This testimony is the 3rd in a series of six volumes. To fully benefit from it, you should read the other parts in numerical order.

We were amazed and confused. We did not understand what had just happened; all the stuff in the room were there, but the bed including the pastor and his wife who were sleeping there had disappeared. Then, we began to pray invocation prayers to lucifer and to the mermaid Jacqueline. She gave us encouragements and assurances. She told us to fear nothing and to continue to call upon lucifer, then she assured us that there is no power in the universe that can harm us. But at some point something in me told me to get out of the room and wait outside. My colleagues were still in the room of this man of God. They were invoking lucifer when suddenly the being of light reappeared. He was suspended in space. When this being of light, who was the guardian angel of the man of God, pointed his hand at my colleagues, I heard the sound of a very loud detonation like the explosion of a bomb. In fact, the angel of the Lord had struck down my colleagues who were in the room.

When I heard this explosion, I noticed that 2 of my colleagues had died on the spot. Another colleague was burned severely but he survived, the third got a shock because his leg was cut off. I was the only one who did not receive any shock and injury. This was our first mission. When we returned to the pandemonium, I said to the mermaid Jacqueline: "I do not want to go on a mission on earth because it's dangerous; I'd like to take care of my wife and children." But she gave me encouragement and advice. And later, my wife who was also a lady of the waters advised me to continue the battle and the war against Christians, because there were many rewards attached to its success.

Beloved, man is spirit. He has a soul and lives in a body. When we sleep, it is only our body that sleeps, but our mind never sleeps. What our mind sees during the night, we perceive it as dreams. The night is a time when demonic activities are intense, but the Lord keeps us. There is always an angel of the Lord at our bedside to protect us. The Bible says, "Watch and pray at all times, that you may be able to escape all these things." Later, Jacqueline sent me to earth with the mission of drowning a ship in the river. There were many people in this boat. Since I was equipped with a demonic force, I seized this ship and I pulled it by my hand with speed. The captain lost control of the boat, and I drowned the boat. It sank causing many deaths.

Our second mission was to destroy a Christian lady. After several attempts, we finally decided to move her heart away from the presence of God. The tactic to get there was to influence her son's behaviour to the point where she would be offended and lose faith in God. I told you that during our training in esoteric knowledge, we were taught to enter a person's body in order to live there to influence them. So one of my colleagues decided to enter the body of this lady's son to manipulate him and control his behaviour. My colleague entered the body of the child through the fingers and settled inside his body, and he began to influence the behaviour of this child. The latter began to steal, fight and cause all kinds of trouble to his mother.

At first, her mother did not want to accept the negative report she received about her son, but later her son's behaviour became apparent and she was overwhelmed by her son's delinquency. The problem is that the lady did not exercise good judgment; because her son was docile and there was a sudden change in his attitude, but the young lady did not understand that the change in behaviour of her son was due to the influence of an evil spirit. In short, the lady had to discern the change in her son's behaviour and take authority over the forces that were influencing her son. The Bible says, "I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy ..." Luke 10:19.

But the lady proceeded by the flesh, she was offended. She began to mistreat her son and as her son did not change, this lady moved away from God. It was then that we were able to capture her soul and were able to deport her spirit into the invisible world. Of course, she continued her life on earth, but spiritually she was already dead. We decided what kind of death she should die. And later she died. Many are already dead, only the body moves. It is only prayer that can reverse their death. After the death of this woman, we were rewarded with gifts and cars, and many other things.

One day the mermaid Jacqueline gave us a box containing blood contaminated with AIDS. She gave us syringes. We were supposed to go to earth in public places to inject people with this contaminated blood. Once someone is injected with this blood they will feel like they have been bitten by a mosquito, but that is not the case. Many are diseases with mystical origins. It is only prayer in the name of Jesus Christ that can make a difference.

After that, we were again deployed on the earth on a mission. I was sent to earth in a church with a mission of destruction. Since I had to perform this mission physically, I physically went to earth and joined the church in question. I had adopted the identity of a businessman. The mermaid had given me a lot of money for this mission, because money is one of the weak points of modern men of God. With money, it was easy to buy the conscience of men of God. As I became a church sponsor, the pastor eventually made me one of the deacons, and people died in this church because of me. Agents of lucifer constantly offer human sacrifices to the devil, and these souls eventually become servants of the devil in his kingdom. Some work like demons; they will be sent to attack the churches and humans on the surface of the earth.

Indeed, every time we managed to cause the destruction of Christians, there were many rewards for us, a lot of money and gifts were given to us. But in many cases we were confronted with death by meeting Christians. Personally, I had never signed a contract or a pact with the devil's kingdom. I was just a victim of human sacrifice who was enlisted in the army of satan like any other victims of witchcraft. But when I began to confront Christians with their spiritual powers, I knew that I was exposed to danger. There was an operation on the earth that a group of human spirits could not successfully execute. We were solicited. We had to take over.

I remember, we were sent to destroy a family of born again Christians. When we landed at night in this family's yard, we noticed that the whole family was asleep. While we were figuring out how to destroy this family, something unpredictable happened. In a fraction of a second, the parcel of this family turned into a massive river that flowed with great pressure, and this river was flowing into a massive waterfall. Beloved, the residence of this family had become a river flowing into a waterfall. In this situation, if you do not know how to swim you will die, and since we were a group of several people, some died because of the pressure and the fall of this river.

I give thanks to God because I was a fisherman and I knew how to swim. That's the kind of thing that happened to us when we were deployed against Christians. When we returned to the underwater world, Jacqueline developed a new strategy. She told us: "Instead of attacking the whole family, we will attack the members of this family individually." So we selected the first target. The mermaid Jacqueline informed us that the new tactic is called sudden death. We had to hit the target on the head with a stick. The mermaid made a sign with her hand, and a giant screen appeared. And on that screen we saw the target on the earth walking down the street. So we travelled to earth precisely in the street where our target was walking. We started pursuing him. He could not see us because we were invisible. But a man of light appeared behind him. He was blocking us. He stood between us and our target. And when we stopped, this being of light disappeared; but each time we approached our target, this being of burning light reappeared to block us; each time we stopped he disappeared.

But at one point we noticed that the being of light that was the guardian angel of this man no longer appeared. So, we decided to finish with him. We were supposed to take the command and execute this man, but there was fear in our midst, although our target seemed to be unprotected because the man of light no longer appeared. Beloved, for me, the manifestation of this fiery entity of light was a signal that something was going to happen. So I was careful. I felt in my spirit that something violent was going to happen. So, I retreated. My friends were in front of me. A colleague then took the responsibility to execute our target. First, we prayed for him. When this colleague approached the target, he raised his arm and was about to hit the target with the mystic staff when suddenly we saw a double-edged saw coming down from the sky, and this double-edged saw cut off my colleague's hand. It was the rout! Everyone was running in his direction.

The Bible says, "The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven." Deut. 28:7. Jacqueline was watching this operation and our defeat from the underwater kingdom in a giant screen. And when we went back into the water world to give her the report, I was extremely angry and started insulting her. I told her, "Are you sending us in these operations to kill us?" My colleagues began to beg me and cry, asking me to stop what I was doing. They said to me, "If you continue she will end up killing us all." But I continued to insult her because I knew I was going to die. Her staff came to see what was happening. Then Jacqueline rose from her chair and got angry, she was shaking with anger. When she got angry, I saw all her hair, long to the point of touching the ground, transformed into snakes, and her eyes rolled. All her hair had become snakes. I knew I was not going to survive this incident.

Demons are similar to human beings. It is only when they are angry and when they want to operate and execute operations that they take monstrous forms. After this incident with Jacqueline, I could not work for her anymore. She had to take a decision about me. Beloved, anyone who makes an alliance or a pact with the devil, even if he conformed to the requirements, in the end the devil will kill him before the time marked by God in order to enlist him in satan's army and to put him at work as a demon.

I remember, there was a woman who was a witch. She was divorced from her husband because of her witchcraft. So she decided to destroy her former husband. But the first group of human spirits that had to execute this operation failed to kill this man because he was a disciple of Jesus; he was invisible to the systems and instruments of the dark world. But when we came for an inspection, we could see this man in our surveillance instruments. It must be said that this man was a backslid Christian; he had one foot inside and one foot outside. To kill this man, one of my colleagues had decided to enter his body because we were able to do that. To enter the body of a human, we should make sure that our targets are in a state of emotional and mental instability, such as fear or panic. When my colleague entered this man, he began to influence the actions and conduct of this man. In fact, once a man is controlled, manipulated and influenced by a demon, he behaves irrationally, but he will not realise it because his intelligence is manipulated. This man ended up committing suicide after arguing with his new wife. It was when he was about to die that my fellow demon came out of his body. It was at this moment that this man realised what he did, but it was too late. When an evil spirit influences someone, he only realises it when the damage is done.

A fisherman finds himself in the submarine world

Wherever the mermaid Jacqueline passed in the underwater world, activities stopped because she is a member of satan's world government. So, one day we passed in a neighbourhood of the underwater kingdom, and we found that there was a lot of noise. People did not know that Jacqueline was in the neighbourhood. When she arrived there she was informed that a fisherman had landed illegally in the submarine kingdom. In fact, this fisherman was diving, and was trying to pull out his net when he landed in this mysterious world. He could not understand where he was. He was naked and confused. People were harassing him. They said to him, "We cannot be quiet because of net fishing?"

When Jacqueline arrived, she saw this man. She saw this fisherman who trembled with fear and with wonder. She said to him, "Sir, I do not want to kill you, but you will not talk about our world over there to the surface." But when this man was about to be brought to the surface of the earth, the mermaid called him and said, "I feel you're not going to shut up." Then she blew air on this fisherman, and he lost his speech and became dumb. Then he was brought to the surface. Let me tell you that the way people see planes flying in space is the same way that people in the underwater world see boats sailing over water. Most humans living in the underwater kingdom were satanists. The devil killed them before their time. So they died and they continued their life in the underwater kingdom. These human spirits are enlisted in the army of lucifer and function as demons until they reach the total number of years that God had assigned to them.

The mermaid Jacqueline

This mermaid is one of lucifer's wives. She often says that she is the wife of everyone because she is immoral. In fact, many satanists are married to her, but they must observe strict laws that characterise the marriage of men with mermaids. She takes the form she wants to manifest herself. She often comes to the surface of the earth physically but no one can suspect or identify her. She makes cosmetics and makeup for women in order to bewitch them through these items. The mermaid Jacqueline is also called "Thousand years". She is the mermaid of the toilet because she is the mermaid who lives in the toilets of every house on earth. When a sorcerer comes to visit you for the first time, the first thing they will do is to go to the toilet to invoke this mermaid who has information about every home and family on the earth. The sorcerer will invoke her to get information about you.

Human sacrifice

I want to specify that there are two types of human sacrifice. In the first kind of human sacrifice, the demon drinks the blood of the victim and the body is sent to the industries of the Pandemonium kingdom for transformation. In the second type of human sacrifice, the victim becomes a slave in the spiritual world and is called "cattle". I was a cattle in the spiritual world, I was a slave; a private property belonging to a servant of satan. I belonged to people who could sell me to whoever they wanted. There are demonic spirits and agents of satan who are buyers and sellers of souls that are victims of human sacrifice. They sell human souls that are regarded as cattle; and when these slaves, these cattle die, their bodies are shipped to the food industries of the Pandemonium world to undergo transformations.

Once these bodies are transformed, they are put into cans and sent to the surface of the earth. Today, even Christians do not pray before eating, although the Bible says: "And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints." Ephesians 6:18. We must not forget that most of the food we eat today comes from the kingdom of lucifer. Satan's world is full of slaves, cattle or human spirits functioning like demons. They cause accidents, diseases and destruction on the surface of the earth. The Bible says that where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint. I recently saw a pastor introduce a secular musician into his church, saying that the musician is a servant of God. I had a hard time looking at this because this musician is a member of satan's world government. He is one of the two representatives of the devil in our country who are part of his government. This celebrity has the power to sacrifice any man of any tribe or nationality.

Every time this musician launches albums in the market, people die in large numbers around the world and in the continent. They die gradually, in a different way and in geographically separated places; some by disease, others by accidents, under different circumstances. Whenever you hear about an accident in their concerts, it is a human sacrifice. And during this accident we were sent and we were deployed by the world of water to suffocate and asphyxiate the victims. Remember what happened in Ivory Coast during their concert. Let me tell you that most of the musicians are satanists, not only secular musicians but also Christian musicians. The devil has entered Christian music. There are people who sing the name of Jesus but they have signed pacts with the devil and their music bewitches Christians who listen to them, hence the need to discern those who are animated by the Holy Spirit and those of the devil.

The case of a young orphan boy

I remember one day the mermaid had deployed us on the earth to capture a young boy. He was an orphan. When his parents were alive they had signed a covenant with the world of darkness to gain success and wealth. But according to the terms and conditions of this covenant, their offspring were supposed to die when they reach a certain age. Over the years, they grew rich with the goods of this world, but their children died in turn in the predetermined age due to the pact they had signed with the world of Pandemonium. And when they became mature and grew older, they noticed that they got rich but they had lost all the children. So they were childless. They felt that this situation was tragic and that they risked dying without leaving offspring, and not having an heir who will enjoy and benefit from their wealth after their death.

As a result, they deliberately decided to have a child they will not sacrifice. They were ready to go against the terms and conditions of the contract they signed with the underwater world. They agreed not to sacrifice their son as stipulated in the gruesome pact signed with satan's world. Later, this couple gave birth to a baby boy. And when the boy grew up and reached the age of death predetermined in this satanic accord and pact, he was supposed to die but his parents refused to obey the request of the evil world of lucifer. In fact, there were procedures and rituals that this couple had to perform, in order to deliver the souls of their children to the devil.

They were therefore supposed to perform the ritual by which the child was to fall ill and then die without suspicion. But this couple informed the kingdom of Pandemonium and the evil spirits that they would not sacrifice their son. Satan's infernal world warned them that they would die unless they sacrificed the child as signed in the agreement. And despite the warning of the evil spirits of the infernal world, this couple chose to die instead of their son, because they felt they were old and therefore they accepted the consequences that will follow. In this way their son can at least benefit and enjoy their wealth.

Not long after violating the contract signed with the world of satan the mother of this boy died. Sometime after her burial, this young man's father was pronounced dead. All this so that their son can enjoy their property. But just after their death, the extended family took and forcibly confiscated all the wealth that this couple left to this boy, accusing him of being the wizard responsible for the death of his parents. They could not understand that this boy's parents died to allow him to enjoy and benefit from their belongings. Sometime after confiscating these cursed belongings, the family threw the boy into the street after taking everything his parents left to him. This boy eventually became homeless.

May God bless you!


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