This testimony is the 2nd in a series of six volumes. To fully benefit from it, you should read the other parts in numerical order.

A few months later, I called the same number again. Julia received me on the phone. She was overwhelmed by events; I told her, "Julia, go home and tell my parents to send me some clothes because I'm here half-naked." Julia was so terrified that she hung up the phone. When the cousin who sacrificed me heard about it, he reported me to the astral world and the authorities delegated someone who took the phone by force and warned me not to use the phone. I was still a black man but the customers perceived me as an Arab, because I had taken a false appearance. I recognised some of my customers but they could not recognise me. Humans on the street are not all ordinary men. I was already functioning as a demon, a human spirit serving the kingdom of lucifer.

The mystery of the submarine world

One day, while I was going about my business as usual, I was visited by a mermaid from lucifer’s world of pandemonium. She is called Madame Jacqueline. She had come to the surface of the earth to inspect the businesses and industries of the dark world in the region. She inspected my store within seconds, because she is a mermaid, a powerful demon who works at the speed of light. She proposed to use me as her servant, and she asked me to join her in the underwater world of the sea where she lives. She said to me, "Your work here on earth is finished. From now you will work as my bodyguard in the world of the waters." The next day she came with the person who was to replace me and I handed him the key. The day I was going to the submarine kingdom came; we were in a group of 4; we were all servant spirits in the shops of agents of darkness in the city. The mermaid came to gather us and we went to the bank of the Congo River.

She explained to us the ritual we had to do to open the inter-dimensional gate to the submarine kingdom. Before disappearing, she gave us a New Testament, a perfume, two black candles and an egg. She gave us a Bible verse that we were supposed to recite during the ritual and the incantation. The mermaid selected a leader among us. She explained to him the prayer of incantation to be done in the New Testament. She instructed him to put the perfume on our eyes after the prayer and to throw the eggs into the river as soon as the candles go out, in order to open the inter-dimensional gate leading into the underwater world. Then, she disappeared. So our colleague began to pray with the New Testament. Then he put the perfumes on our eyes and as soon as the black candles that were lit went out, he threw the eggs into the Congo River. The river withdrew as when the children of Israel walked in the Red Sea. And then a golden boulevard emerged in the middle of the river, and this boulevard reached the bank of the river. In fact, this golden boulevard led directly into the underwater world: The pandemonium.

As soon as we went down this golden boulevard, we saw in front of us a magical, fairy-like and mysterious world that we have never seen since we were born on earth. It was an urban and sophisticated civilization. It was another universe. To tell the truth, there is no city on earth that can match submarine civilization. We saw huge constructions and advanced architectures. The level of technology and sophistication is far ahead human civilization. The infrastructures of this cosmopolitan and prehistoric world go beyond those of human civilization on the surface of the earth. This city is a dazzling metropolis, built with precious stones. When we arrived in this metropolitan city, we saw the great lady of the sea, the mermaid Jacqueline who was waiting for us. She received us enthusiastically and then took us to her palace. Once we arrived at her palace, she introduced us to her staff and workers. She told them, "Here are my new bodyguards." When we started the new life in this mysterious world of lucifer, I started seeing the elites who manage our world.

I saw royal families, aristocrats, the upper class and the people we see on television. I saw our musicians, I was shocked to see all the famous people we watch on TV. I saw them all in the kingdom of lucifer, the submarine kingdom. They live there and regularly attend lucifer’s meetings. This kingdom is ruled by the world government of lucifer. There are 2 Congolese in this government: one is a pastor and the other is a musician who dresses as a fitter. In this government of satan, there are those who sit at the left hand of lucifer and those who sit at his right hand. Many satanists claim to be secretaries of lucifer, but in reality the secretaries of lucifer are fallen angels, not humans. He was betrayed and exposed by many former satanists who came to Christ, so he no longer has trust in man. The mermaid we were serving is a member of satan's government. It is thanks to her that we could see lucifer. Access to the throne of lucifer is not given to everyone because he is god in the underwater world. It is the members of his government like Jacqueline, Andou Sankara and Nabam who have easy access to him.

The destruction of humanity is the main and strategic goal of satan's world, hence the need for parliament to debate this subject. I would like to recall that I went to live in the world of lucifer with my physical body and not in spirit. The construction of houses in the underwater world by marine spirits is done by the spoken word. To build a house in the water world, demons pronounce the word and they specify the structure of the house, and the house appears. We must know that in the underwater world there is a government and a parliament, and in this universe under the sea, parliament is continually debating and determining how to destroy humanity. When we arrived in the water world, Jacqueline who is a mermaid of the toilet installed us in our respective homes. She was supposed to come and pick us up every time she needed us.

After we had settled in our homes in this mysterious world, she asked us to get married before serving her. She offered us women. But these beautiful women were goddesses, ladies of the sea, mermaids of waters. So we got married. The celebration of our weddings was no different from the one happening on the surface of the earth. After my marriage to the lady of the sea, Jacqueline offered us another house. I had 4 children with my wife the mermaid that I left in the submarine kingdom. When a mermaid is pregnant, her pregnancy lasts only a few days and the children born from the marriage between men and mermaids are hybrid demons, but these demons are not immortal. And these children who are demons grow up in a very short time. In fact, when these children become adults they are often sent to the surface of the earth with specific missions. When they come to the surface of the earth, they look so much like ordinary men to the extent that it is difficult to detect them. They manage corporations and large companies.

The Bible says in Genesis 6:1-2,4 "When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. … The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown." The underwater world is filled with hybrid demons from the union of men with sea ladies: mermaids. The infernal world of lucifer is under the water. As Christians, we must know that under the seas, rivers and oceans, there are different kingdoms, there are cities and agglomerations with dense populations. There are people there living a life that is not very different from our life on the face of the earth, because the agglomerations that are under the seas, under the rivers and oceans, are physical civilizations with infrastructures as on the surface of the earth. People who live there go to work and get paid. They get married and they give birth to children; they have boulevards and cars. They have bars and restaurants.

My education and training in the submarine kingdom

After my marriage to the mermaid, Jacqueline ordered that we undergo training in different disciplines, because we will be deployed regularly on the surface of the earth in different missions. Our training was scientific and esoteric. Within the context of my scientific training I learned to drive a car, although I never owned a car during my life on earth. I remember when I lived in the submarine world, there was already the car RenÚ there, while this car was not yet on the earth; it was more developed and advanced than those circulating on the earth. Scientists travelling in the underwater world have tried to copy this technology. But in the underwater world this car is equipped with a computer that offers options. For example, when you press the "kitchen" button, the interior of the car turns into a kitchen; and when you press the "bathroom" button, the interior of the car turns into a bathroom.

Know that the greatest scientists in the world are satanists. They go to the world of pandemonium and work with demons that transfer to them the technology they are supposed to bring to the surface of the earth. The mysterious world of the devil has several metropolises. It is a computerised world. The rapid technological advances we have recorded on earth during this century are perpetrated by the world of satan. Scientists around the world travel to the world of pandemonium to acquire knowledge, because the technology on earth is less advanced than that of the macrocosmic world of satan. The mermaid had put us in different training programmes, in order to prepare us for the various missions that we were going to perform on the earth. The training was related to scientific and esoteric knowledge. In terms of scientific knowledge, I learned to drive a car, a train, a boat, a bicycle, although before I died I did not know how to drive a car or a bicycle. I learned all this in the underwater kingdom.

I did many sport disciplines under the sea by the recommendation of the mermaid. I also learned music and the use of musical instruments. We were trained to walk with leaders. We were taught how to talk and walk with political leaders. And concerning the mystical knowledge, we learned different techniques to kill humans. This training was imperative because we had to carry out missions on earth as unseen and visible spirits. Therefore, we were to function as demons. The strategic goal of the kingdom of lucifer is the destruction of humanity and the Church. So we learned all the techniques of destruction. We learned the mystery of nature, we learned to operate like evil spirits, like demons. We learned to disappear and to become invisible.

We learned how to enter the bodies of men and dwell in them, to possess and influence them as evil spirits do. We also learned to capture the souls of humans to kill them. At the end of these different training courses, we were to be deployed in missions of destruction. Most of our targets were Christians, because there is an invisible and perpetual war between the realm of satan and the realm of light. We had to cause destruction and even traffic accidents, because we had become like demons even though we were human spirits. Life there was not very different from life on the surface of the earth. In fact, every day I went to work, I had a wife and children.

I see my nephew in the submarine world

I remember one day, I was with my colleagues in that mysterious underwater world when suddenly I saw my nephew. He was actually captured by people who were taking him to where I did not know. When I saw them, I recognised my nephew and I blocked their way. I asked my nephew, "Young brother, where are you going like this?" He was confused and he said to me, "Big brother Matthew, I do not know, these people came and abducted me, and I do not know where they are leading me." I told him: "Younger brother, you're not going to endure the realities of this world, you have to go back to earth. I know that my cousin sacrificed me to the devil but he cannot finish the whole family. It is unacceptable. You will return to earth willingly or by force." Then the executioners who had captured the spirit of my younger brother began to argue with me, but as I was one of the bodyguards of the mermaid Jacqueline, I had authority.

So I ordered these people to return the spirit of my younger brother into his body. In fact, while I was tussling with those satanists who had captured the soul of my younger brother in the underwater world, he was in a coma on the surface of the earth; since I was categorical, these satanists ended up returning my younger brother's spirit into his body on the surface of the earth. And when he came out of his coma, he started crying. And later, he told the family that he was captured and transported to a mysterious world by six individuals who were satanists. He informed the family that he met me in that mystical world and I fought to free him from the hand of satanists.

Articles from the submarine world

Beloved, know that about 90% of items we use on the surface of the earth come from the world of lucifer. Whenever lucifer wants to win souls or women, he will gather mermaids. These ladies of the sea have long hair running down to the foot. He will order that this hair be cut. Later, this hair will be subjected to certain treatments and processes, before being sent to the surface of the earth. They will be put in sachets and sent to the earth. It should be noted that this hair is well prepared to affect women and marriages. When you wear them, once you sweat on that hair, your sweat which is your blood will be transferred to the spiritual world. You will be controlled from your sweat because your sweat is your blood. Many women are controlled around the world because of artificial hair, and their marital lives are destabilised from the underwater world.

I remember when I came back to life, I warned women about the release of the artificial hair called "Cabello" while this hair was not yet circulating on the earth. Freshly coming from the water world, I knew that this hair was being prepared when I left the kingdom of lucifer. I had left mermaids who were working on that hair, in order to carry it to the surface of the earth. I warned people that there was an artificial hair brand called "Cabello" on its way to the surface of the earth by mermaids. People thought I was joking. Later, this artificial hair was put into circulation. Beloved, you must invoke the blood of Jesus in order to avoid the manipulation of the underwater world that manufactures all that we use on the surface of the earth. You must learn to pray and declare words of authority when you make your purchases.

Roles of physical demons

You may wonder how submarine items are transported to the surface of the earth. The answer is simple. I told you that I was married to a lady of the sea. And we had 4 children. These children are hybrid demons that are not necessarily immortal. Most children from the union of earthly men and water beings begin their life in the underwater world. They grow up there but when they become adults, they are sent to live on the surface of the earth with specific missions. These missions have definite durations. Some are sent to earth for 50 or 60 years. They come with finances and they set up enterprises, businesses, companies and corporations. Then they employ workers who will be potential targets of human sacrifice. And as the mission of these physical demons on earth is to win souls for the world of darkness, they will begin to sacrifice those who work in their company.

No one will be able to suspect them because they do so mysteriously and tactically. Several multinational corporations are run by men who were born and raised in the underwater world. They come from the union of humans and mermaids. They are on the earth on mission. All items and products that are sold in these companies and businesses, be they food, clothing and cosmetics, come directly from the underwater world. There are also business leaders who are in agreement with the evil world; they receive articles and products from underwater world industries. As concerns the food we eat on earth, know that people often visit witch doctors to become rich; they must therefore offer human sacrifices to demons. These demons that live in the world of satan do not drink water; they drink human blood every day. When someone offers a human sacrifice to a demon through mystics and witch doctors, this demon will only drink the blood of the victim and after drinking the human blood, he will transfer the human body to the industries of the world of satan who cut these bodies and make them go through processes. Later, they are put in cans. These multiple cans are exported to the surface of the earth at night to corporations and companies run by hybrid demons.

War and invisible battles against Christians

Beloved, "put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand." Ephesians 6:11-13

Once our training programmes were completed, it was time to be deployed on the face of the earth as part of the spiritual war against Christians and humanity. Our first mission was to destroy a man of God who was previously a satanist. He was delivered from the darkness by Jesus Christ, and was blessed financially by His Master. This man went from one church to another to denounce and expose the works of the devil and the kingdom of lucifer. So we were mandated to kill him. But before any operation on earth against Christians, the mermaid would project direct images of the target to attack. These pictures showed the person we were supposed to fight, and where they were and what they were doing. One had the impression that all men living on earth are filmed by the world of satan. Then the mermaid pointed at the wall and as a result a giant screen appeared, and live images of this pastor were projected into this giant screen.

We began our mission against this pastor by looking for an open door, but this man had closed all the doors in his life. We looked for something in his life that belonged to the devil like sin, but he feared God. The Bible says: I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming. He has no hold on me. John 14:30 Beloved, do not keep the properties of the devil when you go to war against him. The life of sin that many live in is a property of the devil. Finally, we decided to strike this man although we did not find an open door. So we travelled in spirit and we landed in his house. We could see this man. He was asleep with his wife on their bed. So, we went to his room where he was sleeping with his wife. They were there just a few meters in front of us. We were about to execute him.

We began making prayers of incantations in order to capture the spirit of this pastor and transport him to the world of pandemonium. In fact, every time we captured a soul on earth, we carried it into the world of satan, and there was a big party. And after the party we were supposed to be rewarded and given presents. So, we were in that pastor's room doing invocation prayers to capture his soul when suddenly something happened. A man dressed in bright, brilliant white, appeared. He was slender, he was a being of light. He gave me the impression that he did not take into account our presence and he was silent. He went to the bed where the pastor and his wife were sleeping, and he covered the preacher and his wife with a sheet that came out of his fingers. And as a result, they became invisible, including their bed and mattress. Then, the being of light disappeared.

May God bless you!


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