Delivered From The Powers Of Darkness
Emmanuel Amos ENI
Testimony of the life and conversion of a great witch doctor from Nigeria, Africa. He was also member of a Christian church.

Testimony of Nonkoliso Ngeleka
It’s the testimony of a young South African woman who has spent nearly a dozen years serving satan, and has climbed up the hierarchy during that time.

Testimony of Jonas
Testimony of a pastor who spent nearly twenty five years serving satan faithfully as only master until the day when by the grace of God he was met by Jesus.

Testimony of Chidubem Okwu
Testimony of a sorcerer pastor from Nigeria who, in his unbridled thirst for power, fame and wealth, had signed pacts with lucifer through his mermaids.

Testimony of Rodrigučs of Angola
Testimony of Rodrigučs of Angola, who spent several years serving satan, and who had the grace to escape alive, by giving her life to Christ.

Testimony of Paul Adam
Testimony of Paul Adam, a young satanist who had the grace to seek refuge in Jesus Christ and to escape the fate that his pitiless lucifer master reserved for him.

Nearly 1000 years in the kingdom of darkness
Testimony of a former agent of satan, who has spent nearly a 1000 (thousand) years in the world of darkness, before encountering the ultimate power of Jesus Christ.

Testimony of a resurrected
Testimony of a child of God named Matthew Badjoko who was dead and buried, and who by the grace of God, returned to earth after 3 years in the world of satan. This testimony will open your eyes to what is really happening after death.

Testimony of Felicien Mulopwe
Testimony of the young Felicien Mulopwe who, at the age of 13, voluntarily involved himself in witchcraft after watching demonstrations of a magician in their college. He climbed the ladder in satan's camp and committed dreadful damage until he accepted God's outstretched hand and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

Testimony of an occult grand master
Excerpt of the testimony of an occult grand master that will help you to better understand the principle of manipulation of the world by satan and his agents.

Testimony of Joseph Tshopa
Story of a young man who was targeted by satan since he was young, following his mother's visit to a witch doctor.

Testimony of Gustave Adonner
Testimony of Gustave Adonner who, having believed in the ultimate power of lucifer, had committed to serving him with zeal and confidence. But one day, during a mission that satan had entrusted to him, he encountered Jesus Christ, the true Almighty God.

Mission of the queen of the coast
Missions that the queen of the coast has assigned to her agents against the whole world in general, and against the Church of Jesus Christ and the Children of God in particular.

A letter from an ex-witch about Harry Potter
Letter from an ex-witch about Harry Potter.

Testimony of Jeremie of CAR
Testimony of Jeremie of the Central African Republic who came into contact with the mystical world because he wanted to be someone important in society.

That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.