NEARLY 1000 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness N░1

Dear brethren and dear friends, we are pleased to put at your disposal an excerpt of this other testimony that may seem unreal, but which is justified in the light of the teaching on Discernment that the Lord has given us. It is the story of someone who has spent nearly a 1000 (thousand) years in the world of darkness, before encountering the ultimate power of Jesus Christ. The person came to earth several times, sometimes as a woman, sometimes as a man, sometimes as a white person, sometimes as a black person, according to the mission entrusted to him. And whenever he came to earth, he lived his life normally, died normally, but returned to earth through another birth.

This testimony will open your eyes on how the true servants of God are the target of the world of darkness several hundred years before their birth. This testimony is a valuable tool for true servants of God. Not only will it allow them to understand how the war against them began well before they are born, but it will also help them to better understand their surroundings, and their spiritual and physical environments.

As you can realise, all these testimonies always confirm the teachings on Discernment and on Spiritual Warfare that we put at your disposal several years ago. It is just amazing to see that God in His infinite greatness had chosen to reveal to us these mysteries without waiting for all these testimonies. To Him be all the glory!

Please read this testimony very carefully, and draw all possible lessons from it. It is in six parts. Also take time to read our teachings on Discernment and on Spiritual Warfare, if you have not read them yet, or to read them again, if you have already read them, because they are a veritable mine of revelations. You will find them on our website

The first time I came to this world I was born in Egypt and I was a man by then. I had one wife and four children. I was a soldier and we all went to the war front. We were up to twenty thousand soldiers in our troop but the war front was so tough and our commander died and we were all wasted. When we died, there was no place for us to go. Because if somebody who does not have the spirit of God or lives a holy life that pleases God dies, the person’s soul will be stranded immediately the person gives up the ghost. There will not be an escort angel that will lead the person to the direction of Heaven. Therefore our spirits hung in the air.

Suddenly there were demons called Magog. They appeared in that battle field with their tanks loading blood. When they were about to go, they discovered we were hanging in the air. They arrested all of our souls and took us to the deep sea. When we got to the deep sea, they took us to the palace of the queen of the coast. They put us in a straight line. They got all of us initiated by giving us a cup of blood. We drank the blood as a covenant of initiation. After being initiated, they sent for our master plan in order to send us an assignment. In the kingdom of darkness there are different levels and equally different grades: Local level, State level, Federal level, National level, Worldwide level.

These are five stages of the world in which many people used to call five stars. Some people may draw it in their church, some in their houses. They do not know what five star means; it means five stages of power of the world and it represents the kingdom of darkness. So, these stages are grade by grade, when the local level is dealing with you, they can easily do anything with you without looking for your master plan. There are 333 realm, 666 realm, 777, 999 realm and above. But this day, we are into 666 realm of marine kingdom. And there, before they took any step on you, they ought to ask for your master plan.

This master plan can only be got from the kingdom of darkness called the 999 realm, where international demons dwell. Before anyone could come to this world, from Heaven, they will first get to the place called an Immigration Centre. At the immigration centre, every human must be stopped and searched for their master plan. If they see any white file in your hand, they will collect it. And from there, they will check your master plan. Master plan means what God has sent you to accomplish in this world, from your first day to the last day. It contains your destiny or life mission record. And whenever they discover you are coming to this world to do the will of God, perhaps, you have been given an assignment that will affect the kingdom of darkness, they will manipulate and remove the original master plan of God for your life and replace it with counterfeit plan.

So that, when you get to this world everything you are doing will not be according to the will of God. For example, if God sent you to this earth to be born in Canada as a citizen, they will programme and make you to be born in Ghana. Your helper angel, your benefactor and every good thing of your life sent by God will be in Canada waiting for you. When they manipulate your master plan, your entire divine programmes and your blessing will be in Canada while you are born in Ghana where there is no helper, no goodness, and nothing to achieve. The guardian angel of your life will not be there with you. That is why you see some people suffer a lot to the extent of asking, God why did you bring me into this world to suffer? No, my dear, the angel of darkness has changed God’s plans for your life with a counterfeit plan. You have been miss-directed. That is why you are facing problems. Beloved Children of God, you need to pray earnestly. With prayer, God can still send another angel to relocate you.

As I was saying, they sought for our master plans in order to know the kind of assignment that was given to us. When our master plans were brought, they started giving everyone a position and where to work. So, when it got to my turn they suddenly gathered and buckled me up. For two weeks, I was imprisoned in their demonic prison. I did not know why they locked me up. When they eventual brought me out, I inquired why they had locked me up. They told me I did not offend them but they discovered in my master plan that God had sent me into this world to be a Prophet.

So, that was the reason why they prepared me a special assignment that will work against the original master plan of God. So that God will regret sending me into this world. They also told me that they will send me to school and that I was going to spend 300 years in the school. I was so surprised, how can I spend 300 years in school? That means I still have to die again, they laughed at me. They told me, in this place, nobody dies. And they showed me some people who had been living for 2000-3000 years. This word mounted courage in me and they also gave me something like a small stone. They put it in my mouth and I swallowed it, which I believed it had immortality. Not knowing the devil was just deceiving me. They later sent me to school in the deep sea, to the university to study.

The deep sea is so big and bigger than the whole world itself. I do not know how to describe it. The whole world we are now, maybe it’s just a small local state in that place. That place is very big. If you see their stadium over there, you cannot compare it with what we have here. If you see their universities, hospitals, they are more than ours; they are civilized and advanced more than us. Fallen angels descended from Heaven due to their rebellion. They knew the secret behind all the plants, the secret in creating animal. But when God wanted to create humans, he sent forth his breath into man and the secret behind that breath is a mystery to them. That is why man is specially adored above every other creature. I did many courses in the kingdom of darkness beneath the Deep Sea. But the particular course I went there for was Theological course.

This theological course took me 100 years to study before I could finish it. You may be surprised that in the kingdom of darkness we read the Bible. The Bible is the greatest book. It’s the book of law. We do not have any other book of law in the kingdom of darkness. Though other religions may regard other books as books of law, the most fearful and respected of all books which the kingdom of darkness does not joke with, is the Bible; because they know that by this Bible shall every human be judged. The Heaven shall also be judged by the Bible.

So, if you want to be great or have promotion, you may want to be a police, a lawyer, a judge, or to have higher rank in the kingdom of darkness, you must read theology in the Deep Sea. You must know the Word of God because it is powerful in the kingdom of darkness. The same way that the Word of God is often used in light, it is likewise used in darkness. The only difference is that, in the kingdom of darkness we only used it to contradict genuine Christians because they are ignorant and do not know the power of the word and how to use it.

I read many courses in that place beneath the Deep Sea which I cannot elaborate on. I advise anyone who wants to go to school or to university to only read some courses and leave the rest. Talking about education, you would only receive theories. The truly practical side of all those courses you get in school is right there in the deep sea. They may give you courses, that is, you may read books, but to do the practical and other sorts of things is not possible. For example, you may want to produce a chemical, medicine or a machine at the end of your studies. Despite all your efforts, your production will not be acknowledged. But, you will find people who come out with exactly what you produced, and theirs is recognised. And you will wonder why is theirs the best and not yours!

There is a cult called World Scientific Occultism. Those called genius in any course are members of this world scientific occultism. It is true that there are geniuses of God but not in the way of the world, I am very sure of this fact. So, it took me 300 years to complete studies. After my graduation I was promoted and sent to California, USA. The reason why I was offered that course was because I wanted to become Chief Justice in the highest court in the kingdom of darkness. And since I worked hard, I passed all my exams and later became chief justice in the highest court of darkness.

That was why I was sent to California. California is the head quarter and office of the devil in the whole world. The devil has 3 offices in the whole world. He has an office in California, another in India and the third in Nigeria. The Office in Nigeria was established in 1977. During the era festival called FESTAC 77. This festival was brought to Nigeria by one of our former presidents. You may think it was just an ordinary festival. The festival FESTAC 77 was programmed in order to initiate and enhance the establishment of the kingdom of darkness and demonic empowerment in Nigeria. And the office, the secretariat, is based in the centre of Obamhma market in Benin City.

When they promoted me to California as chief justice, I was to serve 30-year term. While serving there as a chief judge, I did many cases, I judged many saints. I condemned many souls which I cannot explain in this confession. I was there doing my work perfectly until the day I went to my chamber to go through files. I came across the file of an unborn person. How can somebody that is not born have a case? How can I judge a person who has not come to this world before? I was baffled. I did not know how to handle such a case. I needed to call my registrar. I asked my registrar to give me details about the case. He couldn’t explain. I then sent for the demonic lawyer that brought the case. When I interviewed the lawyer, he laughed. He said it’s possible for somebody that has not been into this world to answer a case in the kingdom of darkness; but I responded, how?

How can someone who has not been born into this world yet answer a case? He replied that they have astrologers, I mean star browsers. Before any man is born into this world, his star will be on the sky for about 300-400 years ahead. His star will be there waiting for him, programming him for his generation to come. So, there are some fallen angels called star browsers. These are demonic agents we call astrologers of darkness. They read stars, 300-400 years to come. So when the demonic star browsers were on their mission work, they came across a strange star that was wrapped in a pillar of fire.

Moreover, a resemblance star wrapped in a pillar of fire had been witnessed previously - the star of Moses. Before Moses was born the kingdom of darkness noticed that somebody strange was coming; that was the reason why they waged war against Moses. They did not want him to succeed in his missionary work even to the extent of abolishing and killing every new born male baby in Egypt. Thank God that he eventually triumphed.

However, when they discovered this star again, they instantly marked the personality. Therefore, they wanted to build a programme against his life. That is the reason why they brought the case to me. Though the unborn child did not offend them, they rather wanted to reprogram his life as a means to create loopholes that would work against God. They brought the case to my office waiting for instruction from me on how they can reprogram the unborn personality.

Hence, I asked the lawyer how we were going to see the personality to be judged. He said it is possible to bring such a person to the kingdom of darkness for judgment, and that they have to take permission from Heaven. I said I do not believe such a thing. But he replied and said, as the devil asked and got permission from God to touch all that Job had, they could also request the same. I thought it was a joke but I reluctantly gave them a date; that in such an appointed date I will set up a judgment for him. But frankly, I did not know the kind of judgment I would pronounce to the unknown personality. The lawyer told me that if I did not do the case, they will go and report me. This threat forced me to go back to my library to do more research. So, the judgment I set for him was to set up a marriage for him.

The baby that appeared in front of me was a full grown man, yet unborn. So, I arranged a demon reincarnate for him as wife and I got them wedded. In fact, to my outermost surprise, while they were reading his data to me, exactly the name that the baby will bear on earth was in his master plan including the name of his parents and where he will be born, I mean, 300-400 years before the baby was to be born. Even his parents were not yet born. They told me everything and where he will be born, the name of his parents, the location of his birth and everything concerning him. So, I had to reprogram the master plan of God for his life and also set up a demon reincarnate as wife for him.

Beloved, if you discover that you have a spiritual wife or husband, do not believe to be too holy. Just go straight for your deliverance and pray. Because, many are being initiated or get married to demons, before they are being born. Many people are being engaged before their mothers gave birth to them. So, do not argue, just go for deliverance, everybody needs deliverance, because you are in this world. This world has been polluted and you need deliverance every day.

After pronouncing this case, I also did another case and many like that. I finished my 30 years term in that office in the kingdom of darkness. After my case in that kingdom I was promoted to another kingdom of darkness, called Anti-god kingdom. There are three kinds of kingdoms of darkness controlling this world: Anti-god kingdom, Anti-Christ kingdom and satanic kingdom. Since the time of the Garden of Eden, it is only one kingdom we have had till today, the Anti-god kingdom. After this kingdom, the Anti-Christ kingdom follows and the satanic kingdom comes at the end.

In their kingdom, they told me that they are not concerned with attacking people or killing them anyhow. Neither do they stop people from prospering or cause them to be barren. In sum, they are not concerned with afflicting people on Earth with sickness; that’s the mission of local and inferior kingdoms than theirs. The only assignment they have in their own kingdom is to make man to serve God under the anger of God. Their major work is to lead man to Hell fire. Their level is the highest level in the kingdom of darkness, which is to stand against man from making Heaven. They told me that their motto and power is in the word of God.

They told me that their motto is in Deuteronomy 5:7-9 "You shall have no other gods before me. 8You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 9You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me."

These things did not mean anything or sounded strange to me since I had read this in school when I was in the deep sea. I asked them how the quotation could empower them. In response, they told me that they were fallen angels; they had been dwelling with God for thousands of years before the mistake they made which resulted in their being cast to this world. They thought that they know and understand God’s attitude very well. They know that God will never admit or accept anybody that worships another god.

They know that anybody that worships another god must always be under the anger of God. And if that person dies, they are very sure that the person will never see the favour of God. This is the reason they cause people to worship God under the anger of God. This is why they take the idea of idol worship very seriously. Whenever God says something, he does not reverse his word. He is a God that never changes. So it’s only when a man repents that he withholds the destruction process; if it happens that that person goes back to sin, then God will reverse all those sins and pile them on the concerned together with those previous ones the person had committed.

But when man repents and does not go back to sin, then he has overcome totally. In sum, they told me, they neither stop man from going to church nor hinder him from worshipping God. In addition, they use wisdom and not power to programme people’s lives so that they worship God under His anger. This is the reason they have established many churches today, most of which teach and follow what is not written in the Bible.

Talking about how they use some religions and churches to fulfil their mission, they told me that they would cause people who want to worship God to worship idols by following those churches that do not follow the Bible strictly. It follows that no matter their righteousness and goodness, God will never accept them. As soon as they die, this quotation will be opened against them by demons at the gate of Heaven. They told me that it is not only on this earth that demons fight against people. When people die, demons stand at the gate of Heaven to quote against them the things they missed on earth. More often than not, this is what they do against Christians who thought they were holy while on earth.

Concerning how they operate in the church, they told me how they introduced idol worship in the church. After the death of Christ, the apostles went about working. They went from one place to the other, preaching the gospel, causing revival and healing. Anywhere they went, there was healing, power demonstration and deliverance. People started coming to Christ and following the apostles. So, they (anti-god kingdom) said, "how are we going to stop these people?" They tried stopping them by killing them. The more they killed them, the more they increased in number.

When the apostles went to Rome, they staged their programme there and many people attended. Many of the demon-possessed and those suffering from all forms of sicknesses including the blind were healed. After the programme, the apostle laid a foundation of a church so that people could worship God. The church was established. The apostles appointed some leaders and evangelists to head the church, and they went on their way. But the devil managed to gradually introduce idolatry in the Church, by the worshipping of the queen of Heaven they called Mary. The genuine name of that idol is Venus. The demons say by this, they have the power to cause people to worship God under the anger of God. When people get to the Gate of Heaven after they die in such conditions, demons would use this quotation to make their entry to Heaven impossible.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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