Matthew 6:19-21

This teaching is the 6th part in a series of eight. Please read the other seven parts.

With the examples that the brothers gave us, they mentioned many cases, and for each case they were able to give an example. In the case of those for whom family comes before all things, we have the example of the high priest Eli who put his children before God, like many of you do today. And I took the opportunity last time to draw the attention of the brothers of the South with regard to all these satanic laws that are voted today. These laws in which one asks people not to correct their children. I told them: "You should never fall into this trap again, satan has already turned you into idolatrous." To correct a child does not mean that you hate the child. On the contrary, it is a sign that you love him according to the Lord. But today, you see parents who can no longer discipline their children. And according to them, in doing so, they are showing their love for the child. It simply means that they love them more than they love God. And that is idolatry. And I told the brethren what I want to tell you now. With you, we have already spoken about it several times. Know that when you are unable to discipline your children, not only will you destroy them, but you can also destroy your own soul.

And the example that the brothers gave us is quite revealing. The high priest Eli, instead of correcting his children as it is right and proper, instead of reprimanding them seriously for the glory of God, thought he loved them more than God did. To the point that, whatever the insanities in which they got involved, he went to them and said: "No, my sons; the report I hear spreading among the Lord's people is not good." That is how many parents talk to their children today. Many despise God and worship the creature. It is God who created children. God loves children more than we do. God asks us to correct children, we say no, we love children, woe to him who touches our children. Fortunately the language of the Lord is clear enough. While this one was unable to reprimand his children, unable just to reprimand them, the other was willing to sacrifice his own. This is how you see the difference between those who have the heart fully devoted to the Lord and those whose heart still staggers before God.

Here are two servants of God. One of them is unable to reprimand his children, the other is willing to sacrifice his child, his only child for the glory of the Lord. Why do you expect God to reward both the same way? But he must be an unjust God to do so. "Judgment will again be founded on righteousness, and all the upright in heart will follow it." Psalm 94:15. The brothers revisited the case of Job, Moses, Ruth, Daniel and his friends. These cases help us understand that, fortunately, for the history of the Church, God has always had some people to love Him with all their heart. Otherwise it would be a shame for God and for the people of God. Because, what the people of God do today is really a crying shame. In the midst of the people of God, we have hundreds of millions of christians on earth, each of them is bound to something, and sometimes when you have a quick look at their programmes, those who love God, put God in the third place. As for others, it is even in the twentieth place on their list that you see the place of God. Money comes first, comfort, children, wife, entertainment, hobbies, everything comes before. And it is only when people have finished listing all those things that are important to them, that they say to themselves, "Why not think about this God, let us have at least some mercy on that God." These are the christians of today.

When you go to some places, let me take the example of the United States, every Friday and Saturday evening, hairdressing salons make incredible incomes. Do you know who are their customers? Christians who will go to church on Sunday morning. Alleluia! And the next Friday or Saturday evening, they will renew the hairstyle. You really should not expect them to come in the church the next Sunday with the hairstyle of the previous Sunday. Do you know roughly how much does a hairstyle cost? The average price is $150. So these are the born again christians, members of the different groups you know: Choir groups, intercession groups, etc. One should therefore spend at least 100 euros for a hairstyle. There are even hairstyles that cost more than 200 euros. They spend this large amount of money just to go and parade around in the church on Sunday. Since they are in choir groups, they have to turn their heads in all directions when they sing, so that people can look at their hairstyles very well. And when they sing, one says that there is anointing in the room. So these are the christians of today!

Fortunately there were people like Daniel to save the honour of the people of God, otherwise it would be a shame for the people of God. But glory be to Jesus, because in every generation, God always finds at least one who will speak his language. Alleluia! But the time has come for each of us, to revolt against oneself and to say now: "I will live for the Lord." But in the meantime, keep in mind that as long as you will remain in idolatry, you will be wasting your own time, not the time of God, and not the time of someone else. May the Lord bless the brothers who conducted this study. In their conclusion, the brothers said that the fact that someone does the things of God with hesitation is a proof that his treasure is elsewhere. Since the question for us was to know, in the end, how to discover where our treasure is hidden, praise the Lord, the brothers really helped us.

If you are of those who were doing the things of God with hesitation, just keep in mind that your treasure is elsewhere. And if you have made a mistake, fetch quickly your treasure where it was, move it and place it where it is supposed to be. Alleluia! That is, in Christ. And it is even from there that the Lord gave us this theme of workshop, because even your zeal for the Lord is an indication that you are ready to love the Lord, the way you hurry to do the things of God, the way you are devoted to the things of the Lord, if you are always among the people who are cold when it comes to doing the things God, if you do it reluctantly, just because you still have to do it ... No! It is your time that you are wasting. And this is what the brothers are trying to say here. They want us to understand that the fact that someone does the things of God with reluctance is at least evidence and an irrefutable evidence, that his treasure is somewhere else. Alleluia! May the Lord bless the brothers of the first group.

Comment of the report of the second group

The brothers took time like the others to define for us what the treasure is. And this at least became clear to all of us now. They mentioned almost all the cases we have just seen, with a few exceptions. They spoke to us about the case of Abraham. In every case, this example could not go unnoticed. I do not know whether we can still find on earth nowadays, someone who can take up this challenge Abraham accepted. And that is why this case could not go unnoticed. So it is not surprising that every group mentioned this case. As you can notice, when you meet men today who have 10 or 30 children, they are not ready to give one of them to God. Do you know something that incites too much war in assemblies today, or among christians today? It is tithes. That is, if you have 10 children, you are not willing to give one of them to God.

Abraham had only one son and it was with eagerness that he ran to sacrifice him to God. For the christians of today, to give the tithe is a complicated thing. Fortunately, pastors know how to force you with it, by creating notebooks in which one writes the name of each person. And that is exactly why some pastors told me this: "Your message, we cannot succeed in putting it into practice." Every time I taught them how they should encourage the Children of God to give freely in the Church, they replied by saying: "The message as you teach is so clear that no one can question it. But we cannot take the risk of putting it into practice, because if you tell christians to give freely, who will give? They will not give." Alleluia! And these greedy people are right. How many greedy people are still willing to give freely? Are they not right? How many of you give freely?

If now we create a notebook of tithes here, I am sure that everyone will give his tithes and offerings. When one asks to give freely, no one gives something. Alleluia! That is why man likes God to always boss him around. But unfortunately for us, God chose not to boss us around anymore. Because when God bosses us around, it is a security for us. Man likes whip. Man likes to be whipped to work. When you give him freedom, it is bad. Whenever I found myself saying to pastors: "Encourage the children of God to give freely, even to give more than the tithe, since it is no longer only the tithe that God expects from the children of God. God expects more than the tithe. "With all the teaching, we came to the conclusion that the teaching suffers from nothing. But they told me: "Man of God, if we try to put this into practice nowadays, the church will be ruined. Which christian will agree to give freely?" And I told you earlier that these greedy people are right. Do you know why? They have only greedy faithful. Alleluia! Where have you ever seen a greedy person who gives freely? And it is unfortunately what you are today, people who find it difficult to give. When it comes to withdraw money for the things of God, each of you calculates, each of you thinks about it, each of you wonders how this will happen.

At least a proof that money still occupies your heart, that is, you are greedy and idolatrous. We can only bless the Lord who chooses to tear this veil that still blinded us, so that everyone understands today which level his heart has already reached with God. Abraham had only one son, he did not have ten. It was with eagerness that he went to sacrifice this son to God. Nowadays, for the born-again Christians filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with anointing and filled with everything, if he has ten children, ask him one of them. It is with many calculations, and many difficulties that he will give him to you, if he even agrees to do it.

The brothers also mentioned the case of Israel, the way to the Promised Land. They may have chosen to spare you the ratio. Because the ratio, or at least the percentage, helps you understand better. All that they told us is that two people entered the Promised Land. Do you know how many left Egypt? More than 600 000 men. Do we have accountants here, who can help us make a small ratio? A ratio of 2/600 000, it gives something weird, isn't it? This makes us laugh. Yet, this is the God we serve. When we understand God in this way, with the human mind, we cannot see the immense love of God, or the great goodness of God, or the great mercy of God. Nevertheless, He is really good, He is full of love, He is merciful, as His word teaches it. But He simply cannot deny His word and deny Himself. That is the principle. Therefore, you would better conform to the word of God.

From more than 600 000 men who left Egypt, with destination the Promised Land, only two of them managed to enter the land. Where are the others? (An answer in the room: They died in the desert.) Desert thus became their promised land? (An answer in the room: They remained on the road). You see that such messages scare, isn't it? We need to be scared to enter heaven. If you create a comfort in which you shut yourself away to believe that everything is fine, it is in hell that you will perish. God has not changed, and He, unfortunately, does not intend to change; because if He could change for us, it would be a very good thing. Unfortunately, He is not ready to change. It is up to us to change to go to God. Keep in mind that we were very far from the Lord. And it is still the message that I explained to our brothers during the retreat last week in France. A few years ago we were waiting for the Lord with all our hearts, saying, "Lord, come, Lord we have already seen all the possible signs, Your prophecies Lord are being fulfilled." And after that, the Lord told us why He delayed to come. We immediately repented and never dared to say: "Come quickly Lord." The Lord made us understand that, if He did not come yet or if He still does not come, it is for our own good.

I demonstrated it to the brothers the other day. I told them: "I just finished the teaching, each of you looks at the other, the pastor looks at the faithful and the faithful look at the pastor. You were wondering where you were. If the Lord had come a week ago, where would you be? Since it is now that you realize that you never knew God. If He had come a week ago, where would you be now? "At least a proof that our Lord's patience means salvation." 2Peter 3:15. Alleluia! We better take advantage of it now and repent."

The brothers spoke to us about the case of a Christian with the first zeal, and they led us in the book of Ecclesiastes with many passages to read. They also insisted on the fact that it is up to every Christian to know where his treasure is. They came back to the passage of 2Peter 2:19 "They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity - for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him." Yesterday morning, when we found ourselves here, we talk exactly about slavery. And the Lord let us go back over the same passage now because everyone is a slave to his treasure. Everyone is a slave to whatever masters him. If it is your husband who comes before God, know that it is to him that you are a slave. If it is your wife, your sport, your job, your children, your mother, your family, know that you are rather a slave of these things. Only the slaves of Christ will go to the Lord.

They also came back to the case of Lot's wife. The brothers also insisted on the fact of examining oneself each week, of examining oneself regularly, in order to conduct each time a little life review. For those who studied management, it is a very good way of making a sound management. To wait all year long or two or three years to make an assessment, is a danger. Assessing oneself at least once every three months helps to avoid great scandals. Because when some budget deficit starts, if you intervene in time, you can escape. Nevertheless when you let it pile up, the day you realize that the loss amounts to billions, it becomes irreparable. It is the same with our walk with God. If you forget yourself, make the same mistakes each time, and wait for years to conduct a life review, the day comes when you will be unable to fill the gap that was created. But if, as the brothers said, after a week, you try to make a little assessment, you manage to see your takings and your outgoings, you can see if there is loss or profit, you will see how to adjust your account before the end of the year. So, here is a secret that the brothers shared with us: To examine oneself each week. After each week, you say to yourself: "How was my week? Was my week for God or for myself? Do I cling to God during the week or do I forget myself in my own things? "Whoever undertakes to do this is sure to be raptured.

Because when you commit yourself to seeking integrity in this way before God, God can only help you. Whoever has, will be given more, alleluia! Whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them. And they quoted the passage which says to look for God who is the wisdom as we look for silver. Proverbs 2:3-5 "And if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, 4and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, 5then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God." Even the Lord knows sometimes how to scoff at us, isn't it? He asks you to look for wisdom, look for Him as you look for silver. It is really ridiculous, isn't it? Listen how God speaks to us. He sends us to look for God, as we look for silver, a way of telling us that we are greedy.

Who is God? What is Money? Instead of seeking money as we seek God, He tells us to seek God as we seek money. Because He knows how we seek money. I found myself in an assembly one day, I was teaching, I was laying emphasis on lateness; I was explaining how people dare come to Church late. When one says that service will begin at 10am, it is at 10:15 that some people enter their bathroom to freely have a bath, in order to go to the service that was supposed to start at 10am. That is what the Church has become today.

And when I was giving the teaching, I told them that during all the time I will be there, if I enter the room, no latecomers will be allowed in. I also told them that I often put people who come to church late outside. And they began to murmur in the room. I told them to stop this madness while there is still time. I told them this: "I will prove to you whom you serve and where your treasure is." I told them: "We are here in a country where there is what one calls winter, isn't it? You know how hard it is to get up from the bed in winter, isn't it? Yet there are some people, when work should begin at 5 am, they arrive at work at 4 am. That is, they defy snow and everything you can imagine. Sometimes when the bus does not come in time, it does not matter, one just doubles trousers and goes at work on foot. When you put the service at 10 am in the middle of summer, no one can arrive on time."

I told them: "You have lost your mind, if your pastors can allow such laxity it is because they are leading you to Hell. God, under no circumstances, will accept you in that state in His kingdom." For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. That is why God can ask us to seek Him as we seek money, which seems to make no sense. It is because He knows how we seek money. Take the example of any country, take the example of Belgium, France, England, any country. People work twenty-four hours a day. Tell me in which country people serve God twenty-four hours a day? Have you already found one? Alleluia! The message that the brothers of the second group gave us is clear. Look for God as you look for silver. We have understood.

There are brothers who insisted on the fact that one cannot speak of treasure without speaking of separation. This is due to the fact that if our treasure is not in God, it is because we are bound to things, either to material possessions or to people. Therefore, we simply cannot speak of treasure here without speaking of separation. We must get rid of all the things that bind us, if we intend to please God. Either rid ourselves of money if it is money that binds us, of our children if it is our children, or of our parents if it is our parents, or of our partner if it is our partner, or of our families if it is our families, or of our work if it is our job. It is only in that way that we can move forward with God. And the brothers took the example of the people of the world. And on this point precisely, the example that the brother gave us is a very interesting example. I also remember that recently, there was a Sony games console which was to be launched. One advertised it. And there were people who went on the eve of the sale day to spend the night in front of the stores. They lined up in order to be sure they will be able to buy the product the following day. I speak of these video games that the demons made to seduce the world today. Oh happy are those gods! You see how their followers line up to worship them? And the God who created all things, nobody can line up to worship Him.

At this point, when you compare the people of the world with the people of God, there is a gap. Because, speaking of faith, the people of the world have a very great faith. Speaking of zeal, their zeal is great. Speaking of commitment, their commitment is great. When they have to do their things, it is with all their heart that they do it. They serve their gods with faithfulness. People who go and spend the night in front of a shop without worrying about the weather, in order to wait for the games console, which will be launched the following day! Alleluia! Here is how people serve their god. I also listen to the news, only a few weeks ago, there is the new book and film of Harry Potter that was about to be launched somewhere, everyone modified his program. There are some people who took permissions at their workplace to line up with their families for hours so that they do not miss the opportunity. Alleluia! May the Lord be praised!

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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