African Christians, Wake up!

A great abomination is about to be established in your continent. Satanists already believe that they can do just anything, as you will notice by reading the announcement below. They no longer hide, they cross boundaries, and proudly display their commitment to lucifer.

They now think they can expose their satanic affiliation with great arrogance, and unscrupulously engage in the recruitment of poor naïve persons for the world of darkness that will lead them all into Hell.

For the first time in its history, Africa will see on its soil, the installation of the very first satanic 100% female Freemasonic lodge. Satan has chosen the city of Douala in Cameroon, to launch this abominable festival on December 02, 2017.

African Christians, wake up! Stand up and engage a spiritual warfare worthy of the name, in order to block this challenge that the agents of Hell are throwing at you. All the information you need to engage in this warfare can be found in the announcement below. May the Lord be with you!

The first 100% female lodge finally in Africa

A 100% female Freemasonry lodge will be born in Africa, specifically in Cameroon, in the city of Douala.

On December 2nd, several Freemasons from Africa and Europe will meet in Cameroon to attend the installation ceremony of the Grand Lodge for Women of Cameroon (GLWC).

The Grand Lodge for Women of Cameroon will see day in a baptismal font in Douala, more precisely in the "Saphirs" hall of Akwa Palace, four-star hotel. This lodge is the first 100% female Masonic organisation in Africa.

The solemn ceremony of installation will be held under the presidency of Marie-Thérèse Besson, Great Mistress of the Grand Lodge for Women of France (GLWF).

This lodge will be piloted by Flore Edith Mongué Din, doctor in pharmacy. She will be officially installed during this meeting as the great mistress of the female Grand Lodge of Cameroon.

A gala evening is planned to close the event in the lounges of Queen's Park, still at the Akwa Palace hotel.


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