Dear brethren and dear friends, we have found it useful to put at your disposal this study on the ministry of women in the Church. You are all invited to take part in the study. But, only take part in the study if you agree on these 7 prerequisites that you will find on our website, or directly by clicking on this link:

Do not go on the Internet to search for the false teachings taught by the blind guides. Search the Bible instead. We do not want quotes from men, but we want the Bible. Just tell us what the Bible says, and not what a particular author or preacher would have said.

If you agree to participate in this study, do not forget to send us your research reports to this address before 11th August 2018. Good research, and God bless you!

Topic: Women ministry in the Church

Help us through the Bible to know all that God says about the ministry of women.

Among others:

- Should women teach?

- Study of Deborah's case.

- Women who profess to worship God

- The veil: Should women cover their head?

- Women dressing?

- External ornaments?

- God only looks at the heart; the outward appearance does not matter in the sight of God, women can therefore do as they wish?


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