NEARLY 1000 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness N░5

This teaching is the 5th in a series of six teachings. To fully benefit from it, you should read the other parts in numerical order.

This was the main purpose we decided to introduce trousers into the church. Today, it is very unfortunate that you will see so-called female Christians, some of which baring the titles of evangelists, prophetesses and pastors, dressing in trousers, wearing make-ups and other forms of paintings in the church like Delilah. Even some of their cleavage parts are exposed; half of their breast is being exposed. The main primary reason why we designed half naked dresses is because we wanted our agents to seduce men. Therefore, if you dress up half naked as they do; it means you have changed and also entangle yourself with them. Some women used to manipulate their dress, they will wear a long skirt and at the same time tear or make an opening around their laps, while some will re-amend their skirt to mini quarter and tightly size, thereby showing their inner panty line to seduce men.

Therefore, if you want to remain in the church, please be perfect. And if you do not want to, please just leave or move out instead of tagging yourself as an agent of darkness or serving as agent for the kingdom of darkness. You cannot be in the church and at the same time outside the church. You must either choose one or else Heaven will spill you out. Please be very careful; if you want to be for the kingdom of Heaven, be for the kingdom of Heaven; and if you want to stand against the kingdom of Heaven, stand against it and be ready to face the judgment. Henceforth, if you do not know which path to follow or which kingdom to serve, this testimony is giving you an insight view on which way or path to follow.

I am not the only person professing this truth. There are so many that had died and later woke up and testified about their encounter either in Heaven or Hell. They were not agents of darkness and neither were they in the kingdom of darkness but yet, God revealed those facts to them. Why can you not believe and hearken unto their testimony? Or do you expect Jesus Christ to come down from Heaven and say it to you again? Therefore, I am beseeching you to follow the word of God. Moreover, concerning this worldly dressing in the church, we have used it to destroy and send many saints and anointed ministers of God to Hell fire. Many of them did not fornicate, steal, commit murder or bewitch, but this little things I am professing is what lead them to Hell due to their ignorance.

This is the reason why the Bible says in Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge ..." My people die due to lack of understanding. This is the reason why we have the Holy Spirit and you must ensure you obtain Him. The Holy Spirit is supposed to reveal all these things to you. The major work of the Holy Spirit is to guide you to Heaven. That holy spirit you have that always does miracles; that holy spirit that you obtain that always speaks in tongue but will not tell you things that will hinder you from making Heaven, is a counterfeit holy spirit. The major work of genuine Holy Spirit is to guide you to Heaven and not only to do miracles every day.

In our counterfeit churches, we had also programmed the hands of our fake pastors and ministers. We had to computerize their hands with spiritual black gloves. Anybody they took to the river or water for water baptism; the moment they plunge you into the river, they consciously dedicate and initiate you into the marine kingdom, into the hands of the queen of the coast. Hence, by indulging into water baptism, you can also be initiated, because their hands had been programmed for initiation, thereby connecting you into the hands of the queen of the coast.

Whenever you go to their church anything can happen to you. When they lay hands on you, you are initiated because their hands had been programmed. Their initiation is very strong and powerful. If you went there for their miracles, it means you went there for initiation. Always remember this; the devil is not a fool. The devil gives and also takes, this is how he operates, please be very careful. You can also be initiated through Holy Communion. You might even be the person that brought the wine, but laying hands on it can contaminate it. So, remember that the Holy Communion (blood and bread) they give you is not the blood and flesh of Jesus Christ. It is the blood of demons and flesh from the world of darkness. What they had been giving you is the blood and flesh of an antichrist. That is the reason why you ought to be very careful.

Only the genuine Holy Spirit that dwells in you will help you discern the right and best pastor or church. If truly you want to go to Heaven, immediately you receive Christ, the first target should be how to acquire or obtain the genuine Holy Spirit. If you do not seek after the genuine Holy Spirit, there are multitudes of deceivers in the church. They will deceive and lure you into sinfulness due to your ignorance. You can be deceived anywhere, but the Holy Spirit will come gently and tell you the right path to take if you live in obedience.

You can also be initiated during the church convention or anniversary. Our agents will join those who will be cooking food for the occasion, because they know that many people will attend the programme. At times, if the church makes an arrangement of slaughtering a cow for a celebration, before daybreak, our demonic agents will transform the cow into a human being. Through this process, you would also be initiated into the kingdom of darkness by what you have eaten. I want to use this medium to plead with you pastors; if you want to do any ceremony or convention in your church, whatever they bring for the ceremony, ensure you give yourself time to pray over it. Sanctify it all with the blood of Jesus Christ to cancel and nullify the plans of the devil and prevent people from being initiated in the church. Many people are also initiated in hospitals, schools, nurseries, and universities and even in the banks.

I will now talk of how I met Christ. The day I encountered Jesus Christ I was on an assignment to check a record in Hell fire. During my days in the kingdom of darkness we believed that Hell was not a terrible place. We could easily go in and out as a special satanic agent. The fiery burning flames of Hell could not burn us and neither the heat hurt us, due to the satanic powers which satan had deposited in us. Let me draw your attention to various testimonies of people who have gone to Hell and come back to earth with a special message which contains horror and terrible things about Hell. My dear, if you are still pondering about the existence of Hell or perhaps you do not believe the existence of Hell, please there is Hell and it is real.

If you are one of my co-satanic associate or agent in those days and you still feel that Hell is nothing, please I am out of your kingdom. The reality about Hell is that Hell does exist. I was once deceived as you are deceived, but I am grateful to God for His mighty deliverance upon my life. Talking about Hell; there are different parts, places and departments in Hell. Any damn soul in Hell at this moment is just in the entrance of Hell fire while the real main Hell is deeper. The deeper furnace part of Hell is known as the lake of fire. Therefore, in those days we normally went to Hell fire. The name of any human being born on earth is written in Hell.

My first encounter with Jesus Christ in Hell

Now, one fateful day I was going to Hell to check the name of a brother, very holy, fearful and obedient to God. That day I discovered that the day every person is born and his name is given to him, about 70 demons are automatically attached to him. There is no way you will commit sin secretly that the demons would not know. Even if God overlooks your sin, demons will not overlook it. They are always watching you. If you say you are born again beware of hidden sins because any sin you commit is always exposed; demons are monitoring you both in and outwardly.

On that fateful day, this brother committed a sin and the stand by and monitoring demons that were monitoring him quickly sent us a signal that the brother had committed a sin. It happened that the brother was a graduate, educated but was frustrated, no work, no wife, no house, no children for many years. We rendered him useless just because he was living a righteous life with the fear of God. We were tormenting and frustrating the brother by shutting down all his financial breakthroughs, connections and prosperity, because he refused to compromise his faith.

Immediately he committed the sin of lies telling, a signal was sent throughout the whole world; because I was in charge of Africa continent. I quickly went to make research in his personal life in order to execute him before his repentance. I was in a very high speed to Hell to inquire more about his name and also to carry out the assignment. Suddenly I heard someone calling my name. I had only two names by which I was called. Physically on earth my family knew one name while in the spiritually realm I was known by another name. During those years I usually appeared in two different forms. At home my family knew me as a good child whereas in the spirit I was dangerous.

Hence, I was surprised when I heard my physical name in the spirit world and kept wondering who could possibly know me by such name. None of my co-agents in spirit world had ever called me with my physical name in the spiritual realm. For this reason I was furiously annoyed. The voice called the second time but I refused to hearken. He called the third time with annoyance and I looked back in order to behold and rebuke the person but I was utterly amazed at the sight of the strange personality. I cannot really describe how he looked like because he was tall and handsome. I never thought I could ever come across any man that possessed such attributes of handsomeness and beauty. I was amazed because in our knowledge and according to our discovery, we thought it was lucifer who was the most beautiful personality on earth.

I was reasoning in thoughts, who is this strange personality? Due to my fast thinking memory I immediately recalled that we were once taught about the dazzling beauty of the Son of the owner; in our kingdom we do not call the name Jesus. I was wondering if this could be the Son of the owner, but why is he so glamorously endowed with such beauty and handsomeness? While I was still pondering over this, he called my name and said: I stopped you because I want to give you a message. I was so surprised, I laughed and tinkled, you want to give me a message, I replied and said, but your word says, you know your people and your people know you. He replied and said, "The earth is the Lord’s and everything that dwelt in it ..." Psalm 24:1 Then I said, but your word says that nobody can serve two masters. Matthew 6:24. He replied and said; "... with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

In my earnest desire to utter the 3rd quotation, I then remembered we were taught in the kingdom of darkness that whenever you are in an encounter in Word with any strong Christian or personality, if they win and overcome you in the 1st, 2nd encounter with the Word and finally win you in 3rd attempt, you will become their slave under the power of words. For this reason I did not want him to win me again. Hence, I pretended and said all right if that be the case say whatever you want to say. He discovered that I was lying. He perceived that I was just pretending. Then he said, you want to go to Hell and check records. I said yes. He said, no problem, if that is the place you want to go I will permit you to go. Before he finished his statement a strange whirl force turned my face toward Hell and I was accelerating with a greater speed that I had never experienced before in my life.

As I said, since I had been voyaging to Hell, I had never felt the fiery burning heat of Hell. However, that day as I was running in high speed to Hell the heat kept increasing. I felt the heat terribly; it was so intense and horrible. I could not bear the heat anymore because all my soul was almost burning and turning into charcoal. When the pain was so severe and terrible to bear, I remembered that while I was still schooling in the kingdom of darkness, my satanic lecturer taught us that a soldier that is not dead will certainly live to fight another day. Therefore, it is better I pretend and surrender to this man so that he will not kill me, so I would go and get prepared in order to fight him another day.

Nevertheless, I succumbed to Jesus in my pretence and screamed in a loud voice; alright I will go where ever you want me to go, please send me, send me, please send me, I will go. Immediately I shouted and proclaimed this agreement tune, within a twinkling of an eye the speedy force that was transporting me to Hell suddenly stopped, reversed and brought me back to the feet of Jesus Christ. My face was bowed down before Him but I struggled to behold His face once again in order to surrender my willingness and told Him to give me His message, but I could not. It was His grace that empowered me to behold His face during my first "Word" encounter with Him. I did not know that it was not easy to behold the face of Jesus Christ. Yet with great effort I tried to look at His face. Oh my God! My dear brethren, the radiance and brightness of light, forces and mighty powers that emit from His eyes is 100 times greater than the reflecting beam light of the sun. The light was so heavy and powerful.

I began to ponder, so His face is so powerful like this, why did He not reveal this to me during my word encounter with Him? Afterward, I discovered that the powerful force of the light that emitted from His face had destroyed many things in my body because every part of my body was enchanted with demonic weapons, which was comprised of thousands of snakes. My hair, eyes, nails, stomach etc. were all charmed with dangerous weapons. Everything was destroyed by the powerful force that beamed from the face of Jesus Christ, including all the powers I always used for astral travelling. I became powerless and empty. Then He said, listen to the message and assignment I am giving you. Go back to the world and tell my people that I am coming for them because the rapture will soon take place. The time is up; it is only 5 minutes to go. Tell them 5 minutes to go and I will soon come to take my people home. Tell my people to prepare and not to look back because it is 5 minutes to go.

As He made the last statement, I suddenly woke up. Immediately I woke up, my dear brethren, I could not find it easy with my body. That fiery heat of Hell fire that dried my soul, veins, ribs and muscles in the spiritual realm affected me greatly. When I awoke up I discovered that my blood was dried and my body temperature was so high. There were pains all over my body and I fell sick. As I was crying, my parent came around me asking why I am shedding tears but I lied to them that I had stomach pain. I did not want to expose the secret to them because during those years I had never fallen sick and had not been to the hospital before. However, my parents were surprised and later took me to the hospital because they had never seen me in such a condition before.

They eventually took me to a hospital. To my utmost surprise I did not know that the kingdoms of darkness were already aware of my encounter with Jesus Christ and my predicament. They had arranged everything and also programmed how to send a message across to me. One of our agents, a woman of the medical corps also fell sick in her husband’s house in order to come and talk to me. When I got to the hospital I met her in the same hospital room where I was admitted. After everybody had left the room she started ministering to me, even if you were in the room you would not know that she was talking to me. She told me; "please sorry, we all saw the encounter and also what transpired within your body system". I was so annoyed and retorted; "so all of you saw me, but refused to come to my aid. Why couldn’t you come and rescue me, what if that man had killed me?" She burst into laughter and said, He cannot kill you. I said but He has destroyed all my powers. She replied, Yes we know He has destroyed all your powers, that is the reason why I am sent in order to give you some powers that will enable you come to our meeting. I was greatly annoyed but I accepted the power.

After some days I went to the meeting but was seriously annoyed with them. There was a powerful screen in our kingdom which revealed every activity. There is no hidden secret in the whole world that is not exposed on the screen. I retorted, "So you all were here watching me through the screen and refused to assist me, what if that man had killed me?" They all laugh and said, "He cannot kill you because He is a merciful God; He purposely wanted to give you a message. Please do not hearken unto Him for He is powerless, He does not have any power". I retorted, "That is how you have been deceiving me; you told me that this man has no power, how did He manage to destroy all my powers after you have affirmed that I have been given a greater power that no man can challenge?" You told me that my power is the greatest in the whole world. Now, tell me, who was that man that tormented me in such a disastrous manner, who used His power to dry all my powers?

They replied, "do not hearken and neither follow Him for He is powerless. If you follow Him you will lose." Then I said, "inasmuch as He has power more than you I will follow Him". They replied, "If you intend to follow Him, don't you know how many of His servants you have killed? Let’s assume he has power why couldn’t He deliver them from you?" This means that He is powerless, that is how He always entices them to follow Him and later forsakes them for the enemy to kill them. Therefore if you follow Him, you will also be killed the same way you killed many of His servants. Please do not follow Him. That was how they convinced me not to follow Him because I had killed many of His ministers.

"If truly this man has power why couldn’t He deliver them from my hands? No, I wouldn’t follow Him", I said. Thereafter I was equipped with more powers than before, I became more powerful. Formerly I was not attacking churches but only indulging in church pollution, initiating worldliness in churches and defilement of the congregation. But, after this encounter with Jesus Christ, I angrily focused my attacks on pastors and other ministers of God. After a year I experienced another encounter but this time I was in a dream. Let me rephrase this, my dear brethren. I did not believe in sermon and nobody ever preached to me before I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. I once believed that preaching of the Gospel is just a secular job and anybody can become trained into such a profession.

I believed that the Bible is a language which anybody can read and practice some scriptural verses and start presenting it to people. I foresaw preaching as a business because I did not believe in sermon. God knew that nobody could preach to me to repent or change. The Lord God Almighty is a master planner and already knew the Gospel tools to implement and how to apply and use them in order to ensure my conversion. Proverb 21:1 "The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases." Please beware of this fact, if God needs you He knows how to arrest and get you converted. God is your creator and your heart is in His hands. He controls and directs your heart as the rivers of water and wherever it pleases him. Nobody can prove stubborn to God unless he is not ready to arrest you. But whenever He is ready to arrest your heart He will certainly win your heart. Nevertheless, He will give you the chance to freely make your choice before He fills your heart because He cannot force or compel you to repent.

All the numerous divine revelation messages of Heaven and Hell and encounters of those that were formerly involved in demonic kingdoms and wickedness which you have seen and read; talking about their spiritual journeys to the celestial city of Heaven and horrific journey to Hell fire, and who equally came back with divine revelation messages are purposely enacted by God in order to convinced you and also to send a message across to billions of souls whose hearts are sealed with hot iron of iniquities. God purposely releases His grace and commissions those people to encounter such glorious and horrible spiritual experiences of those who turn from darkness to light in order to convince and pierce your heart to rethink about where to spend your eternity.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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