NEARLY 1000 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness N░3

This teaching is the 3rd in a series of six teachings. To fully benefit from it, you should read the other parts in numerical order.

God talks about your body here, and not about your heart or soul. If God wants to talk about heart, He will talk about heart, and if He wants to talk about body, He will talk about body. Do not let any preacher of satan deceive you. Do not allow any agent of Hell to tell you that God is only concerned with soul, heart and not with body. Your body, soul and heart are for God. If you Christians truly want to make Heaven, you should get rid of all these things. The reason why we are using them today in the church and we are not dying, and fire does not fall to consume us, is because we are under grace. Do not worry, thunder will not kill you in the church today; fire will not burn you; but do not forget that a day comes when you will die and face the anger of God. Please take this message very seriously.

My encounter with the servant of God

In our meeting that day, we realised that our dressing and ornament have been destroying many souls and we were very happy. We specifically used this aim and power in a mighty way in our kingdom. So, as we rounded off the meeting, we concluded that we must deal with that pastor who broke the barrier that made people to make Heaven and with his ministry. We then sent many agents to Nigeria to attack him. But glory be to God! As many as were sent to attack this pastor, so were they hit. He just stood up one day in the church and said "I release the fire of the Lord, the Angel of the Lord, to arrest the spirit of darkness in this place" and they were arrested, and started confessing. They confessed and repented. It is only re-incarnate demons that cannot repent; if they do, they will die. But the genuine human being who has been possessed can truly repent, and if they pray for them, they will be delivered.

The devil started losing many candidates. That is why another meeting was held in order to look for superior and experienced people, those who can do the contract very well. That was how they found me some years later. They said I should be the one that should go to Nigeria to eradicate that dangerous doctrine which that man had established. So please do not argue with your eternity. Sacrifice whatever can hinder you from making Heaven. If it is your beauty, sacrifice it. Whatever you have here, you cannot compare it with eternity. Anything at all, that the kingdom of Heaven does not like in you, sacrifice it, in order to make Heaven.

In our meeting, we were thus assigned to come and wage war against Africa because of that man of God. My assignment to Nigeria was to pollute the Christendom. That means bringing the world into the church and taking the church back to the world; everything going on outside in the world will be taken into the church, and people will not know the difference. My assignment was to blindfold people to the extent that they would not know the difference between Deborah and Delilah. There must be a difference between the two. You must recognize Deborah when she appears and Delilah must also be recognized when she appears. In the church today, you no longer know the difference between a prostitute and a child of God, they both dress the same way. No, you cannot make Heaven with this; there must be a difference between darkness and light. What is the friendship between darkness and light? No, No, there is no friendship among them, but there must be a difference.

That is why, you must be very careful. Do not allow the devil to deceive you. Let's read from 2Corinthians 6:14-18, "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? 15And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? 16And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: "I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people." 17Therefore "Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you." 18"I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty." That means you must not have any thing in common with them. If your dressing becomes common with theirs, if the way you talk is common with theirs, it means you are part of them.

It follows that, your dressing must be different from the world; your attitude too must be different. If nothing is making you different from them, that means you are still in the world. You are not in Christ. So, if the first brethren’s attitude, speech and their way of life earned them the name Christians, that means there is a way real Christians behave; the way true Christians do things make them to be different. You must be different among the multitude. If you do not obey the Bible, the language that will come at last will be the language of death. If death says, "give me your life", you cannot argue. And if you do not obey the Word of God and die in sin, then you will die forever. Do not allow this testimony to condemn you after death.

As I was saying, my assignment in Nigeria was to come and pollute the Christendom. They told me that I must use their dressing to drive away the presence of God from the church. Note that the existence of certain things in the church would stop God’s presence from appearing. You may argue with me that in your church there are miracles, people speak in tongues, the voice of God is heard... No Problem. There are thousands of gods, especially if you say, you hear voice, you see vision? Do you think all visions come from God? Do you think all things you hear are from God? Does not the Bible say even demons disguise themselves as angels of God? Beware of that god that is speaking to you in sin.

You are committing sin, you are dressing like Jezebel, you are dressing like demonic people and you say God is speaking to you. I have dwelt with them, have reigned with them for many years. I know how they operate. I do not believe that a woman can dress like Jezebel and the Spirit of the Almighty God still dwells in her, it is a lie. You may argue with me, but you will never, never argue after death. Be careful, if you think I am lying and you discover after death that I was saying the truth, will you have another chance to come back to life? That is why you must think twice before you reject this message.

Before I went to Africa for my assignment, I needed to consult the superior ones, which had been there before me, those that understand the things that go on in the kingdom of darkness. I needed to consult the queen of the coast. I consulted many kingdoms for their advice so that they could guide me, so that I would not make mistakes. Assignments in Africa are very difficult assignments. Many had failed. I was then promised that should I succeed, I would be promoted to a higher position. As I went to them for advice, they gave me keys on how I could do it. But in the kingdom of darkness, they said I should go and prepare my proposal before they would approve my assignment. The proposal must contain a biblical quotation, which will be used against anybody that will fall under your trap. My proposal rested on the quotation of Romans 1:26 "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones." You may say, "What is the meaning of this?"

It means women exchange natural, anything called natural is natural. It is either sexual or a part of your body. It says "women exchange natural for unnatural" and God released His Judgment upon them in verse 32 "Although they know God's righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them." Note that before this last verse, so many sins are mentioned. At this point, I am only interested in the one I pointed out in my own proposal. It says, anybody that does this especially "anybody that changes natural for unnatural, whether sexual or dressing, so far as you change anything God has given you to unnatural, the Bible says you deserve death".

And it also says, they "not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." This portion is talking about some people that say they are born again, they do not do it; but they have a hairdressing saloon. If anybody brings attachment (wig) or brings hair relaxer, they will do it for them. If you say you are not doing it and you are doing it for somebody, you will also be condemned. That is why you must separate yourself from them. So, this is the quotation I wrote in my proposal and some other quotations like that, and they accepted it from me and thus gave me the contract. I began establishing fake churches when I was about starting my work in polluting the Christendom. Without the counterfeit, one cannot appreciate the original. Before having counterfeit churches we must first have counterfeit ministers. Let me reveal something about the kingdom of darkness to you ministers listening to this.

You know that some so-called Christians and so-called servants of God are evil, and sometimes you gather to pray against them, striking them to death and asking God to crush them. Yes, God can answer that prayer, but not the way you expect it. Let me tell you one secret. The devils are wise in their kingdom but powerless. The Holy Spirit makes us to be wiser than them; if you obey the word of God you will be wise, but if you commit sin, you become a fool. Let me tell you the truth: the power used for miracles in the kingdom of darkness does not originate from them. The devil has no power for miracles; it’s the power given to genuine ministers of God from Heaven that they collect by sexual intercourse, which they keep in their storehouse. It is the same they use to ordain their fake ministers.

It explains why you see them working the way Children of God are working, doing miracles like Jesus. That is why whenever you pray against them they’re not affected; they are actually using the same power of God against the work of God. The devil has no power for miracles; we collect it from Children of God. We have women agents who, when a minister of God is powerful, when the anointing of God is highly filled up in him, we send them against those ministers. They pretend to be workers in the Church or a sponsor of the Church. They will get closer to the pastor. They will be too good and humble to the pastor. The pastor will have special interest in them because they are good. In addition, they are ready to give whatever they have to the ministry. This would bring them closer to the minister. We may use this opportunity to seduce this pastor. And if this pastor can mistakenly fall in love with this agent and have sexual intercourse with them, we get him!

We put a snake in the private part of those women. If it happens that the pastor has sexual intercourse with them and release in their body, it does not matter whether or not they use condom or whatever, the real sperm goes straight into the body of that woman and the snake in the private part will open its mouth and swallow the sperm. In the night, the snake would move out and would go to the lab in the marine world and vomit the sperm there. The sperm would be scanned as a means to know the level of the glory and the anointing. To all men listening to this, do you know that your glory, riches and everything you have on earth is in your sperm? That is why if you mess around anyhow, it’s your glory you are messing around with. Both anointing and glory are all stored in the sperm. That is why, if you fornicate too much before getting married, you may not give birth to good children; all the glorious things in your sperm have been given out to useless women. When you fornicate, you can sell off your life and glory.

So, we take ministers’ anointing from their sperms. We store it to prepare our fake ministers with. When we prepared these fake ministers of ours, we endowed them with wisdom. They are wise. Let me tell you something. There is something we call micro-chip implant. These fake ministers of God are richer than you are in the word of God. This is because the entire computer has been implanted into their brains by the micro-soft. We have installed all the quotations and everything in the Bible into their brains. You see them quoting many biblical passages and also interpret them. They do this to the point of marvelling genuine men of God. You would be surprised to the point of saying, "God is great; this man of God is talking". Be careful; go back to your Bible. Forget about what they say. Forget about how good they are. God is there in your Bible. Beware, do not follow their deception. They may write many books. I too wrote books; but do not be carried away by it.

They may say seven true words of God and they will add two lies into it. The seven truths they say will make you to admit the two lies and you will be deceived. So, please anytime you read books go back to the Bible. Anything you read in them which does not go along with the faith you have in the Bible, be careful! I had more than two thousands ministers I had ordained from the marine kingdom and they have established churches in this world and they are general overseers today. They are operating and they are dong miracles today, and nobody can stop them except God. I have gone myself to some of them in order to do restitution but they called police to arrest me. They said I am a liar and mad. I have tried to rescue them but they refused because they believed it is God who called them.

This is how I called them in the dream; I will go to them and talk to them like God and say, if the name is Samuel, I will say, "Samuel, hear the voice of god, I am god almighty, the creator of heaven and earth. I want to send you with a message. Carry your cross and follow me. I want to send you to the world, to deliver my people from the power of darkness, to stop them from worshipping idols, to save their souls. I will give you anointing and power for healing, breakthrough, blessing, and to comfort my people and I will honour you, I will bless you. I will give you power to go throughout the world and I will be with you. I am your god almighty".

And when that person wakes up, will he not think that it were God? He will believe it is God who is talking to him because according to the Bible, that is how God called His people. We had been trained to imitate God and His angels. If we do not deceive them, how will they follow us? So, that is how I called many people and all the signs that follow genuine call, will also follow that person. If they refuse, we can afflict them with problems. They can be sacked at their jobsite, and their businesses may collapse. All the system that God uses is the same system we use in calling fake ministers. I am not saying that God does no longer call people. God is still calling people, but ask very well of the name of the god that called you.

If you hear a call, or if you believe to have heard a call, the first thing to do is not to go to a bible college, but to pray. Keep in mind once and for all that the bible college does not train a true servant of God; it is God who trains His true servants. Pray for several weeks, and spend a lot of time in your Bible, so that you will not regret it. Find out if it is the true God who called you. Beg the Lord to explain the secret of this call to you, the covenant He wants to make with you. And even when you start serving God, check the Bible as you go along.

As I already told you, the target and mission of my calling was to eradicate holiness in the Church. We believed that if holiness continued in the church, if they remained in the true word of God and if we did not deceive them and give them the counterfeit, they would continue to make Heaven. That was the reason why we started establishing fake churches by calling fake ministers. Apart from establishing fake churches, we also had other preparations and areas in which we worked. For example, our preparations in gospel musicians, the way we deceived the choirs, our works in baptism and holy communion, and how we worked among the workers in the church.

When I started my assignment, we first ordained our fake ministers with water, sperm and stars we collected from the anointed men of God. Whenever we sent our ministers to come and establish their own church, they did not start in a local way, they started a church in a big way. We mostly made our fake ministers to start in a big way. Sometimes, they might also start in rough and terrible way but it all depended on the level of the demon that used them. But if the level of demon that uses them is from local level, they can start with poverty. I am not saying that anybody that starts the work of God in poverty is from God. There is no system that the devil cannot use; but during my assignment, we normally established our ministers in better ways and also gave them good locations. These fake ministers I am talking about are trained and prepared for the mission ahead of them. They are taught the type of sermon they will be preaching. The sermon we taught and trained them in was not for salvation.

We only taught them to teach about God’s love, God’s greatness, God’s goodness, and also to regard God as the almighty powerful and miracle maker, who can bless people and do wondrous things. We equally taught them to make their congregation to see God as a friend but not make them to remember or allow them to see God as someone who is seriously annoyed with this world of sin. That they should not bring their mind to the destruction that is coming upon this world. When they preach, they tell people not to commit sin, but they do not emphasis on those common sins that are committed everyday. They always base their preaching on miracles, healing, success, breakthrough, power and faith. They do not preach on holiness, righteousness and the fear of God. This is how we taught our fake ministers on how to eradicate the fear of God from people's hearts.

Moreover, any topic or sermon they give, they always round it up with blessing and miracle. Please listen to me, "If you see any pastor preaching like that, know that he is one of the agents of darkness. He is either a registered agent or ignorant agent." What I mean by ignorant agent is that, some people are working for the devil and yet they do not know they are working for the devil while thinking they are working for God. You might not behold them going to the shrine or the world of darkness to obtain diabolical powers or make any covenant, but ignorantly they are working for the devil because their sermon and system is the same as the system of darkness. Loving God is an act of obeying His commandment. It is not by spending or giving money alone. Satanic ministers only preach about what pleases them. Their preaching is only based on self-profit.

We trained fake ministers to preach about something around salvation, but while deceiving people on the language of salvation. They will teach their congregation that if they come to church, they should confess the name of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and personal Saviour. They also tell their members to come regularly to church, pay their tithes and offerings, donate in the church. They will also tell them incidentally that it is not good to fornicate and tell lies, but they will never place emphasis on sins. The reason why the church is established is to remind the faithful of those sins everyday. We come to church everyday for the pastors to preach against that sin that will hinder us from making Heaven. It is when something is repeated in the ears of human beings that they remember. But what we hear everyday in our churches today is blessing and breakthrough. These messages are from satan.

If truly it was God Almighty who called you and you later diverted and started preaching the way other preachers do, He would reject and replace you. True servants of God should let their faithful know what is coming upon them if they refuse to live a holy life. The church is not an entertainment hall. Why should your members be clapping for you whenever you are preaching? If your members continue clapping for you everyday, that means you are out of the way. You must preach and chastise them with the word of genuine salvation. When Jesus Christ was preaching, people gnashed their teeth and went away. They did not applaud. John 6:60-67 " ... 66From this time many of His disciples turned back and no longer followed Him. 67You do not want to leave too, do you? Jesus asked the Twelve."

You refuse to preach the truth just because you are afraid to lose members. You do not care if they miss Heaven. God is losing many souls everyday while you keep gaining more souls in your church. Your church has become full while Heaven is reducing. What an unfortunate scenario. My dear, God is disappointed in you because you have abandoned your service. If truly you were working for God you would be caring about souls, salvation and not population. God does not care about your population, but He only cares about salvation. These are ways to identify and differentiate between fake ministers and genuine ministers of God.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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