Take me as I am   
Take my life and let it be   
Take the name of Jesus   
Tel que je suis   
Tell it to Jesus   
Tell me the old, old story   
The banner of the cross   
The battle is the Lord's   
The call of God   
The creation   
The day of the Lord   
The elder   
The faithful witness   
The false teachers   
The feast is ready   
The final judgment   
The glory of the call   
The gospel of the cross   
The great physician   
The greatest thing   
The home over there   
The last mile of the way   
The lily of the valley   
The Lord - He is God!   
The Lord has called me  
The Lord has done   
The Lord is God   
The Lord is my glory   
The Lord is my rock   
The Lord Jesus Christ   
The Lord Jesus put Himself   
The Lord's our rock   
The Lord's supper   
The love of God is greater   
The merciful  
The morning light   
The name of Jesus   
The name of the Lord   
The new Jerusalem   
The oppressor has ceased 
The poor uzzah   
The rapture   
The sign of Christ coming   
The spiritual gifts   
The submissive wife   
The suffering  
The ten commandments   
The ten plagues of egypt   
The truth has disapeared   
The virtuous woman   
The way may be rough   
The woman who fears God   
The Word of the Lord   
The wrath of God   
There is a city bright   
There is a fountain   
There is a name I love   
There is a Redeemer   
There is none holy   
There is power, power   
There’s not a friend   
There's a land   
They are nailed to the cross   
They have nailed the Master   
Thine be the glory   
This world is not my home   
Thou Christ of burning   
Thou my everlasting   
Though your sins   
Through the love of God   
Thy lovingkindness   
Tiens dans Ta main   
To follow You   
To God be the glory   
To Him who took our sins   
Toi qui disposes   
Toi, Bethléhem   
Tolerance / Tolérance   
Ton amour nous environne   
Ton Dieu sera mon Dieu   
Torrents d’amour   
Tout joyeux bénissons   
Train up the child   
Trust and obey   
Trusting Jesus   
Tu dois naître de nouveau   
Tu es Mien   
Tu es mon berger   
Tu es pour eux un chanteur   
Tu es venu jusqu’à nous   
Tu ne m'as pas laissé  
Two things I request of You