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These plantations were deep inside the forest and when we reached the villages where we had to load, we were seen by the villagers as normal carriers. They could not suspect that we were ghosts working as slaves in plantation fields inside the forest. It was after the first harvest and the loading of the trucks that we became short like the slaves we had found in these plantations. While working in these plantations we often saw hunters but they could not see us. There were other farmers who also came to the forest to cultivate, and as they did not see our plantation, they destroyed our products without knowing it. They could not see our plantations that they were trampling on and sometimes they were causing damage. Forests hide many mysteries and there are spirits that are active in the forests.

At times traditional chiefs of surrounding villages forbade hunters and farmers from entering our area in the forest, warning them of the activities of the spirits. They could not tell them the whole truth. They were aware of the mystic plantations in the forest, and the slaves and ghosts who worked there, but they could not tell the villagers. Hunters and others were forbidden to linger in the forest. There was a hunter working in the forest to catch animals. He did not see us; we could see how he set up traps and helped him by pushing animals into his traps. Later he wanted to settle in the forest for a while, but he started cutting the trees without knowing that he was cutting and destroying our agricultural products. This caused anger among the slaves' farmers. They resolved to kill him. A slave entered his body and pushed him to death. The slaves who worked in this field killed the people who came to disturb them. That's how a dad who came for palm oil died by accident caused by a slave who cut the rope by which he climbed the palm tree. The forest is a place where demons are active.

My father's funeral

When I was in the underwater world working for mermaid Jacqueline, my cousin had sacrificed a number of people who were members of our family, but I was returning their souls into their bodies. He could no longer sacrifice members of the family because I was fighting and defending the family. But when I was taken to this plantation, I could no longer fight for the family in the invisible world. In the underwater world of Madame Jacqueline I was privileged, but in this plantation I was only a slave. As a result, my cousin took advantage of this opportunity and began to sacrifice members of my family. In one year he had killed six people in the family, including my father.

When my father died, I was authorised by the plantation manager who owned the slaves to attend my father's funeral. I physically went to my father's funeral assuming a false identity. They could not recognise me because I pretended to be a friend of my father. I attended his funeral with some colleagues and slaves who were working in the plantation with me. We went there physically assuming the appearance of unknown people. We pretended to be my father's friends and we spent a lot of money on his funeral. Nobody could recognise me, and later when I returned to life miraculously, I told the family in detail how the funeral had gone. They were astonished and overwhelmed because I informed them that I was present at the funeral by giving them all the details of the funeral.

My return to normal life on earth

After a while life continued in this plantation, but at times we noticed that our leaders lived a normal life on earth, I mean they were not dead like us but alive, because they came to work and returned to the world. But to return to the world they had to eat a certain type of food. In the canteen the food was prepared for two groups of people. The first group were slaves and the second were normal men who came to work and returned to the natural world. These people were occultists who entered our astral dimension and returned to the earth. But to return home, these men who were our leaders only had to eat their type of food. One day I decided by curiosity to eat the food of our bosses who were all occultists. They forbade us to eat their food. They warned us that we would die if we ate their food. In fact in their food they put salt that allowed them to leave this astral dimension. When I decided to eat this food, my colleagues objected saying that I was going to die. I told them, "It is better to die than to live as a slave in these sufferings."

After this debate, they lined up with me and as soon as we ate what our bosses ate, something happened. From the moment the food entered my stomach, I felt like I was under water and I was suddenly ejected from the water by force. I felt as if I had blocked ears that had just become unblocked, and I had the impression that scales had fallen from my eyes. I saw the sun and the light of day after three years in horror and twilight. In fact, as a slave we were in a situation where we did not see the sun or the light of day. Everything was dark, as if our perception of reality was altered, demoted and veiled. We started to hear the cry of the birds, the air and the wind blew on us. We realised that we were in a big forest, each of us began to realise what he had become since our consciousness had returned to us. When I looked at myself, I realised how small-sized I was and I was scared. When I looked at my colleagues, their size and appearance scared me. And when my colleagues looked at each other, they were filled with terror. As a result, everyone started fleeing in his direction.

We had a lot of hair and beards. Imagine someone who does not shave their hair and beards for three successive years. And I noticed that my skin was filled with a lot of layers of dirt because I had not washed it for three years, since I was dead. So it was when we ate food containing salt that we disappeared from the astral dimension and we landed in this forest on the earth. I started walking up and down in this forest which was the equatorial forest. After walking for three days without seeing anyone and without eating, I was tired, I rested near a tree. I could hear the sounds of monkeys. Then at some point I heard people talking far away. These people were hunters. As my head was bowed with a lot of hair that I had not been able to shave, they took me for an animal. They were about to shoot at me when I raised my head, and when I got up they got scared and started running away screaming: "demons!" And they used the name of Jesus Christ against me.

While they were fleeing, I pursued them because I knew they were the only ones who could get me out of this forest; I did not know the way. They said to me, "You are a demon, a man cannot be like that." I said to them, "My brothers, I was lost in the forest for three years, this is why I am like that." I had said to myself, if I told them the truth that I was dead and buried three years ago, they would abandon me in this vast forest. After talking to me from a distance, one of these hunters was convinced and persuaded that I was an ordinary man, but the other was filled with terror and shouted with panic saying, "You are a demon, a normal man cannot be that size and be like you." Finally they agreed to take me home and I washed.

Then it was necessary to remove the mystical pair of shorts that was on me for three years. Beloved, scissors and knives could not cut this pair of shorts. After two days of effort to remove the pair of shorts, we had to give up. But it was when I prayed in my heart, "Lord, help me to take off these pair of shorts", that I felt the pants move. I called the hunter and after several hours of effort, the pants were removed from my body. We put it on fire. But after hours in the fire, those pants were still not burned. Later, the pair of shorts that was my identity in the invisible world eventually disappeared on its own. It was imperative to remove this pair of shorts because the astral world could make some invocations, and by mentioning the number of the pants they would have returned me in the invisible world. This is exactly what happened to three other colleagues who had landed in the equatorial forest with me. As they could not get rid of the mystical pants, they were transported to the astral world by their executioners’ invocation.

Later, these hunters showed me the way to the city. After walking for three days, I saw a Vodacom antenna. I followed it and later I found myself in the main road. My impression was that I saw people but it's as if they did not see me. Then I saw a man who was tall. I was about to explain my problem to him when he said to me: "Do not worry, I know everything about you. Take this direction that will lead you to a group of soldiers. You will explain your situation to them and they will take you to the office of the local authorities, who in turn will call pastors for you." Beloved, things went exactly as this man had predicted. I'm sure this man was an angel or the Lord Himself. The commander of those soldiers I met along the way was my uncle.

He was informed that a certain Matthew Badjoko was outside. He claims he was dead and that he has come back to life. When my uncle heard this, he replied with a solemn voice and said, "This name of Matthew Badjoko is that of my nephew who died 3 years ago." My uncle ordered that the person claiming to be Matthew Badjoko be taken to his office. So I was taken inside my uncle's office, and when he saw me, he was under emotion and he collapsed into a coma. Later, he was taken to the hospital. So the soldiers transferred me to the local authorities. They launched an investigation to determine who I was. After a while, they discovered that my family lived in the Eastern Province which is the neighbouring province. The authorities contacted my family by phone and they confirmed that they had a son named Matthew Badjoko who died 3 years ago.

The file of the ghost

Later, the news reached the governor who came to visit me. People came from all over the city to see me. When the governor informed the central government of the country, he was instructed to arrest me and conduct an investigation to uncover this mystery. This investigation was called "the file of the ghost." After my arrest, the authorities revealed to me that the whole region was in turmoil because of me. And if it turns out that my story was wrong I will be publicly punished. At this point, I was influenced by powerful demons. I was unstable and very strong, and I could break the chains because my strength was not ordinary but demonic.

I remember one day while I was in my prison's cell, the soldiers and the police came to beat me up, because they thought that I was a usurper. But that day I had beaten a whole division of the police. They had to look for reinforcement to restrain me. And later I was chained. That very day, a pastor was walking in the neighbourhood when he saw a crowd in front of the police station. The police explained to him my situation, but he insisted on seeing me even though the police had warned him of the danger he in doing so. This pastor questioned me and prayed for me. He proposed to the authorities to take me to church, but he was informed by the regional authority that my file was under investigation by the provincial and national governments.

So I spent six months in the regional police jail and the government managed to retrieve my death certificate and my burial permit. This terrified them because they were now convinced that they were dealing with an unprecedented and paranormal situation. They were dealing with a man who died 3 years ago and who reappeared. They made telephone contact with my mother and they summoned her to the Eastern Province for an interview so as to advance the investigations. They asked my mother, "Mr. Matthieu Badjoko who is presently with us, is he your son? We have his death certificate and his burial permit." My mother confirmed that I was her son.

Later, they undressed me and they asked my mother to identify the different scars on my body. My mother identified all the scarring spots on my body and she explained to them the history and origin of these scars. After questioning my mother, the national government instructed the regional government to arrest my cousin who had sacrificed me for questioning. And during his interrogation, my satanist cousin confessed being at the root cause of my death. Beloved, it was thanks to the hand of God that Jacqueline had not killed me, because we are dealing here with a high-ranking demon.

I remember after my return to life, I had to be baptized but I was seriously under the control of forces of darkness. It was only men of God who could manage my situation because I had a demonic force. At one point, I had to be baptized but having lived in the world of satan for 3 years, I knew the secret of the Catholic church working with the devil and many pastors who made a pact with satan. So I was careful. I needed a serious and authentic man of God for my baptism and my deliverance. To tell the truth, my deliverance was not easy because my cousin who had sacrificed me had landed in the complex of the local authorities where the pastor was taking care of me with a mystical helicopter. There were pastors and soldiers who witnessed these paranormal demonstrations. My cousin had come to take me away and get me back to the mermaid Jacqueline who was looking for me, but it did not work. This was a spiritual and physical fight.

When my cousin had landed his mystical and physical helicopter in the parcel of the local authorities where I was kept, he came out of the helicopter dressed in white and he was holding a briefcase filled with money. He entered the office of the official authorities where the pastors were and asked them: "What will the family of Matthew give you for your efforts? Take this briefcase of money and go to do business, but first you must handover Matthew to me." At this very moment, pastors began to exercise authority over him. They used the name of Jesus against him. He disappeared before them. During my prayers of deliverance, he was trying to capture me and take me to the submarine world where I had been.

Apart from my cousin the occultist, I was also threatened by my mermaid wife that I had left in the underwater world with 4 children. She was disappointed and she begged me to come back to her. While I attended the prayers of deliverance, she came to harass me and to beg me. Pastors could listen to her voice, but they could not see her. She came every night. Sometimes I woke up in the morning and saw her sleeping by my side. And every time she appeared, I called the pastors who could not see her, although they heard her voice. She complained and cried, saying, "How can you leave me with the children like this?" I knew that this woman was a demon, even the children we had there are demons and are very dangerous.

My water baptism and my deliverance

When I came back to life, many pastors told me that I had to receive the baptism of water, but I did not want to be baptized by these pastors because I remember before I died, I was Catholic. But when I was in the submarine world I learned a lot of secrets about this Roman church as well as famous pastors of this world. I saw pastors and priests who regularly came to meetings and summits organised by lucifer. I knew that many pastors were servants of satan. So I was suspicious of pastors and did not want to be baptized by them. But one day while I was sleeping, I had a vision in which the Lord recommended me to receive the baptism of water, but I resisted the Lord.

Later, when pastors prayed for my deliverance, they received the same message in a vision. The Lord insisted, and warned them that if I refused to take the baptism of water I would become mute for 3 days. After a few days when I woke up in the morning, I realised that I had become dumb. I was amazed. I started to communicate with people by signs. Pastors had to schedule a day when I was supposed to receive water baptism. There was a quarrel between the pastors for my baptism. I had become so popular that pastors were fighting to baptise me. Everyone wanted to baptise me to capitalise on my popularity. There was disagreement between these pastors.

Later on, the Lord intervened and revealed what was going to happen on the day of my baptism. He warned that anyone who wants to baptise me must know that the day of my baptism long demonic serpents will attack the baptismal service in an attempt to prevent it. This oracle of the Lord Jesus Christ discouraged many pastors who were fighting to baptise me. Among those who accepted to baptise me despite this oracle of the Lord, I chose an apostle for this service. At that time, I was very short and my eyes were all white. I had no pupils and I was unstable. Sometimes I lost control because forces of darkness were influencing me. On the day of my baptism there were many people on the river who came to attend, because my story was widespread in the area. I understood that baptism is essential in Christian life, because after my baptism the demons who controlled me were gone and I was totally free.

On that day, I was in the water with many pastors. They were singing hymns, praises and adorations. After praising and worshiping the Lord, the apostle began the service of baptism. As soon as he started this service, I heard the crowd of people on the river scream. In fact, 2 large cobra snakes moved towards us. The people who came to attend this service escaped, and the pastors who were assisting us and who were in the water came out of the water to save themselves. I was left alone with the apostle. I saw the first snake coming from the left side. It was hitting the water and doing an up and down movement. The crowd was watching this scene from afar and was screaming. I watched what this snake was doing. I noticed that the apostle had his eyes closed; he did not want to look. He had his eyes closed long before people started screaming. While the crowd screamed, I watched what the cobra was doing and then it disappeared from the water.

Then I saw the second snake. It approached us and he encircled us. While the apostle still had his eyes closed, the serpent lifted its head from the water. It was about 5 meters long. To tell the truth, this snake was Jacqueline, the mermaid of the toilet, one of satan's wives. This snake was staring at me, and then she started talking to me and complaining. She said to me: "Matthew, I loved you very much and I gave you everything, but is this what you do to me? I’m disappointed at your actions and your attitude." While this mermaid spoke to me, the apostle listened but he had his eyes closed and he did not want to see all this. He was focused on the prayer of protection against the serpent. When the Holy Spirit seized him, he took me and plunged me into the water and took me out. Immediately after that, Jacqueline disappeared.

After investigating my history, the national government concluded that my story was true. They took me to the capital. They wanted me to work for them but I knew them all, from the president to the members of the government and parliament. They all signed pacts with the devil. One day I was in their meeting, one of their leaders was late, but when he came I noticed that his upper part was that of a demonic beast, and his lower part human. He was a Luciferian.

Later, the first lady of the country gave money to the authorities of the intelligence agency to get me clothes. We were in a supermarket doing some shopping, but the gentleman who sold in that supermarket was not an ordinary or natural man, but a ghost who was already dead. When this man saw me, he panicked because he knew I knew his identity. As soon as he noticed that I knew his identity, he disappeared from among his workers. It was terror among the workers. The news spread about this, but intelligence agents were not happy because they were all in occultism.

May God bless you!


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