Matthew 6:19-21

This teaching is the 5th part in a series of eight. Please read the other seven parts.

He had only one son, his unique and he should have taken a few weeks of prayer to see if it was really the Lord who had spoken to him. He could have taken a little time to have some confirmations. But this was not the case. The Bible tells us that Abraham got up early in the morning, and complied. This is at least an irrefutable proof that his treasure was in God. He had a real love, even an excessive love for his son, but that love was less than the love he had for God. That is what you should understand.

Now it will be easier for us to know where our treasure is. The brothers mentioned the case of money. If the Lord came today, tonight, and asked you to get up tomorrow morning and go empty what you have in your account or in your accounts, and put it at His disposal, firstly, would you do it? This is the first question. And secondly, would you do it as quickly as Abraham? If the answer is yes, then stop bothering yourself. Because if the trumpet sounds, whether in the morning, at night or during the day, know that you will go with the Lord. But if the answer is no, you have real cause of concern. And fortunately, there is a group who spoke about repentance. If the answer is no, you still have this grace that repentance is still possible. That is how we should know where our treasure is. We talked about money, let us talk about family now.

For some people, family is an even bigger kind of idolatry. Sometimes it is the father who comes before God or before the things of God. Know that, when we want to know if we are idolater or when we want to know if our treasure is God, we should not only look to God, we should also look to the things of God. For the things of God are part of what we can call God. There are people for whom the father comes before the Lord and before the things of the Lord, people for whom it is the mother who comes before God or before the things of God, people for whom it is the children who come before, and for others it is the family that usually comes first. That is, if there is a thing of God on the one hand, and on the other hand, things that concern either the father or the mother or the children or the family, we are ready to sacrifice the things of God for the family. It is called idolatry. And we studied it very well in December.

The conclusion that the Lord had given us, and the message was clear to everyone, was that if you are in such condition, if the trumpet sounds, and you, despite all, find yourself raptured, know that God made a mistake, Hallelujah! You cannot be idolatrous and be raptured. This will never happen that way. The Lord gave us this message because He loves us, since He knows that we already make the effort to suffer for Him. Because each of us here fled from the assemblies you know, and only the simple fact of having fled from these assemblies brings us a lot of slanders, gossips, insults, persecutions and everything you can imagine. And when we suffer these things, the Lord does not want us to suffer them for nothing. If the people we fled from or the people we reprimand every day, spend time insulting us, abusing us, telling slanders against us, and inventing stories that never existed, only to blacken our reputation, if they do it and later we end up with them in the same camp, then we have good reason for wondering why we are suffering. And this is the reason why the Lord, in His message to us, does not stop mentioning it.

Every time I say this to the Children of God, even to those who are with me: "Think about it very well! If you think that you have made a mistake, go back to where you were, it would be interesting for you. Because if you follow me in the truth and pretend to suffer without suffering, you will be wasting your time." I, who knows which God I serve, I can assure you that if you pretend to suffer without suffering, you will not go with the Lord when He returns. I know it and I will never tell you the opposite to put you at ease. That is why, every time, I turn to those who are already with me and tell them: "Please, examine yourselves again very well! If you are not ready to live according to the truth, go back either into the world or to the assemblies where you were before. Because there, you shall at least rejoice with them while waiting for the wrath of God."

The more complicated thing is to flee from those people, being insulted, being reprimanded, slandered, abused, stoned, persecuted and still find yourself later with the same people, suffering what was reserved for them. So if the Lord chose to speak to us in that way in December, it was to avoid any confusion. He did it so that no one be able to blame ignorance or the misunderstanding of the word of God, everything was very clear in December. And before concluding the teaching in December, each of us had to answer the question and could answer the question, "If the trumpet sounded today, would I be raptured?" And we insisted on the fact that, we did not speak at that moment in terms of "we would be raptured," we spoke in terms of "I would be raptured." Because "we will be raptured", everyone conjugates it very easily. It is "I will be raptured" which one says with difficulty.

Because when we are in the crowd, we sing, and there is such a lively atmosphere that everyone dances and we have the impression that everything is fine. It is when you forget the others, and begin to talk in terms of yourself, that it is easier to know whether you are moving forwards or backwards. And the message was clear enough in December.

Thus, we spoke about money and we were talking about family. When we speak of idolatry, it is sometimes very difficult to know what is the aspect of idolatry which holds the so-called christians more captive. Because at times, one believes that it is money that comes before any other thing, and at times again, one believes that it is the family that comes first. And it is often difficult to determine what really holds the maximum number of christians captive. Because there are so many christians who are bound to their families. There are those who speak only in terms of their father. There are some who speak to you only in terms of their mother; there are also some who speak only in terms of their children. For them their children mean everything. They are willing to sell everything for their children, they are ready to despise the work of God for their children, they are even willing to miss meetings or gatherings organized by the Lord to put their children at ease.

For some people, it is their wife. Their wife comes before everything. Everything God explains is fine, provided that the desires of their wives be first fulfilled. For other people, it is their husband. And with that, everyone is convinced that he or she is serving the Lord. That is why when you read our teaching on "The Rapture: How to be ready", it is precisely this term surprise, which was developed the most. The surprise in which people will find themselves, at first after the rapture, and then before the judgment of God. There are people who are so comfortable to say "Come Lord, Lord what are you still waiting?" As if, if the Lord came, it would be for them that the Lord would come. You look at them and you feel sorry for them. While we are waiting for the return of Jesus, they are waiting for it more than we do. Whereas they are still bound to all the things we mentioned. Money for them comes before God, their family comes before God. Everything in their life comes before God. But in the meantime, they are also waiting for the Lord.

I think that if the Lord in His love chose to speak to us today, it is because He does not want any of us here to miss the rapture. That is why He can speak, and still insist as if He had not spoken to us yet. Nevertheless, I do not think that God will speak to us more clearly than He did in December. Because we took only about two hours for this workshop, while in December, we spent four days studying the same subject. It is not in two hours that the Lord will say more than what He said to us in four days, isn't it? The message of God was absolutely clear. But let us forget December and bless the Lord who chose to bring up this subject again. Idolatry may concern money, family, sport, material possessions like the brothers mentioned it. There are people for whom sport comes before everything. As soon as there is a Bible study, if it coincides with their sport time, too bad for the Bible study, and in the meantime, it is God that they serve.

For other people, it is material possessions. They first look after material possessions. And if after that, there is a little time left, why not have mercy on that God. That is what we, christians, have become today. And the brothers mentioned so many examples like the case of Lot's wife. It is a teaching that I examined again with the brothers the other day, and we stressed so much on this point. The wife of the only true pastor of the city, of the only true pastor of the whole region, the wife of the only preacher of righteousness. This leads us to understand that, in any case, she was a submissive woman, a woman who feared God, as we fear God today, a virtuous woman. Because if you are the wife of the only true preacher appreciated by the Lord, you are duty bound to show some virtues. And she had the privilege to receive the Lord in her house. And to show that she was not like the others, that is, she was neither a witch, nor an adulteress, nor a thief, she escaped the fire. Nevertheless she did not go further than that. Why? Just because her heart was still attached, but not fully bound to the things of the earth, it was just a little bit bound to those things. Because when we talk in terms of idolatry, you have the impression that I am exaggerating a bit. You have to see the Lord Himself in action, to understand that the message is more serious than you think.

For when we simply read, everyone tries to soften the message, so that it does not create in him the shock he does not want to feel. And exactly, there is one thing we have also discussed with the brothers the other day. It was the case of the bird you call ostrich, that when it sees the danger, it seeks the sand and buried its head in it, as if the fact of burying its head in the sand will prevent danger from cropping up. And this is unfortunately today's christians. As soon as they hear the message, although the message is clear, they try to embellish the message, to soften it a little bit, as if the fact of softening the message would change the message. The message will remain the message as God gave it, no matter the wrapping you use to wrap it. We must learn to submit ourselves to the Lord, not for the Lord's sake, but for our own good.

It is just because of a little attachment that Lot's wife missed the glory of God. And what I insisted on again with the brothers the other day was what I could call the harshness of God. But who is that God that does not know how to be grateful? You spend the night at someone's house, the next day you punished that person? A woman receives you in her house, washes your feet, gives you food to eat, prepares a place for you to rest, and the following day, she does not escape your wrath. God must certainly be an "evil" God, isn't it? One has always deceived you, God is good, God is good! You persist in madness, nobody is willing to suffer for God, you think that God will deny Himself to please you? It is great time you understood that what is said remains and will remain. God will not deny Himself to please man, be him His child. Thus, you should understand that it is in our interest to mend our ways and to walk according to the word of the Lord.

Yesterday, while we were enjoying ourselves reciting the books of the Bible, we quoted a passage of the word of God just for a laugh. A very important passage that I would like to revisit again. It is when we were examining the decision of our brother. We referred to this decision that king Darius took, or the decision that one forced him to take towards Daniel. When he realized later that Daniel fell into the trap in which he did not want to see Daniel, he was ready to compromise to save Daniel. But he found himself stuck. Stuck by whom? Nobody! By what? By a simple word that escaped from his mouth. And as this law could not be repealed according to the law of the Medes and Persians, he had nothing else to do but to whine: "Oh Daniel, may your God whom you serve with faithfulness have mercy on you." That was all he could do. Yet, he was king, he could change the decisions as he wanted, but the Lord leads us to understand here that the laws do not change like we think.

If a man could be bound by his word at that point, do not think that it is God who will compromise so easily to please humanity or mankind. So you'd better be careful. God, although He is almighty, great as you can imagine, is bound. I think there is at least one thing that binds God and that thing is His word. So you'd better be careful. Because the day comes when, even if God would love to do otherwise like king Darius was ready to do otherwise for Daniel, he would be stuck. Stuck by what, by His own word. That is why we must conform to the word of God. It is a bit tricky and dangerous for us to read what God said, and to do the opposite by saying: Good! Maybe the Lord that day will still do otherwise. No, this is to play the fool! God will never change His Word to please anyone. And this is the message that God gave us last week when I was with the brothers in the South.

We were wondering how God, a God full of goodness, a God full of love, can still allow to let hundreds and thousands of people drown in the water. From all those who were on the whole earth, He saved only eight people, and threw into the water hundreds of millions of others, including children we think to be innocent. We have good reason to ask ourselves: "Is that God really the God of love we hear about every day?" Either one deceived us about Him and it makes sense, or one did not deceive us at all, and we should think a bit about it. We have some caricature of God in our minds today. Everyone says that in every case, God will understand. Please keep in mind that God will no longer understand anything, He will only understand what is already sealed in His word.

In the time of Noah, there were so many churches as you can notice today, there were many christians who were dancing and sweating as many do today. But when the Lord came, He proved to them that His law could not be repealed. Many learned it at their expense. When we go back to the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, it is even sadder. There were so many churches in both cities, we can already forget the cases of people who play with God, homosexuals, thieves, liars and those who believe that God does not exist. We are only interested in the case of those who claim to be born-again Christians. There were so many churches in those cities. These churches had pastors who were specialized, each of them in something specific. For some it was prosperity, for others it was the different temples, large buildings to construct, for others it was the glory, for others it was pride, for others power, miracles, and for others they had to have private jets. There were also some who taught the faith which knocks over even things that have not been created yet.

But amid all this, there was a true Church, the Church of the saints, those who were honouring God, who were fearing the Lord, who fled from greed, pride, who fled from all the things of the world and who were living in the sound doctrine. And yet we see God coming in the middle of that Church, which was not that big, because you can hardly form a big church of people who want to live in the sound doctrine. Since those who accept the sound doctrine have always been very few. Therefore, God comes in that Church which was already very small, and still makes a selection. Don't you find it strange? The Assembly of Lot had only four faithful, including the pastor. We have grounds for asking ourselves who was the leader of the choir group, who was leading the intercession, who was the leader of tithes.

According to the false pastors of today, the Church of Lot must have been a very unbalanced church. What is annoying, beloved, is that the Lord came again in this little assembly, and made a selection. It is time you understood that it is the false gospel that you have received until now. One gives you the impression that we will all be raptured. One says: Hallelujah, you answer: Amen! And you are overheated. Let me tell you that even by miracle, not all christians will be raptured. I mean even those who claim to be of the sound doctrine, not all of them will be raptured. Because for some, the sound doctrine has become a shell under which they hide and are merry. And it is for that reason that the Lord gives us messages like these, so that everyone understands and discovers where his heart was.

If for you, one of the things that the brothers mentioned here comes before God or before the things of God, keep in mind that unless this state changes in the meantime, you are already sure that you will not be raptured. And if you stay in your state, and when the trumpet sounds, you are still raptured, know that God, in the meantime, has chosen to deny Himself and to change His word. No idolater will be raptured. Whether it is money, or family, or sport, or material possessions, which come first, if only one of these things can take the place of God or the place of the things of God, know that you are not a Christian, and if you are a Christian, know that you are one of those who will come after the rapture. And woe to you if you die before the rapture! For those who followed the teaching on the rapture, you saw the difference between christians who die without being ready and those who will still miss the rapture and stand firm to go to heaven, didn't you? You know the difference very well, don't you? So, I was saying that if you are one of those who still have their heart bound to something on this earth, either you are not christians and that is understandable, because when you belong to satan, the things of God never mean anything to you, or you belong to God, and you will be among those who will come to heaven after the rapture.

Because it is after the rapture that God will allow the antichrist to heat up Christians to take away from them the idolatry that clung to them, before they ascend into heaven towards Him. Nobody will ascend into heaven with all this shell of idolatry under which people hide today. The brothers thus gave us this example of Lot's wife, Ananias and Sapphira who lost the glory of God because they were bound to useless things. While every brother was putting at the disposal of the Lord all that they had for the glory of God, Ananias and Sapphira preferred to make their property their own property. The desire of the true Children of God is to see other Children of God feeling fulfilled. The desire of every child of God was this: "When I have, I share to allow the brothers, or every true child of God to feel fulfilled." But as for them, instead of putting at the disposal of God everything they had like other brothers were doing, they took a little of what they had to go and distract the true Children of God in the Church and keep the rest for themselves. Because of idolatry, they missed the glory of the Lord. To the point that, in that Church where God was highly exalted - and those first brothers may have seen what we will unfortunately no longer see until we arrive towards the Lord - they missed all this. Why? Because of idolatry.

And what is shocking is that finally, they were neither with God nor with that to which their heart was bound. Here is the trap of idolatry. The problem is that you cling to the things which will be of no use to you. Things that will fail you at the very moment you will need them the most. That is the danger of idolatry. When terrible moments occur, when persecution occurs, when trials of God occur, while you scream, these things are incapable of saving you or help you. It is God who is the only God capable of helping you. Unfortunately, you have already put Him aside. It is at that point that things become complicated.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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