NEARLY 1000 Years In The Kingdom Of Darkness N░6

This teaching is the 6th in a series of six teachings. To fully benefit from it, you should read the other parts in numerical order.

Yet, if all these great signs of divine revelations and testimonies do not touch your mind or convinced your heart unto repentance and you refuse to change from your wickedness, Hell fire shall change you, but it will be too late. Repentance in Hell shall amount into an everlasting torment and doom while today’s repentance on earth shall bring about salvation. If you are possessed by doubting spirits and refuse to hearken unto this confession, please go for deliverance because God cannot lie, Heaven and Hell are real, you are warned.

My second encounter with Jesus: The mighty throne and rapture

The second encounter that led to my salvation and to finally succumb to the message of Jesus Christ occurred in my dream. In that dream I was walking along a pathway in order to purchase something, suddenly I looked up and behold the sky began contracting and shrinking mysteriously like someone folding up a mat. Suddenly I saw a very long staircase descending from Heaven with very tall and giant angels of God. The angels stood at each side, left and right side of the staircase holding a long trumpet on their hands whose length is like an electric pole. At the edge of the staircase I saw a beautiful and glorious throne of a king and a man was seated on it with a crown on his head. I looked intensely and observably saw the man sitting on the throne as the same man whom I first encountered. When I observed it was the same man, Jesus Christ, who destroyed all my powers, I exclaimed, "Ahhh! You this man so this is you, you were the person that disturbed me years ago, thank God, I'm going to deal with you today."

While I was still contemplating this in my thought, suddenly the angels blew their trumpet and I saw multitude of people ascending up towards Heaven. Immediately I saw this, it caused me to remember the Bible teaching I heard from the church where I used to fellowship with my parents during those days. Therefore, when I perceived this I was shocked because I was well educated in the kingdom of darkness that all dreams are real and have reasons, either with good or bad meaning. My dear, there is power and force behind every dream. Either the spirit of God is behind your dream or demons with either good or bad meaning. Due to this fact, I accepted the truth about rapture because no demon could disguise to deceive me in my dream because I knew my level and rank in the kingdom of darkness. I was higher in rank for them to manipulate or deceive me.

I concluded that be it rapture or not, I am not going to be raptured because I have no business in His kingdom, therefore let me go and challenge Him. "Why did He disturb me and wither all my powers on that day?" I jumped up to attack Him but unfortunately I fell down. I jumped more than 30 times, yet the more I tried the more I fell down and found it difficult to stand on my feet. Suddenly I saw a black cat so big like a goat; I was surprised and was contemplating the meaning of such animal. Then the cat laughed at me and said, "Sorry you cannot go with them. We both share the same kingdom together and you do not have any part in their kingdom. Likewise also, do you still recall the scripture which says, every man must carry his own load? That basket laid over there is filled with the same work we both carried out."

When I saw the basket, it was so big, dirty and filled with bad things. Then I replied, no, the basket is not mine. The cat retorted, "That is the reward of the work you and I both did together on earth and you cannot abandon it to me because I cannot carry it alone. You better remain and come so that we carry this load together," I pushed him away and started jumping again, but he insisted that I must help him, but while I was fighting him suddenly the whole Heaven closed up. When the Heaven was closed, multitude of people were crying and lamenting; ooh no, so rapture is real...! So rapture is real…! I concluded to return back home and inform my household but I discovered that my mother had been raptured. I quickly ran to our church which was just about 3 block building distance from my residence but fortunately the pastor was also raptured. Many people in the street were raptured, it looked exactly the same way we were taught in Bible studies and that was how everything manifested on that very day.

Every crock and crane was filled with shout and noise of lamentation, oooh, no, so rapture is real..! oooh, no, so rapture is real…! Then suddenly I woke up. When I awoke, I felt so touched, and I began weeping. My mother and brothers ran into my room and were questioning me and demanding for answers. The terrible fear and shock prompted me to narrate the whole story to them. With such severe touch and terrible fear I felt within me, I quickly removed all my earrings, chains and all worldly attire from my body. Then I pretended to be born again, though I was not, I was just pretending because I was greatly in shock and fear of the whole dream and also annoyed with my fellow colleagues in the kingdom of darkness. Hence, they knew that rapture was real, yet they concealed it from us; why were they deceiving us?

This prompted me to surrender to Christ at that period but I did not give up my powers. All my powers were still active and intact within me because I wanted to know more about that man called Jesus Christ and Christendom. I perceived there was a mystery behind such secret and reason why we were kept in darkness from knowing the deep secret of the rapture, Jesus Christ and Christianity. This caused me to divert from being an agent of satan and I started attending Bible studies and weekly church activities and meetings, asking questions in order to acquire more knowledge about Christendom.

However, after some weeks I went back to my satanic meeting in order to relay about the shocking dream I had because they told us that all dreams are real and have meaning. Therefore how come about rapture? "You told us that rapture isn’t real but I saw it in my dream, why? How come, what is going on”? The demons were utterly surprised. They started lying while attempting to defend themselves but I immediately discovered their lying motives, they were telling lies. I was very furious with them because they could not deceive me anymore.

"You told me that all dreams are real and have meaning yet why can you not explain the meaning of the rapture to me? How did rapture come to my dream?" There were uproars and series of arguments between us. These arguments made me to be seriously annoyed with them because they concealed the truth from me. After my annoyance with them I declared to them that the person I saw on that throne in my dream, His name is "Jesus". You dare not mention the name of Jesus in the kingdom of darkness, moreover we were warned seriously never to mention the name JESUS in our kingdom but I purposely mentioned His name in order to injure them. Immediately I mentioned the name "Jesus", the whole place scattered with great turmoil; thunder strike, fire storm, and a mighty quake which erupted with shockwave, which greatly injured many of them.

The demons were so annoyed and later got me arrested and placed me in their holding cell. They chained me and were tormenting me day and night in their spiritual prison but physically on earth I fell sick and my parents were treating me medically with drugs. They thought I had typhoid fever. The sickness was so severe and they thought it was just an ordinary illness; but unknown to them that the punishment and affliction I was incurring from demonic prison of the kingdom of darkness was the reason why I was being tormented physically on earth with those sicknesses and symptoms.

My third encounter: The great tribulation

After several months, the demons released me from their spiritual prison and commissioned me to continue in my satanic enterprises which I was obliged to. I accepted and continued in my demonic exploits. After 6 months I had another encounter. I witnessed the great day of the Lord according to Revelation 16:1-21, that great day of the Lord is coming upon the whole world, especially those that are into witchcraft practice, satanism, occultism and demonic kingdoms and unbelievers, ritualists and blood suckers.

Revelation 16:1-6 "Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, "Go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth." 2So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. 3Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died. 4Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. 5And I heard the angel of the waters saying: "You are righteous, O Lord, the One who is and who was and who is to be, because You have judged these things. 6For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. For it is their just due."

Read the whole scriptures for confirmation because that very day is fast approaching. Everyone on earth especially you that call yourself a witch, wizard, ritualist and occultist, you shall be tired of sucking blood. On that very day of great tribulation, the Lord shall saturate the whole world with blood; you will suck and be tired of blood. The wicked one shall be soaked with blood. Therefore if you have opted to be attending your witchcraft meetings in order to shed blood, on that very day your fridge, bathroom, toilet, bucket, plates, gutter and water reservoir and everything around you shall be filled with blood and you shall be greatly shamed. At the moment you think that God is powerless. This is a wrong perception pushes you to indulge yourself into bloodshed and human sacrifice. It is rather a pity on you to have such an assumption because you are not wiser than Him. God has purposely set aside, a period, a day and timeline for your judgment and He shall judge without mercy.

On the judgment day of the Lord your entire secret shall be made manifest and there shall be no mercy. You’d better seek His mercy while it is still time and while He is still accessible now, because tomorrow might be too late. In this 3rd encounter I witnessed terrible things that baffled me; the Great Judgment and Tribulation Day of the Lord occurred in my dream and will surely come to pass. The Holy Scripture is infallible and contains the living word of God which cannot be broken.

In my dream, I saw a mighty terror invading the whole world both the young and strong ones. Everyone was in a great shock, terrorized and was panicking in fear. Lions and other wild animals left their dens, bushes and ran into town causing some people to run out of their houses. The animals ran in and out of their house. I saw a gigantic aquatic animal from the deep sea running into town; they were as tall as storey buildings as portrayed in the movie titled King-Kong. There are some animals which are 3 times bigger than king-Kong, terrible and mighty animals marching forth from the sea toward the earth taller than 10 storey buildings.

My dear, what I saw at the sea coast was so terrible because it was filled with much blood. Even the demons who also lived beneath the sea even before the creation of the world, though they cannot die, were so much afraid that they had to run out from their hidden places. The whole sea was filled with blood so much so that it became uncomfortable for both the demons and aquatic animals to abide thereof. The whole earth was terribly filled with terror, commotion and panic. I was so much annoyed when I saw the queen of the coast running out from her kingdom and walking on earth surface, even though she could not move majestically on earth surface because half of her body is fish with scales while other half is human being. The queen of the coast was so beautiful, yet in her beauty statue she was running speedily for her dear life with terror, fear and panic.

When I saw this, I exclaimed; so something can happen that will cause you to run in this fearful manner? I was greatly shocked, annoyed and surprised. This caused me to discern that something mighty is really about to happen, something which is bigger than the whole world and also greater than the queen of the coast can bear. I saw the queen of Heaven fall from her throne in her kingdom. She was blown by the winds and she was running helter-skelter. I was utterly amazed but pondered "so this spirit being can be shaken and terrorized by a mighty and greater power? No, I need to seek for more powers."

During my 3rd encounter in my dream, I also saw nursing mothers running for their lives, they will throw off their babies and mutter, "I am sorry, I cannot protect you on this day, I have to run for my dear life". Unfortunately, a moving vehicle crushed the child to death. I also saw pregnant women running for their lives and unfortunately they were trodden by people and moving vehicles equally passed over them. Their unborn babies will gush out and they will also die. Terrible things happened and there were even some locations where no vehicle could pass due to human traffic jam. Earthquakes were also witnessed in different places, swallowing great multitudes of people and houses. Satellite network signals were frozen and jammed, no news or network signals to broadcast the horror and chaos terrorizing the whole world, the world was in total darkness.

When I awoke from my dream after having these entire dreadful incidents and was greatly in fear, I finally regained my conscience. I said "this is terrible, so these people are not the most superior beings in the world?" It troubled and pierced my heart, I was so confused. Afterward I went to our meeting in the kingdom of darkness and confronted them; I explained to them what I saw. "You told me that you were mightier and stronger than the Son of the owner but I saw you all in total panic and despair".

After sharing the vision of the great tribulation to them, they could not give me any real justification which made me to affirm that indeed these demons are full of deception and have been deceiving me all this while. This prompted me to make a personal decision and later indulged in a quest of seeking for deliverance and also where to get rooted in the divine word of God. Unfortunately for me, while I was seeking for a sound place of worship, wanting to hear more about the rapture, the great tribulation, God’s judgment, righteousness, inward and outward holiness, modesty and purity, my heart was pierced due to the kind of messages pastors and other ministers of God were preaching during that period of my innermost desire of the sound Gospel of God. It was so pathetic.

The pastors were laying more emphasis on breakthroughs, financial blessings and worldly possessions. They refused to preach and counsel me on how to make the rapture, how to amend my wicked ways and wrong doings and how to undergo restitution and remain in Jesus. If you are a pastor, minister or preacher of the Gospel, please do not think that everyone you see in your church is burdened with financial needs or seeking for miracles. Some of the members in your church are not seeking for financial breakthrough or any sort of miracle but rather salvation. Some purposely come for salvation because they have tasted and enjoyed wealth, power and perverse things of this world but could not find any satisfaction or peace.

Hence, endeavour not to pinpoint your sermon or preaching mostly on breakthroughs, financial blessings, miracles and progress because someone has already acquired them but seriously needs peace of mind which is rooted in the undiluted word of God. Nevertheless, there was a particular church which many professed to preach salvation messages but when I got there, it was the same scenario. They were preaching about healing, miracle, marital breakthrough and financial prosperity. This prompted me to stop seeking for a genuine place of worship because they were preaching the same kind of gospel.

My fourth encounter: Melting and passing away of the old earth

A year later, after my 3rd encounter of the great tribulation, I later had the 4th encounter. This 4th encounter was so powerful and horrible. In fact, the Bible categorically states that Heaven and Earth shall pass away. Malachi 4:1 "Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and that day that is coming will set them on fire," says the Lord Almighty. "Not a root or a branch will be left to them."

After this 4th encounter of the melting and passing away of the old earth I devotedly made up my mind to surrender my life totally to God. Thereafter, I commenced going to several churches seeking for personal deliverance. Whenever I narrated my ordeal to any deliverance minister or pastor, they would breathe deeply and exclaim and ask me to come back tomorrow or next week. Sadly, at the appointed day, the pastor would refuse to give attention but I would meet his wife who would inform me that the pastor has travelled. Then it would be clear to me that he did not want to listen to my plea for deliverance then I would go to another church.

After sharing my story to another set of pastors, they would practically reply "Sorry, we do not think we can help you". The situation continued with none to help for my deliverance. More than 20-50 deliverance ministers and pastors ran away after hearing my ordeals. By the grace of God, I met a sincere man of God. After sharing my ordeal with him he vibrantly replied, "My daughter, I cannot deceive you, there is no pastor that can stand to conduct deliverance on you because your atrocities are numerous. It’s only God that can forgive you. And if truly you have an encounter with Christ, it’s only that Christ that can deliver you. Therefore, the only advice I will give you is this; go to a prayer mountain and stay there until God remembers you."

While seeking deliverance, I virtually lost everything. The kingdom of darkness attacked me severely because they had detected my intentions of surrendering to Jesus and willingness of getting delivered from the kingdom of darkness. I was totally wrecked down financially, hanging around in hopelessness. Howbeit, when I arrived at the prayer mountain with about 15 US 36 cents and my baby [yes; I had a baby girl at that time]. I commenced white fasting and prayer. The white fasting simple means; I wouldn’t eat anything that contains pepper, salt and oil for a couple of days.

Nevertheless, I patiently waited upon the Lord for about 6 months; yet I did not receive any vision, revelation or dream that indicates that He is with me or wants to use me. But instead of having divine ministration I always encountered several demonic attacks, weaknesses and oppression in dreams. God allowed me to undergo those trials because if I had been assisted, there would have been the tendency of being polluted by demonic agents. I think God purposely ignited my shamefulness from seeking help from other people in order that I be strengthened in prayers and become serious with him. Even though He refused to listen to my plea, I chose rather to die and meet with Him in Heaven than to give up.

After a short while, some ministers of God who were also on that mountain later became aware of my ordeal and previous enterprises in the kingdom of darkness. They abused and insulted me, yet above all God granted me the divine grace to endure all those persecutions. After about 6 months, Jesus Christ appeared to me again with divine consolation and revealed some mysteries to me. He showed me some diabolical powers in my body, which were hidden from me and also instructed me about the kind of prayer points to pray against them. He instructed me to commence my prayer on a specific week and pray against some powers deposited in my brain, tongue, eyes, armpit and diverse places in my body, which I was not aware of. He revealed every secret thing about me, including my blood system and gradually deliverance started taking place. Nobody laid hands on me or ever conducted deliverance on me except God through self-deliverance. I am ever grateful to God.

Grace be with you all who have Jesus Christ as Master!


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