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So beloved, if the Lord is still giving us this opportunity to correct ourselves, we should correct ourselves. It is unacceptable that among us in the sound doctrine, we still debate on false topics such as tithes and offerings, attachment to earthly things, a woman’s dressing, it makes no sense because these are things that the Lord taught us from the beginning.

Let us take the example of attachment to earthly things. We studied what the Lord calls the notion of vanity, we studied the book of Ecclesiastes, and we understood that if we happen to leave the earth today, either by death or by the rapture, we will not take anything along. Each of us knows this. Yet despite all each and everyone is still attached to something. Others are even attached to their pets as we said above; a real abomination! Things that we will not take along as we go and everyone is convinced of, this is rebellion. However, being well installed in these things, each of us believes to be ready for the rapture. That is why we had a debate among us the last time we were speaking of believing and of being seduced. We tried to develop the fact that people can really believe with all their heart to be ready when they are not. Some said it was simply seduction. That is why we have seen in 1Sam 15 this morning that to believe with all your heart to be ready when you are not, you must first deceive yourself, and when we choose to deceive ourselves, we arrive at the point where we end up believing that our seduction is a good thing, and this is rather dangerous for us. As we are studying the Bible for ourselves and not for anyone else, I think it is time that everyone, after each study that the Lord gives us, made efforts to correct himself with respect to these teachings.

After examining 1Sam 15 we came to the conclusion that believing with all your heart to be ready without actually being ready is pure seduction.

When we go through the letters written to the churches, we see that the Lord in His faithfulness always makes sure that every person who seeks Him with a pure heart finds Him. The Lord appreciated each of the assemblies, but did not stop mentioning the elements that they lacked. When we also examine the lives of our first brothers who gave testimonies of their own righteousness without deceiving themselves, Job, Jeremiah, Nehemiah... we see that believing with all your heart to be ready without actually being ready is pure and simple seduction. These men could stand before God and say with all their heart that they practiced righteousness without the risk of making any mistake or being contradicted. David could say: my thought does not go beyond my word.

Can we therefore believe with all our heart to be ready without actually being ready? It will be difficult to answer by an affirmative without mentioning the word seduction, because we have the example of Cornelius, Paul who with all their heart were seeking the Lord, and we can see that the Lord was found by them.

Weakness and rebellion

One cannot speak of weakness in the case of Saul because he knew exactly what the Lord asked him to do. Verse 13 I have carried out the Lord's instructions. Verse 20 I have obeyed the voice of the Lord. When someone acts out of ignorance, he does not even realize that he made a mistake and as soon as his attention is drawn, he immediately asks for forgiveness and corrects himself. We have the example of David in the matter of Uriah, his repentance in Psalm 51 was so sincere, so full of remorse and humility. Saul on the contrary did not have a repentant heart at all. What he did was a fake repentance, because if his repentance was sincere he would not have persecuted David as he did.

NB: weakness is different from ignorance. Weakness does not mean Ignorance. When we sin, it is not always out of ignorance, but also out of weakness.

The spirit of justification: Verse 24... I feared the people and obeyed their voice. Instead for Saul to fully acknowledge his wrong and repent, he continued to justify himself. For him he feared the people and obeyed their voice. What seduction! He who was king and was invested with authority over the people.

Pride: Instead of weeping over his fate he looked to be honoured before the elders of Israel, all that the Lord rebuked him of did not mean anything to him, instead of weeping bitterly over his fate he only sought his honour. This is what many do today; they seek vain glory, the glory of men. The esteem of men is better for them than the approval of God. Saul really did not sin by weakness or ignorance. The Bible tells us that he was no longer small in his own eyes, he became proud, full of himself. Verse 17 Samuel said, "When you were little in your own eyes, were you not head of the tribes of Israel...

Notion of disobedience

The only thing that will make people find themselves in Hell in the coming days is disobedience. Everyone disobeys in his own way, many people unfortunately trivialize disobedience and believes or at least tries to believe that there are small, medium and great disobedience; whereas in the eyes of God disobedience is simply disobedience. As long as you cannot establish your ignorance in an act of disobedience, know that if you do not go through repentance then Hell awaits you. And in cases of disobedience in ignorance, the brothers outlined the examples of Saul who became Paul, who in his ignorance was disobedient to God, fought God, fought the children of God to the point of putting them to death, he was being disobedient to God but in ignorance. As soon as the Lord laid hands on him, because the Lord knew that it was in ignorance that he was rebellious that he was disobeying, you saw his reaction, his repentance, he immediately changed.

For those who have the knowledge and choose to remain in disobedience, speaking in terms of missing the rapture is simply trying to say what people’s ears like to hear. No, it is rather Hell that awaits them. With this if you still meet people who ask you this question: Do you think that because we pray without veil, we will go to Hell? Will God reject us? Tell them that if they do not end up in Hell, then God's word is false. You cannot voluntarily choose to disobey God and go to Heaven. It goes the same with the teaching on baptism that we saw. The Lord led us to better examine these things that we will end up in Heaven with people who have never been baptized in water. However, if you meet one day in Heaven, a single person who on earth had voluntarily refused the baptism of water, know that God's word is false.

Here is the manner in which you need to understand the word of God. You cannot voluntarily choose to disobey God and go to Heaven. You can disobey God and still find yourself in Heaven, if the Lord knows that it is in your ignorance that you lived in disobedience. But knowing what God expects of you and voluntarily choose to practice the opposite and still go to Heaven, this has never happened in this way according to the word of the Lord; and for it to happen in this way, God will need to change His word. And if God changes His word, it becomes false.

That said, each of you should make every effort from now, for those who wish to go to Heaven, to consider the God we serve not as the God of the apostle but everyone as his own God. Everyone should see God as his own God if he wants to go to Heaven. And instead of murmuring against the apostle every time, you'd better murmur against your stubbornness. Revolt against yourself and start to put the word of God into practice. The apostle has nothing to gain by teaching you what he wants, he teaches you what God has asked him to for your own good, because he knows that if you practice what you want it will not do you any good. If you rather practice what God wants, you are sure to have a crown, to enter Heaven, to reign with the Lord.

The Grief of men of God when children of God disobey God

Verse 35 ... Samuel mourned for Saul... Pastors who work in integrity are sad when we rebel before the Lord. The Bible tells us that Samuel mourned for Saul.

The apostle Paul said have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?

This is what we face every day beloved. When our hearts are not willing, it creates a lot of problems. You tell people the truth for their own good, they get angry, they become unhappy as if you had something to gain; as if it is a personal benefit that you get from all that you explained to them, or for the fact of seeing them putting that into practice. Talking about profit, if we are to talk of personal benefit which one can derive from this, it is just to be happy ending up in Heaven with all those to whom you preach the Gospel. Know beloved that it hurts when we suffer for people in order to see them go to Heaven and they turn away from the path of Heaven up to the extent of making us their enemies.

For you who want to go to Heaven, understand very well that it is by total obedience to God that we will meet in Heaven. The least grain of disobedience is Hell. Do not fall into the trap of believing that God has changed with time. He does not intend to change. Disobedience leads straight to Hell just as divination leads straight to Hell. If you believe that sorcerers can be found in Heaven without having gone through repentance, it means that you may believe that you can disobey freely and still get to Heaven. But if you know that there will be no sorcerer in Heaven, know that anyone who chooses to disobey will never enter Heaven.

Disobedience and seduction

It is very difficult to justify seduction by ignorance, but it is rather through disobedience that seduction is justified. Even if in our seduction we believe to be ready without being ready, the Lord will not open to us the doors of Heaven; but it is Hell that awaits us. We have taken an example to justify the fact that those who disobey being in the sound doctrine, in the truth or beside true apostles, really choose to disobey God.

2Kings 5:15-26 "Then Naaman and all his attendants went back to the man of God. He stood before him and said, "Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel. Please accept now a gift from your servant." 16The prophet answered, "As surely as the Lord lives, whom I serve, I will not accept a thing." And even though Naaman urged him, he refused. ... 20Gehazi, the servant of Elisha the man of God, said to himself, "My master was too easy on Naaman, this Aramean, by not accepting from him what he brought. As surely as the Lord lives, I will run after him and get something from him." 21So Gehazi hurried after Naaman. When Naaman saw him running toward him, he got down from the chariot to meet him. "Is everything all right?" he asked. 22"Everything is all right," Gehazi answered. "My master sent me to say, 'Two young men from the company of the prophets have just come to me from the hill country of Ephraim. Please give them a talent of silver and two sets of clothing.'" 23"By all means, take two talents," said Naaman. He urged Gehazi to accept them, and then tied up the two talents of silver in two bags, with two sets of clothing. He gave them to two of his servants, and they carried them ahead of Gehazi. 24When Gehazi came to the hill, he took the things from the servants and put them away in the house. He sent the men away and they left. 25Then he went in and stood before his master Elisha. "Where have you been, Gehazi?" Elisha asked. "Your servant didn't go anywhere," Gehazi answered. 26But Elisha said to him, "Was not my spirit with you when the man got down from his chariot to meet you? Is this the time to take money, or to accept clothes, olive groves, vineyards, flocks, herds, or menservants and maidservants?"

When someone wants to deceive himself even if he is in the sound doctrine, even if he is serving the true prophet of his time, this will not prevent him from deceiving himself. Seduction is a state of heart, beloved, and all those whose hearts are crooked, deceitful, unclean, those who are not ready to obey God, always end up falling into this trap of seduction. Gehazi was the servant of the true prophet of his time, he believed he could deceive himself, deceive the prophet and deceive God. But what strikes us is that no one can deceive God. The Lord will not come and ask our testimony from someone else because He knows us better than anyone else. The Lord does not need your brother’s or your sister’s testimony about you. The Lord knows you; He knows all that you do in your house, in your room. So there is no need deceiving yourself.

We arrived at the conclusion that for those of us who have the privilege of being of the sound doctrine, we must stop deceiving ourselves, because even if we believe in our seduction to be ready without being ready, the God who knows us, the holy God will send us to Hell anyway. Beloved I think it is time for us to rid ourselves of our seduction and have a little more fear for the living God. The Lord will rapture us because of the testimony that He Himself has about us. Let’s cease to be like Saul, to be like Gehazi, people who believe they can deceive themselves and deceive those around them by telling them they are ready, it is useless, time is finished. It is time that each and everyone got rid of his seduction and put his life in order before God.

Gehazi was the servant of the prophet Elisha and he saw all the power of the Lord on the prophet Elisha, he saw all the miracles that the Lord used Elisha to perform; but that did not stop him from telling lies to the servant of God. Sometimes I do not know if it is our seduction that blinds us, for to come before the servant of God who speaks with God and utter such lies without worrying means that the heart is already totally turned away from God and it is really dangerous.

Can one therefore believe with all his heart to be ready without actually being ready?

As we have discovered in the various reports that we have read, some said yes, others said no, others said yes and no, I on my own side believe that we can consider all of the above as true. Why True? Because yes is justified and no is equally justified and that is why many preferred to say yes and no. We can say yes when we are still in ignorance. Because we can even be in the sound doctrine and still be in a semblance of ignorance. Yes when we are deceiving ourselves and no when we really know where we are going and when we are enlightened. Why do we accept the answer yes, when we are in ignorance, as correct? Because it is every day that God leads us to know Him, to understand Him. Although we have studied many things in the past, as you know, each teaching which comes, even if it is not as new as such, wakes us up, speaks to us and at times it is as if it is the first time we are receiving this word.

This does not justify ignorance; it goes mostly in the sense of seduction. But if we bring that closer to ignorance, it is because we believe that when the heart is not ready enough, sometimes some teachings come and do not settle until the day the Lord will speak again. That's why the other day when the Lord brought back issues which we believed to have known already such as attachment to earthly things, tithes and offerings which we do not talk about anymore, we seemed to have heard these things for the first time. We seemed surprised to hear that if someone wilfully disobeys God is Hell that awaits him, or that not giving tithes and offerings is robbing God.

We note that after all there is seduction in this case, since this is not the first time that the teaching is given. And ignorance because when people choose to deceive themselves or did not have a willing heart, the teaching did not really take hold of their heart up to the point where one needed to still come back to the teaching for the eyes to be opened as if they were completely closed. That is why those who said yes justified that with this element, and those who said no were also able to justify their point of view.

But the answer is really as we have just established now; being in the truth, with a right heart, we cannot believe to be ready when we are not. Because the word of God bears witness that we are ready when we have a pure heart. The Word of God bears witness that we are on God’s track; I believe the brothers have given us the examples of those who proclaimed their righteousness or their innocence or their integrity before the Lord, that is to say those who claimed these things before God. They claimed their justice, integrity and in our hymn there is one of those passages that we decided to sing. Because it is really striking, it is the case of Job who said far be it from me that I should say you are right; till I die I will not put away my integrity, my righteousness from me, it means that man can claim a certain level of righteousness and integrity before the Lord, provided he chooses to live in this integrity.

Meanwhile when you choose to live your own way and want to at least appear righteous or upright before the Lord, it is normal that it will be called seduction. I think the final conclusion as the brothers have said is no. But as the reports were made, be they those who supported no or yes, depending on how the brethren brought out their points, each of these answers really had their place. Finally as soon as we come out of ignorance and we know what we are doing and where we are going, the answer becomes no; with this when we return to the rapture volume 3 the word which dominated this study is the word surprise. There will be a lot of surprises in the next few days, because there are unfortunately those who believe, who are convinced that they will be raptured when they are not even saved. That's why there will be surprise. Now after this study, if our answer is no to this question, we therefore understand that this surprise will be only for those who have chosen to deceive themselves. This is how beloved I think we can summarize the different answers we received with respect to this question.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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