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But after this family had taken control of all these goods something happened. It should be noted that when this boy's father and mother died prematurely, they were taken to the kingdom of satan as slaves to perform hard labour until they reached the number of years that God had assigned to them. It 's only after that that they may find themselves in Hades. So they continued life in the underwater world as slaves doing forced labour. And from the astral world, they saw how the extended family took control of their property and threw in the street their only child who was supposed to inherit all their property. In fact, after their death, this man and his wife became slaves and serving spirits in the service of satan's kingdom. As human spirits, when they saw their son stripped and thrown into the street, they began to strike the extended family members who grabbed their belongings by force. As a result, there were deaths in the family.

Most people who enter into alliance and sign pacts with the devil die prematurely. The devil kills them so that their souls are enlisted in his army. They will work for the infernal world and will function as missionary demons on earth and in the astral world until they reach the number of years that God has given them.

When this boy was thrown into the street and became homeless, thank God a local church noticed his situation and came to his aid. Men of God took responsibility for this boy. They gave him a place to sleep and they sent him to school. Meanwhile his parents were doing forced labour in the underwater world where they were slaves. One day, this couple who became enslaved in the world of satan was summoned by the legal authorities of the kingdom of darkness, in the world of Pandemonium. When they arrived before the authorities, they told them this: "It is true that we interrupted your life on earth because you did not keep to the terms and conditions of the contract we signed together. You broke the contract, so your life on earth was interrupted. But in truth we did not need you here; it is your children that interested us because they are ours by law and by agreements. According to the agreement you signed your children belong to us, and since you had signed the contract to give us all your children, we inform you that we are obliged to take your son who is on earth."

Beloved, this couple tried to plead with the judges of the submarine kingdom. They tried to form a legal defence and plead for their son, arguing that they agreed to die in place of their son; but the judicial authorities of the underwater kingdom were categorical because the pact signed by this couple was still in force, it was not cancelled and so their son had to die on the earth and join them in the world of waters. He was going to die and become a serving spirit in the underwater realm. The kingdom of satan had therefore deployed human spirits to kill this boy, but they failed because this boy was in the hands of men of God. After this failure, we had to take over the mission. Mermaid Jacqueline gathered us and projected live images of this young boy on a screen.

We took time to study and investigate his life to get information about him. In fact, we were looking at live pictures of this boy's life on the earth in a giant screen, in order to see how we could proceed with success. We knew he was an orphan because his parents were here in the underwater world. According to the direct images projected on the giant screen of Jacqueline, you could see that he lived in a church, but he seemed to be miserable because he often thought of his parents. Finally, we travelled on earth to meet him. We landed physically on the surface of the earth, precisely in his neighbourhood. In fact we landed with three new jeeps, because we had taken on the appearance of businessmen. After landing in this area, we headed for the boy who was about 200 meters. When we saw him, we greeted him and asked him about his father and mother. He started crying before answering us, then he said, "The people you are looking for are my parents, but they are already dead." We told him, "We are your father's friends, we are from Europe, we came to see him because he helped us to travel to Europe."

After a friendly conversation with this boy, we gave him a lot of money and told him not to live in the church anymore, but to rent a place. Instead of talking about all this with the pastors who took care of him, he ran into the city to rent a place. To kill this boy, our tactic was to distance him from the men of God and the church, so as not to fail as the first team of human spirits who had failed in this mission. I would like to point out that while we were talking to this boy, we had to place invisible barriers around a given area, so that people would not pass within that area. Once a man reaches these barriers, he will tend to change direction as this place was like isolated. This was necessary so that we could perform our operation without disturbance and interruption of the public.

After giving this money to this young man, we went back to the underwater world. The boy began to live a life of opulence, far from the church and from men of God, because we had given him large sums of money. It was necessary to start by keeping him away from the church and men of God. You can ask me where these jeeps and the large sum of money came from. In fact, I was not even well dressed, I was in black pair of shorts as usual, but I disguised myself. The jeep cars we parked were just used empty tins of sardines that we took in a trash bins. We ordered them to turn into cars. These tins of sardines were perceived as cars by natural men but in reality it was something else.

Here we are dealing with the manipulation of the five senses, it is nothing but illusion. The optical eyes of the natural man perceived these tins of sardines like cars thanks to optical manipulation. Many cars in the street are coffins and skeletons, but they are seen by human eyes as cars. In fact, in the spirit world we operate with words and declarations. We command things to come into existence by the spoken word. On the day of this operation, I ordered that I be dressed in precise set of clothing. I ordered the tins of sardines to turn into a car. If only the Lord could open the spiritual eyes of His children, they would have seen me in black pants and bare-chested, and instead of seeing the jeeps they would have seen tins of sardines that were already used.

The physical world is a world of illusions because the optical eyes of humans do not capture the totality of the realities of things. I told you that I had learned computer science in the underwater world. Let me inform you that the greatest scientist in the underwater world is lucifer, he is at the root of new technologies. Every moment this archangel thinks about how to entertain and distract humanity with new media technologies that he invents like the computer, the telephone. Lucifer created the RenÚ limousine car by the spoken word. He started by imagining and thinking about this car, then he spoke the word, giving details and precisions as he wanted, and the car appeared. Even the homes in the underwater world are built by the spoken word.

Scientists came from all over the world to copy lucifer's technology and take it to the surface of the earth. They take time to study the new technologies of the astral world. In the underwater world, the devil needs strong men. But when the human spirits that are in his kingdom are about to die, he gathers them together and demons would make invocations to transform them into cars and motorcycles. And these motorcycles and cars are exported to the earth. If you buy this bike or this kind of car, know that when this man dies you risk an accident, because the bike or the car is a human being. If the Lord could open your eyes to see the reality of the cars you envy in the street, you would be shocked. The Bible says, "Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him." 1John 2:15

So one day we were in the underwater world playing the game of checkers, we remembered the boy to whom we gave money and we decided to end his life. When we travelled and landed on earth, he was drinking and having fun with his girlfriends. After that, he began to drive. In fact, this time we landed on earth as invisible spirits, so they could not see us. It was while he was driving the car which he bought with our money that we grabbed the car in question and started pulling it. He then lost control of the car. He tried in vain to stop the car. He and his girlfriends were trying to get out of the car but they could not because we had blocked the doors and the windows. Finally we hit the car on a wall and he died.

During his funeral, people said he might have resorted to magic because he had become very rich. When he was buried we travelled to the cemetery at night and brought him out of his coffin through mystical prayers. He was surprised to see the three people who had given him money and claimed to be his father's friends. Later we took diabolical forms in front of this young man. We transformed into monstrous creatures with long nails and sharp teeth in front of him. He could not understand what was happening before him. We took hold of this young boy and took him to the astral world under the water. And when we arrived in that kingdom, the young boy saw his parents doing forced labour because they were slaves there.

All this appeared as a movie to him and he was overwhelmed. This boy was enlisted in the army of satan and he became a serving spirit who had to undergo scientific and esoteric training programmes so as to be deployed on earth as a demon. He will therefore work for satan until he reaches the allocated years that God has set for him. Once we succeeded in this operation, there was a party and gifts for us from the mermaid Jacqueline. The Bible says: "there will be more rejoicing in Heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent." Luke 15:7. Let me tell you that there is always a party in the Pandemonium for a Christian who is destroyed more than for a thousand non-believers’ death.

Generally we are born into families who are in alliances through the application of customs and traditions, and unless these ancestral and parental covenants are broken, we will be victims. We do not know the state of mind of our ancestors. Most of our problems come from our ancestors who were in idolatry, in traditional ceremonies and practices. Let us understand well: if your parents have ever visited charlatans, witch doctors, marabouts, or meddled with fetishes, you need deliverance because these people are servants of satan. They bring us into direct and indirect alliances with the world of satan. If you have ever visited a church with an occultist pastor and he has laid hands on you, you need deliverance.

The letter from the ghost

One day, I was with my colleagues from the underwater world. One of my colleagues started talking about his family that he left on earth. He said that he left a wife and children on the surface of the earth when he died. But he had found out that his wife and children were suffering. He thus felt compelled to do something for them so as to soothe and relieve their suffering. Beloved, here we are dealing with people who are officially dead and buried, but they have the ability to operate spiritually and physically on the surface of the earth. Because his wife and children were suffering on the earth, my colleague wrote a letter to his wife and put money in the envelope. He then went to the surface of the earth and placed the envelope at the door of the house where his wife and children lived.

When his wife woke that morning, she found the envelope at the door. She opened it and she saw a pack of American dollars and a letter. She opened the letter and noticed the writing of her late husband, and she was surprised. Then she began to read her husband's letter saying, "Honey, I'm your husband. I know you and the children are suffering; this is why I sent you this money so you can take care of my children; do not be afraid because I'm not dead, I'm fine where I am. Take the money and take care of the children." This woman was afraid; she took the envelope and went to her pastor. She explained that her husband had already died years ago but he sent her the letter and the money, but she is afraid to use it. The pastor warned this woman that this money was dangerous, but this pastor kept this mystical money and used it for his needs. In fact, he shared this money with other pastors and they used it for their needs.

We observed all this from the underwater realm; my colleague was not happy to see these greedy pastors enjoying his money. When he saw that his wife and children did not benefit from his money, he attacked these pastors by traffic accident and they all died in a car accident. I participated in this operation. Later, my friend travelled again to the surface of the earth with an envelope and he placed this envelope in front of the door of his family's house. In fact, he wrote his wife another letter saying: "Darling, if you do not want to use my money, let my children enjoy my money. Let me inform you that I am the one who killed those pastors who died in a traffic accident; it was because they spent my money for their needs."

For the second time, this woman took this envelope containing silver notes to another pastor. When this pastor read the letter, especially the part where it talked about the pastors' death by accident, he was scared. He did not want to keep or even touch that money. The lady returned home with the money which she used to take care of the children; nothing bad happened to them. So it became a habit for my colleague to drop an envelope and money for his wife and children each week. The implication was that this woman could not get married, because her husband who was dead was taking care of her. Those who tried to unite with this woman in marriage were dying.

The mermaid Jacqueline decides to get rid of me

The various missions that Jacqueline entrusted to us became more and more dangerous and whenever we met Christians we were in danger, whereas Jacqueline had assured us that no force in the Universe could challenge us. As I felt in danger, I began to disrespect the mermaid Jacqueline. Therefore, she decided to get rid of me. The fact that she had decided not to kill me was a miracle. Later, she ordered her staff to find a solution to my fate. Jacqueline's staff then contacted my cousin the occultist and said, "Sir, the princess is asking you to get another person to replace your brother who is causing problems here." My cousin told them, "The best thing you can do is to execute him, and even if he dies, I take the responsibility to provide you with another person." But, the mermaid's staff told him that the princess' order is not to kill me, but to replace me with another person.

My cousin wanted me to be executed because all the family members he offered as human sacrifice, I returned their souls in their bodies on the earth. He could no longer sacrifice our family members. So there was a debate between the staff of the mermaid and my cousin. The mermaid’s staff suggested that they should drive me crazy and throw me into a neighbourhood on earth where I am not known. But my cousin was opposed to this idea, saying that family and friends can recognise me and it will be detrimental to him. So there was no agreement on what to do. As this meeting continued, suddenly a businessman who lives on earth came to see the mermaid Jacqueline. This businessman is an entrepreneur. He buys victims of human sacrifice. He buys souls in the slave market of the astral world. And since he has many plantations in our country, he places those slave souls he buys from the invisible world in these plantations on earth, so that they work for him as slaves and farmers in his plantations.

This man is well known in our country; we see him on TV all the time, and if I call his name people will recognise him. He has big companies in the field of agriculture. He has a cornfield, a field of cassava, potatoes, rice, soybeans, beans, but the people who work in these plantations are officially dead. These people are souls he bought in different slave markets in the astral world. This businessman supplies several supermarkets with agricultural products such as maize, rice and beans. In fact, this man came to see the mermaid because he wanted to buy human souls to put them in his plantation. And that day that man bought thirty-seven slaves, that is, people who were victims of witchcraft. It was at that moment, when he was about to return to earth with the slaves he had bought that the mermaid asked him to take me with him. This man took me as a bonus, and he took me to earth in his vast plantation.

Slaves and ghosts in the plantation

When we arrived in this plantation, we were shocked by the size of the people who worked there. They were very short, I mean less than a meter. We were surprised at all this. While we were in astonishment, one of the slaves said to us, "Are you surprised at our sizes? Wait, you will become like us in a very short time." Later, we started working by cutting the bush and started planting maize seeds, rice and other agricultural products. I must say that our supervisors were not ghosts like us. They were men living on earth but practicing occultism. They came to work and they returned to their families in the natural world. By the way, not long ago I had just met one of them in a residential area where he has a lot of business setups. When he saw me he recognised me, and he hurried to avoid me.

So we started working in this plantation. It was when we were supposed to load and unload the bags of these agricultural products that I began to realise that we were going to be short like other slaves. Indeed, we were supposed to carry eight to ten bags of maize, rice and other products, per person; and with time, it had an effect on our size. We worked with a demonic force. Beloved, in this world we live in there are people who are dead and buried, but as they died by witchcraft, they became slaves in the astral world. They have become the properties of their executioners who can sell them in the flourishing slavery industry that is in full swing in the astral world of wizards. Many men and women who are officially dead are sold and bought as slaves, and are transported to plantations. There are plantations around the world whose workers are ghosts, because in the world of witchcraft slavery is a flourishing industry. There are markets and places of sale of slaves spread out over the world.

When we had to start working in this plantation we noticed that the slaves worked with a supernatural force, a demonic force, for a slave could carry seven to eight bags of rice or beans. This was made possible by the invocations of the occultists who managed these plantations. They made invocations in order to increase the physical strength of the slaves. These slaves could carry several bags of agricultural produce thousands of kilometres through the forest, until they reach the villages where the vehicles that were supposed to transport those products to delivery points were. When I started working, I was surprised to find that the bag of cassava and rice that were heavy when I was alive, had become light. I could carry six to eight bags of soya beans or potatoes.

I would like to point out that not only did all slaves working in these fields work with supernatural demonic force, but they moved at a very high speed of spirits, they moved like spirits. We could go ten thousand kilometres in a few minutes and come back. We could cover a distance of several kilometres, from the plantation forest to the village where we were supposed to load trucks and come back in two minutes. I was supposed to carry a specific number of bags of agricultural produce in a specified time. And since I had the demonic strength and the speed of spirits, I travelled thousands of miles and I went back and forth with these bags in short durations.

May God bless you!


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