"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds." 2Corinthians 10:4

Beloved in the Lord,

Peace be with you! Cameroon is sinking into satanism. It is openly and publicly that the government of this country invites the great masters of world satanism, to come and help it renew its pacts that it signed with lucifer, in order to control Cameroon and to send Cameroonians to sleep. We have received an article in which the SDF, the main opposition party, "accuses the government of wanting to mystically lull Cameroonians to sleep with a view to the forthcoming presidential elections", with the invitation to the country of great masters of powerful satanic lodges.

The grand master of the Order of Malta, the satanist Giacomo Dalla Torre Del Tempio Di Sanguinetto was received in Cameroon from July 16 to 19, 2018. He was even decorated by the head of State. No sooner has he left than the other great master of another powerful satanic lodge is received. This is the great master of the ancient and mystical Rosicrucian Order, Serge Toussaint. This other powerful satanist is supposed to stay in Cameroon until July 23rd. For now, it's difficult to say who will be next.

The Cameroonian government has resolutely engaged in satanism, and seems to find in it the ultimate solution to all its problems. So you can understand why Cameroon is drowned in several ongoing wars. The leaders of the country having dedicated the country to lucifer, the protection of God is no longer on this country once known as a haven of peace. These satanists multiply pacts with lucifer, to stay in power for life, and are happy to see war continue, since they need blood. It is up to you, Children of God, to rise against this abomination.

You must get into spiritual warfare, to cancel all the power of satan that holds the country captive. You must destroy in the name of Jesus Christ, all the pacts signed in the name of Cameroon, against Cameroon, and against Cameroonians. Completely destroy all the incantations that these great satanic masters came to make in Cameroon. Lead this warfare day and night. The situation is serious. You must organise yourselves to wage this war in fasting and prayer, and take back the land from the hands of satan, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Dry in the name of Jesus Christ all the blood and human flesh that these wicked gather, and order that all that they have already consumed, and what they will stubbornly consume, destroy them.

Do not forget that you are also under the influence of these pacts signed by these satanists against the country and its inhabitants. So you must pray to liberate your own life from all the pacts signed against you, and cancel all the curses that weigh on you, and the incantations made against you.

Cancel all the great satanic manipulations made against Cameroon, its inhabitants, and its nationals. Destroy in the name of Jesus Christ the satanic power of those agents of satan who plunge the country into satanism and pull God's curse on the land.

Sow total confusion in the camp of satanists who hold Cameroon captive, destroy their satanic power, and cause the failure of all their projects and their satanic plans. Decree the authority and the reign of Jesus Christ the only true God and the only true Master over all of Cameroon.

Implore the Lord to send down His Fire to cleanse the country of the power of satan that has settled in the country for years, and consume all that is satan’s in this land. Wage a real Spiritual Warfare worthy of the name, and you will see the result.

May the protection of the Lord be upon you all!

Your brother in the Lord.


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