NEARLY 1000 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness N░4

This teaching is the 4th in a series of six teachings. To fully benefit from it, you should read the other parts in numerical order.

There are holy and righteous churches where holiness and salvation messages are being preached, where people hear and receive the true word of God. But, most of the times members face various kinds of problems in their lives. Though they pray and pray fervently, they do not receive answers to their prayer; do you know why? It is not because God does not answer their prayer, but we send stand by demons against them to monitor them, and accuse them to God if they commit any sin. The demon will hold a strong reason against them and say: God, though this brother deserves this blessing but because he has committed this sin, he must be punished according to Your word.

A child of God may commit any fault; this may be unfaithfulness in tithe payment, the fact of not redeeming their vow and pledges, etc. Sometimes, they commit those little sins, which they do not count nor regard as severe sins, such as backbiting, rebellion, lies, laziness, coming to church late, etc. The enemy can use any of these to accuse them because they know that God is faithful and cannot deny His word. Even if the angels want to fight against them, they would tell the angels, "You know God is not respecter of any person, even if Heaven and earth pass away, the word of God must surely be fulfilled". This accusation will cause the angels to hold their peace. They will be silence and would not fight nor do anything and the demons will seize the blessing.

The worst part is that, when the faithful ones among them pray in order to receive blessing, God will sent an angel to bring the blessing to them but when the angel get to the church the same thing that happened to the angel assigned to answer Daniel will also happen to them. Daniel 10:12-13 "Then he continued, "Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia." The demons will stand against the angel and seize the blessing while the person will still be expecting the blessing from God, not knowing that God has already released the blessing.

Sometimes, people wonder why big miracles are rare in those holy and righteous churches. Miracles are rare there because the accusers of the brethren are accusing them greatly. But in those fakes and counterfeit churches you will witness mighty miracles, because nobody is accusing them. If you see any church in which sins abound, where women dress like Jezebel and in such a situation God does not warn them about that sin, He does not correct their mistakes, but instead He keeps blessing them, know that that church is of satan. God can in no way be behind these miracles. The purpose of God for the Church is not miracles, but salvation. Miracle is just a way to give faith to the people, just to build our faith so that we can listen to what God wants.

Some pastors while preaching in their church say, "The blood of Jesus Christ is there any time you commit sin, go and plead for the blood. It will remove your sin and you shall get whatever you need from God." Please listen, the blood of Jesus is not for abuser sinners. The blood of Jesus is for sinners that repent from their sin. When you repent and forsake your sin the blood will cancel the record, and God will see you as a holy man. Then you will be adopted into the kingdom of God as a child of God. But God should not forgive you today and you go back as a bastard, and tomorrow you plead the blood again and come back as a son, and the next day you go back as a bastard, it will not work. The word of God says: "What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? 2By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?" Romans 6:1-2.

So, because we have grace, must we continue to abuse the grace? No. If your pastor tells you that the blood of Jesus Christ is there for you to commit sin and use it to bathe as bathing water, bear in mind that it does not work like that. This message comes from satan. Hebrew 10:26-27 "If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God." The scripture says if anybody tastes the grace of God and later goes back to sin, it says such person does not deserve Heaven. 1Peter 1:15-16 "But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; 16for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy." It says be holy as your Father in Heaven is holy, that means God knows that we can be holy.

God also does His own miracles but demonic evil spirits are always high-jacking them by constantly accusing and reporting the little sins of the brethren. But no one is reporting or accusing the counterfeit churches, they have their own gods and their own gods do not take into consideration nor regard their iniquities. All that people believe in today in the church is just miracle. What is the power behind the miracles you claim to receive? You better be careful about the power behind the miracles you receive or else you will regret after receiving them. Whatever satan gives you, you must surely pay for it either now or in eternity. Do not be a fool. Satan is wiser than you, but only the Holy Spirit can empower you to be wiser than satan.

Do not think you can manipulate God, by dining with the devil and seeking after his diabolic power and later use the same mouth to praise the Almighty God. Whatever the devil gives you, some demons will ensure that they dwell with you with that miracle and follow you up in order to frustrate, toil and manipulate your life in latter days. Now is an appointed time and gracious period for you to pray and seek the face of Jesus Christ, the Almighty Saviour, and confess and repent from your evil and former ways and embrace His salvation before it becomes too late.

I specifically devoted my time to model (dressing). In those counterfeit churches, we permitted women to dress anyhow because we wanted them to make use of the dressing material we produced from our demonic kingdoms. In counterfeit churches, they do not care about the dressing style of women because they are permitted to dress anyhow without minding what the word of God says. 1Corinthians 11:6 "If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head." We can see how the word of God emphasizes the importance and how godly women ought to present themselves before the Lord. 1Corinthians 11:13 "Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered?" But, the counterfeit churches tend to prove otherwise by justifying themselves with the following scriptures: 1Corinthians 11:15 "But that if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For long hair is given to her as a covering." This scripture portrays that long hair is a woman’s glory and beauty and needs to be covered with scarf while praying to God.

African women do not have long hair but due to clamour for beauty they have decided to possess artificial long hair, therefore contradicting against the perfect will of God. Today they have what is called attachment, wig-on and hair perm. Even in the church, they will wear all this artificial attires, and they will be praising and worshipping God. Note that your church doctrine may change, but the Bible cannot change because it is infallible. Your church and self-system of worship and service to God may change, but the Bible cannot be altered. This generation will pass away but the word of God cannot be broken. This warning is fairly plain and simple but some will rather reject it and comfort themselves with 1Corinthians 11:15.

Whether you believe me or not, that was how we used to train our demonic ministers in the kingdom of darkness. These are the key points we enforced and gave our ministers and pastors to deceive the world and for their deception enterprise in the church. Women are mostly used by the devil as a powerful weapon of darkness to destroy churches. These are the various strategies and systems we used in our counterfeit churches to divert the attention of genuine and holy churches of God. Even with all their holiness and seriousness in the service of God, there would not be any miracle; while those that dress like Jezebel will be receiving multiples miracles and testimonies. This action will tend to propel confusion among the holy worshippers. They will be confused and would not know what to believe and which church is counterfeit or genuine.

They will rather conclude in their hearts and say, "Those things we say is a sin is no longer considered by God as sin due to His showers of blessings upon the counterfeits churches; if God is no longer interested in our dressing, then let us dress anyhow we like." This is what is happening today in churches. Most people end up doubting that the righteous and godly ways of dressing is better, because those who dress godly are suffering while those that the word of God condemns are receiving so-called miracles everyday. This has generated a lot of confusion and also caused many believers to backslide. That was how we marked out our strategies. I am the architect of that mission. I was the person that executed the assignment during my era in the kingdom of darkness.

If you are under this perpetual bondage, please lose yourself before you die. Your blood is no longer on my head because I am free by the grace of God. If you are still under the deceitfulness of dressing, your blood cannot be required from me; because I am confessing the truth to you and you ought to repent now and ask God for His mercy and forgiveness. That was how I introduced model and started my operation in modelling and worldly dressing in churches. I mapped out my assignment outlines through my proposal I mentioned above and which I submitted to the queen of the coast. I explained to the queen of the coast that I wanted to give Africans an artificial beauty, and she took me to the laboratory where I told them that I wanted to start my assignment in hair beauty and that was how they gave me an idea to introduce Stretching Cool.

In Africa we have coil hair; so stretching cool would now turn it to straight hair. Therefore from coil hair to straight hair, it is no longer natural; it is now artificial. When I introduced it to the world many people liked it and they used it, but later they started complaining that their hair was cutting and they no longer have long hair. This also prompted me to go back to the queen of the coast and she assured me that they will give me another idea. Later on I was taken to the laboratory and Relaxer was introduced. While in demonic laboratory, they produced relaxer for me and I was assured that if they used it on their coiled hair, it will change from coil to long or straight hair and it would not be natural anymore. Inasmuch as it is not natural, if they die with it without repentance, they will be condemned. When they told me all these things; they clapped for me and we all rejoiced and were jubilant. That was how we came to the world and started producing relaxers.

However, the idea of relaxers was initiated by the queen of the coast. She was the person who gave me the idea and that was how we started producing it. But when some people came up with complains that their hair were not long or straight enough, I went back to the queen of the coast and she told me that the only way she could assist me was to send me to another demonic evil spirit called Medusa, which is specifically in the kingdom of beauty. She told me that Medusa was a beautiful woman who was cursed by her mistress.

Moreover, she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but she was cursed and later turned into a beast. She requested that I should go to her temple, that she will assist me. When I got to her temple, she greeted me and also asked me for the purpose of my visit. I told her that I came to collect an artificial beauty for my people. She said no problem and she promised to offer me help. Instantly she brought out a cup filled with blood and suddenly turned it into mercury, I mean some things like chemical substances. There are many factories in the deep sea that produce many products you are buying every day in the market.

Afterward, Medusa gave me the chemical and told me that when I get to earth, I should mix it and apply it to ordinary rubber and it will turn into an attachment. You might be an expert in cosmetic products and tend to justify your argument that is only ordinary robber and chemical mix together that formed attachments. Yes, you are right, but the covenant behind that chemical will speak after it. The covenant we made together with that beast called Medusa is that anybody that uses the product from that chemical, after death their appearance and hair shall turn and look exactly as hers [Medusa]. I mean, whosoever indulges into attachment and beauty clamour or make-ups, after death his/her hair will turn to snakes and I am very sure that snake cannot and will never enter into the kingdom of God.

That was the covenant she enlisted out for me and instructed me to market her product. Moreover, you know in our kingdom, we do not give anything for free. The reward is that, after making use or applying her beauty on head, immediately after you die, your head's image and appearance will look the same as hers and all your hair will turn to snakes. Instantly, I agreed with her and we signed the paper and the chemical was given to me. That was how we started producing the chemical and using it in the manufacturing of attachment for earthly consumption. You must stay away from artificial and rather remain natural. It is your natural being that will make Heaven and not artificial. I am the author of all this attachment and perming, but I am telling you now that I am out of it. If you are still using them, your blood is on your head.

All the women using satanic dressing and any other satanic products are cursed by God. Your failure in marriage is as a result of spiritual husband which you brought upon yourself. Afterward, you will cast the whole blame upon witches, wizards and spiritual husband. Who brought spiritual husband into your life? There is never a problem without a cause. This problem is consequently caused by your involvement into worldly attires and dressing which you brought upon yourself. The anger of God is the enforcing power which empowers the spiritual husband to afflict you. The anger of God brings spiritual husband; it gives power to the ancestral demons and witches and wizard. God will therefore watch them torture you. He is silent because He knows you are in the chain of sin. You may mention and call the name of Jesus Christ 10 times; it would not stop their power neither hinder their demonic exploit against your joy because you are under the anger of God. Your prayer can only be effective and answered whenever you escape from God's anger.

Some may tend to justify themselves by saying "If God instructed us not to wear earrings because it is abominable, then why are we piercing our ears? Do you know the meaning of ear piercing? In the land of Israel, it is slaves whose ears were pierced in order to distinguish and separate them from the free born of the land. Deuteronomy 15:16-17 "But if your servant says to you, "I do not want to leave you," because he loves you and your family and is well off with you, 17then take an awl and push it through his ear lobe into the door, and he will become your servant for life. Do the same for your maidservant."

Therefore, if you want to be servant and slave forever, continue wearing earrings, but remember Heaven is for sons of God and daughters of Zion and not for slaves. If you want to be a slave forever; you can continue putting earrings. Even if you have already pierced your ears, God can still forgive you only if you stop putting or wearing earrings on them. That notwithstanding, some continue piercing the ears of their children due to ignorance, thereby enslaving themselves and their children into perpetual bondage of slavery and Hell. Hence, if you are into this sinful act of slavery, the above scripture is meant for you.

I do not want you to be another victim or candidate of Hell because of fashion. That is the reason why I am making this great sounding warning; thereby calling you for an urgent repentance and change of mind-set. This message will bring salvation to your soul if you accept it and take necessary action. Howbeit; this was how we used to produce attachment in order to condemn people to Hell fire. We obviously and keenly knew that God disapproved and hated every form of worldly system of fashion. God hates artificial beauty: painting, attachment and worldly dressing with perfect hatred.

Women wearing trousers

I will like to emphasize on women wearing trousers. One day by chance, I listened to a TV interview of a so-called woman of God; she was a pastor and Mrs..! The interviewer asked her a question, "Madam some Christians say it is not good for a woman to wear or put on trouser, how do you see to that?" She replied and said: "The Bible says my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge. Please my dear do not mind them. They do not know there is a different between women’s trousers and men’s trousers. We have men’s trousers and ladies’ trousers. If you wear ladies’ trousers and not men’s trousers it isn't a sin."

Let me point out and make it clear to you, my dear listener and reader, the statement made by that woman of satan is a big lie. There are nothing like ladies’ trousers. Moreover, I am the person who designed and invented ladies’ trousers during our meeting in the kingdom of darkness. Deuteronomy 22:5 "A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this." This is happening because we have read the scriptures; and discovered that God hated it because it is abominable.

God says He hates it; can you therefore force or persuade God to love it? God professes that He hates it and has already pronounced it once. The next shall be during judgment followed by eternal punishment in Hell. You cannot force God to love what you desire or want. God is God and He cannot come to your level or standard. You are the one who is supposed to live up to the standard of God. God can never come down to your level because He loves you. These are the reasons why you ought to research and read your Bible before death comes knocking. If you decide to deceive yourself by the false teachings of the pastors of satan, you will spend eternity in Hell.

Someone once told me that in their culture, men always tie and wear wrapper. I asked her, is your culture designed by a demon or by God? Hence, most of our cultures are designed and introduced by demons. Even the ways we react and carry out our activities are mostly designed by demons behind our traditions. Even if you believe that men should tie wrapper, ask yourself: is it biblical? Inasmuch as you know that wrapper was meant for women, the best thing is to separate yourself from it. Please forget everything about culture and allow the Bible to be your culture.

Some people even told me that in western world, it was the culture for white women to wear trousers. Nevertheless, I prove to them that it was a lie. They should Google-out and watch those ancient European and western films and movies. When you watch them, you will see how the early white women used to wear long flowing gowns, which looked like wedding gowns, very elaborate and wide like an umbrella. They would also put sucks or gloves in their hand with a small hat on their head. This was their cultural ways and style of dressing and not wearing of trousers. It was later in modern days that women started wearing trousers. Wearing of trousers by the western world was recently introduced to oppose the agenda of God. Do no longer deceive yourself. God knows the beginning of the world because He is the creator of all creativity. In addition, who are you to argue with God? God knows the beginning and the end of the world.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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