Walking in the good old way   
Walking with the Lord   
Watch in the morn  
Watch yourself   
Wayfaring stranger   
We are complete   
We are surrounded   
We have come   
We have heard   
We love to sing   
We shall see the King   
We speak wisdom   
We will glorify   
We will understand it   
What a friend   
What a lovely name   
What a meeting in the air   
What a wonderful change   
What did he do?   
What my soul seeks  
What shall we say?   
What unfathomable mercy   
When a child is born   
When all my labours   
When I get to the end   
When I survey   
When the trumpet   
When we all get to heaven   
Where your treasure is   
While we pray   
Who can cheer the heart?   
Who can conquer?   
Who is like unto Thee?   
Who, O Lord, with Thee?   
Whoever trusts in the Lord   
Whom have I, Lord, in heaven  
Whosoever will   
Why was I born?   
Will Jesus find us watching?   
With gladness we worship   
Woe is me   
Woe to the pastors   
Woe to you!   
Won't it be wonderful there   
Wonderful words of life   
Worthy are You