven out, (you know that such a thing is not possible in our midst), others say they went by themselves, (the Bible teaches us that no true child of God can leave the truth 1Jean2:19). They all say therefore that they are victims of our hardness and our lack of love. In so doing, they created their meeting, and get together as we usually do. They also started conferences following our model. They visit each other, and plan to work exactly according to our model, organizing retreats also in the future. They are so pleased to have formed a very large meeting involving all the "true children of God" chased out for nothing from our Assemblies. They even rejoice for converting new souls, and they even do baptisms. We can only say, alleluia.

You yourselves know that we have never chased and we do not chase true children of God out of the Assembly. But in the meantime, let us assume that this time we were wrong. Let us say they are right. Let us accept that they are true children of God that we chased for nothing, and also that they left by themselves in order to become better. Here is an item that will serve as a test, and that will help us to know if at least this time we were wrong. If these people who say they are victims of our toughness and our lack of love remain together for a long time, we have every reason to think they would be the true children of God, and that we were wrong to put them out. But if in the coming weeks they fall apart, and find themselves murmuring against each other, you will understand that we did not make a mistake. Remember that other element of discernment: People of satan never get along. When they think that by grouping themselves they can fight us, they will pretend to agree. But this unnatural marriage never lasts. There is no love in satan, and it is not his agents who will tell the contrary.

Since they accuse us of having put them out by lack of love, let us give them time to correct us, by practicing that love that we lack, and that they could not find in our midst. At least among themselves, they should be able to live this love, to show this love and to demonstrate this love. Here the Lord gives them an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that they have the love they accuse us of lacking. This is a great opportunity for them to convince those to whom they slander us that they have more love than us. We expect only one thing from them: let them succeed to agree. I give you a few months, no more, and we will either be repenting for having driven the true children of God out of the Church, or we will be praising the Lord for His faithfulness. In the meantime, remember once again that the people of satan never succeed in getting along.

When these people were still in our midst, they never used to get along. They fought, denounced each other, hated themselves and were always in conflict. Every time I had to exercise great wisdom and patience to control and restore order among them. I lost a good part of my working time to judge their disputes. Now, as by a stroke of magic stick, they now agree, constitute assemblies, and work on our model. From the enemies that they were before, they all have become friends. Hallelujah! Reread this passage from Luke 23:12 "That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, for previously they had been at enmity with each other."

Know beloved, if God's word is true, they have only a few days together, no more. Do not worry. The Lord has given us a repentant heart. It is with great humility that we will repent before the Lord, if these assemblies of vipers persist. I challenge them to stay together for long, to prove on the one hand that we are wrong, and on the other hand, to prove to people that the love they did not have in our midst, they have it among themselves; and that the love we did not show them, they are showing it to each other.

Let us come back to the case of Moses. By the grace of God you understand now. The brethren showed us how without discernment and with a bit of compromise, we spend time suffering for people who will make us to lose our blessings. That point really touched me. You suffer for people who will cause you to miss your blessings. The poor Moses, out of the Promised Land which is the reason for which he worked up till renouncing the glory of Egypt, because of the people for whom he suffered. Pray that this does not happen to us. Fortunately for us, we are studying these things while we are still alive. I'm sure if Moses had studied this with us before, he would not have fallen into the traps of those wicked. Pray to suffer for the true Children of God and not for the wicked who are there to set traps before us. It's really terrible!

The brethren also mentioned the motives of the heart. Ingratitude is the element that emerges easily in this situation. When you see someone who has been enslaved, abused, tortured, say he ate cucumbers, fish, etc.., it's really ungrateful. And brothers went to Exodus 3:7-9 and read what they suffered there in Egypt. Before God sent the liberator, the people suffered terribly. And it is the same people who now value cucumbers.... It's terrible, really terrible! Ingratitude at its climax!

When you watch the movie "The Ten Commandments", even though it's only a movie, it shows a bit of what happened in Egypt. You're in the mud suffering every day, with a relatively high quota of bricks that you must make every day. And as if that were not enough, you are told that it is still up to you to find the straw to cover these bricks. And it is in these conditions that you were. When the Lord by great miracles brings you out of there, you say you ate cucumbers, etc. Is it in this kind of suffering that people could enjoy cucumbers, beloved? Remember that only people of satan can be that ungrateful. I know that in suffering, we sometimes murmur, but telling God that you prefer Hell no longer holds. Because for these people, Egypt was really a Hell on earth.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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