17-Yr-Old 'Witch' Claims Responsibility For Mbanga Pongo Crash

[Buea - Cameroun] - 04-02-2008 (Olive Ejang Tebug Ngoh)

"A combination of the Kingdom of Destruction in Limbe, the Kingdom of Peace in Lake Barombi, Kumba, the Kingdom of Beauty and the Kingdom of Milk and Honey in Douala caused 114 people to die in the Mbanga Pongo plane crash on May 4, 2007."



This was the testimony of a 17-year-old girl whom we call Marceline (not real name) at the Presbyterian Church, Kumba Mbeng, on January 31.

Marceline confessed after her deliverance from the Kingdom of Destruction where she belonged in front of some 3000 people who turned out to listen to the confession. According to Marceline, since the kingdoms were thirsty for blood, they caused bad weather around the mangrove swamps in Mbanga Pongo, which caused the plane to crash.

She said on the night of the successful operation, they celebrated, ate and drank because of the blood that entered their kingdom. The girl dismissed suspicions that the Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 (Flight KQ 507) crash was caused by a technical fault or pilot error. She said several mermaid spirits live around the Douala International Airport and the Mbanga Pongo area.



Marceline (not Real name) and co-'witch' delivered from mermaid world

Why Crash

In an exclusive interview with The Post, Marceline revealed that she was initiated while she was just eight months old. She also revealed that her spiritual mother, Queen Geraldine of the Kingdom of Destruction, was supreme amongst the other kingdoms.

She said being her most favourite spiritual daughter, the queen wanted to do major human sacrifices to cause her to pass her 2008 GCE Ordinary Levels with distinctions.

Being a Form-Five student of the Cameroon College of Arts and Science, CCAS, Kumba, she said the queen has made her successful in several examinations through sacrifices.

Marceline testified that before the Mbanga Pongo crash, the queen sent her to kill a pastor of Full Gospel Church in Kumba, but she refused because the pastor was powerful. She said it was on this note that the queen decided to execute a major sacrifice on her behalf.

Chantal Biya In Kumba

Marceline further told The Post that one of their major targets was to cause Chantal Biya to donate to their kingdom. She said the queen caused her to continuously vomit rings on particular spots in Kumba. According to her, they would manipulate pregnant women to urinate on those spots and thereafter conceive and bear initiated children from the marine world.

Marceline recalled that she once vomited four rings on a spot to cause a pregnant woman to urinate there and deliver quadruplets. By giving birth to quadruplets, she said, they would cause the children to be continuously sick causing Mrs. Chantal Biya to visit Kumba to donate to the family. She said the money used to treat the children would subsequently be directed into their kingdom.

Besides, Marceline said that they have caused several women to be barren and men impotent through their operations. She said in nightclubs around the seaside, her spiritual friends attract either boys or girls for sex.

She explained that when their girls sleep with any man, they collect their sperms and carry to their kingdom, while the male do the same on women, to make their victims barren and sterile.


Marceline said after her mother and some churches tried to pray for her unsuccessfully, they decided to take her to Rev. Emmanuel Massock of PC Kumba Mbeng. She said during deliverance prayers, her queen would send contrary powers on her to resist the prayers. The student said their spiritual powers were weaker.

Marceline says since she is still being exorcised, she has decided to stop school for a while until the process is complete. She thanked God for delivering her from the demonic world.

In a related development, another girl, 18, Christy (not real name) also delivered by Rev. Massock, confessed that she entered a woman's womb when she was 52 years old in the demonic world. At 18 in the world, she said she was married and a mother of six children.

Mukwelle narrated that in Ndoi village, Konye Subdivision, her mother (with two months pregnancy) came to a river (Mungo) behind their house to bath. She said her spiritual queen (Xenah) of Meghoustha Kingdom, caused her to transform and enter the woman's womb as a child.

She said when she was delivered she stayed for three years before walking just to drag money into their kingdom. She confessed causing extreme poverty to her family. She confessed to initiating several children in Yaounde, Douala and Kumba. She also confessed to vomiting rings and using them to seduce and cause men of God to be lecherous.

Source: PostOnline

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